Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Garden (new poem)








"Spring Garden"

by Tim Kavi

wondering about the Earth

there are only the glorious

colors, wings, of the seasoned

pushing forth

of Spring's new birth

gentle footsteps

down all of the paths

brings only the Mother

to her young

who is gathering eggs

that contain treasures


and dreaming of tea

with her tea set

until the sun greets

the raindrops on the

little plants

both she and her beholden ones

planted in the garden

by Gaia's loving hands

until all is revealed

in the gardens

of Spring.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mission of Mercy (New Poem)

"Mission of Mercy"by Tim Kavi

what was needed
in the faded arms
of age
was a mission
purposeful embodiments
out among the stars

yet the blood dripping
down the sleeves
into the snow
turned the world into blood

such hatred
evil hearts mistreated others
where almost forgotten
a new life
was born
into the glistening
hope of a thousand
songs and smiles
a promise
a yearning
a deeply felt love
for all there is
there was
a verse that brought meaning

the tenements
the earthy streets
stained beats
of a million names lost
of a young one
looking for old
an old one looking to be young
long lines, lined up in the cold

She moved gracefully
bringing peace
seven loaves and fishes
to the dying
the lost
the cold
the sick
the frail
the small child who never made it
to shore

She took it
brought it
and sung it
a mission of mercy
to a dark, speckled world.