Thursday, August 25, 2011

China, she is sleeping (new poem)

China, she is sleeping
by Tim Kavi

lovely my dear
she lies sleeping

I hear the music of China
in her beating heart

and when the sun rises
her love guides my
daily start

and when she walks
her graceful steps
like all the goddesses
in stellar flight

but when she smiles
it is always

in her gentle

love is

to be the essence
of all she is

Chinese woman

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



you are goddess there (new poem)

you are goddess there
by Tim Kavi

you are?
goddess there

in flight
brought to Earth
in shining light

gentle breeze
fragrance sweet
turning to see
I saw a glimpse
at second sight

through space
and time

my eyes cannot
to understand
of you

my heart
seeks you
in a love
that is not hollow

but full
and living
yet I cannot follow

waiting for you
to swim in you
join in your stream

I awoke
bathed in the sun
at the beach
I thought a dream

but I see you
I want to meet you
there will
be a reckoning

I know you are
calling me

I am yearning
in you
the response

of the one
not yet free.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Saw a Woman (new poem)

"I Saw a Woman"
by Tim Kavi

I saw a woman
she was standing
in a clearing

she was very beautiful
I got closer
she was You.

we kissed
and Nature
was silent

she wrapped her legs around me
and jumped into my arms

singing whispers
were full
of love's calls

when I looked again
I saw an angel
her wings spread
in flight

she said
I will meet you
here again
tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sea breeze (new poem)

sea breeze
by Tim Kavi

sea breeze
gentle rose fragrance
goddess gowns
dance in soft caress
midnight romance

her smile
said to approach

I moved quickly
it might be the only
and last chance

sweet Chinese eyes
lapped in starlight
shone in her love

she sighed
and the waves crashed

her gown flapped
in the breeze

I beheld her beauty
I turned to kiss her
and it was your smile that met
my lips.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the World is Flat (new poem)

"The World is Flat"
by Tim Kavi

your mountains
reach to the heavens
seas lap
at your shores
rivers flow from the mountains
there is rare earth
in your stores

trees and jungles grow lush
fresh and green
where the water fell like rain
on your great navel
a natural scene

kissing across
all longitudes and latitudes
beauty I mean

the Earth is flat
where I painted it
on your cute belly
with my kisses

where Nature is revealed
kisses grew
on the globe's
your sweet flat

where the world
is seen.

Monday, August 8, 2011

butterfly goddess (new poem)

butterfly goddess
by Tim Kavi

butterfly goddess
your smiling nature
is singing songs

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will be

once hidden in the shadows
you imagined
what life would bring

now your spread
take you to taste
heavenly things

up here
where your soul

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will see

that your
smile need never fade
and your laughter
makes the trees clap

at the happy life
you have made

for butterfly goddess
you have emerged
from the cocoon

where mortal
chrysalis did
make plans
in the quiet noon

only to be overshadowed
by your lovely

in the crescent moon

I see your dancing
in a windy dance
your sight
brings a message
of hope

for all who long
to be free
from nature's binds

and wherever chains
hold the thinking

butterfly goddess
your smile brings
to the free

follow me
follow me!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Kiss of You (new poem)

The Kiss of You
by Li Jili 李吉利 ( a poem that celebrates Chinese Valentine's Day 8/6/2011)

kiss you sweetly
the gently sun
in your eyes

smiling lips
hold promises
of our lasting

until the universal
is cosmic star shine's

for this love is
above the fixed orb
'tis seen


the kiss of you

harvested by those
yet never found

I am the lucky one
that saw you
and did glean

that bounty
of your love

every day
every moment
every love
of yours

is the Golden mean.