Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Arrival (new poem)

Spring Arrival
by Tim Kavi

you are the bird
outside my window
that sings

you are the snow
that melting
the river brings

you are everything
that arises

in the turning
of the new
you are the living
that love surprises

it is better
to be in your arms
and call them home
than anywhere

it is better
to be kissing
your lips
eye to eye
hair to hair

for your love
and sweet growing
has brought
me to you

Spring Arrival.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

joint expression (new poem)

joint expression
by Tim Kavi

our joint expression
is like brick and mortar
built on the wall
of each other
until the one wall is
forever and every location
made eternal and strong

our joint expression
unfolds like a constant river
that flows
from the mountains
to the mighty oceans

This composed life
and love
is majestic and formed
by you and me

In our love

our joint expression folds
like a sculpture
of fine marbled
within fine lines
and a shape

there is my face
and yours
that can only cause awe
and reverence
for each other

In our love

our joint expression
is the sound of two voices
each with a distinct message
but one central theme

In our love

our joint expression
is the sound of winged eagles
floating across
an ocean
of sound
resting in the
comingled nest

In our love

our joint expression
is a whisper
followed by a mighty shout
of both planes
of being and existence

In our love

our joint expression
is happy song
that moves listeners
to dancing hearts
and tapping feet

In our love

our joint expression
is so interwoven
that two become
so enfolded
that I cannot tell where You
nor where I end

for we are one

In our love.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Repentance of Love (new poem)

"Repentance of Love"
by Tim Kavi

when standing
on the rock of certainty
mistakes fled
into purpose

they always do
sneak into

until lost meaning
was the only song
being sung

it was just a moment
but a long one
that seemed
like an eternity
of losing one's
centered being

knock down punch
sucking air
like a collapsed lung
filled with murky
heavy smothering

where there was
the faith
to see something
beyond this

only for those
who dared
in courage's kiss

knowing the feeling
could come back
in a
repentance of love.

Heal Each Other (New poem)

he"Heal Each Other"
by Tim Kavi

and in the gleam of the madness eye
there is a long table
of eternal recurrence
that has no end
and no soulful sleeping

for the Earth has shook

but even there
is a between
as I see my suffering

knows no earthlike song

in the collapsing
of poisoned

where nothing
but the distaste for
each other

such bitter
nothing can grow
from it

they bind
each other's

her love
her creation and I
heal each other

before it is too late.

Monday, March 14, 2011

At such a time as this (new poem)

At such a time as this
by Tim Kavi

wherein sweet music
once made
fools dance in the street
under the light of moon
and approaching warships

made bare the teeth
as aggression
fed massive
throngs of loyalists

songs of blatant
parties of destructive
chasing demon guards
looking for exorcists

at such times as this

when even
the dancing stopped
your dancing
was divine

a goddess there

ethereal dreamy sheen
when I pulled back your veil

the face of my
goddess wife
was seen

and I knew
in times of war
and fighting
that love was
always at home
in her arms
and eyes
and heart
looking back at me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Love Transcends (new poem)

Your Love Transcends
by Tim Kavi

from somewhere
we met
and yet
your love transcends

it is not my love
it is your love
it is your freedom
to say and to do

it is Your beauty
that instructs me
in the kind
gentility nature of love

it is your
sweet smile
that the composers
sung to

it is your fair eyes
that guides
the young
tyrants to bow down
the lame to dance
the tongueless
to sing

it is your love
that transcends

no other
love will do
or moves the poet
like the
love of you

it is your love
that feeds the hungry
masses the weak
and makes them
that frees the
chained ones

it isyour love
that transcends

carefully speaking
your name
your love
brings forth
the beautiful ones

seeks out
the vanquished ones
settles the unsettled ones
calms the crazy ones
walks the legless
your love transcends all
whether troubles
or even death itself

your love
brought us all One
to the place of peace
and the schools of

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Birds of Love (new poem)

Spring Birds of Love
by Tim Kavi

pushing up through
the earth
petals leaves
beauties revealed
no longer concealed

singing creatures
of creation

responses to
food from the heavens

we see
the design
and manifestations
of Spring

sweet Notes
of Nature
transfixed there
as I beheld
her love
like Nature's
is a great care

the goddess

she is kissing me back
in the beauty
of our song

our feathers
are soft and sheen
never wrong

her Love
guides me
to a softer place

a nest
in her love
for we have
become the spring birds

her window

free and in flight!

and in that soft glow
I saw her
that day
a sweet gentle dove
a singing robin
a mother bird
a sweet eagle
a flying
sure path
of her love

leading us back
of two souls
each other
again and again

through all time
for she is my mate
and in our bird call
is the precious
sounds of our love

a sweet wooing
a cooing
of love birds
hearts broken
when apart

but always
coming together
in one heart!

we fly away
some day
at the next dawning

into the sun
when our lives
are done!

knowing a purpose
a plan
an understanding
that first
brought me to you
and you to me
the surety
the blessing

of that smiling!

Spring birds of love!
a love
so pure
that Nature itself
yearns for
and is made complete
in those birds

outside her window
we are there now
free and fit
in bodies destined
in spirits
unfettered and free !