Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kisses and Hugs (New Poem)

Kisses and Hugs
by Tim Kavi

my kisses
are not
so freely given
just to you
my dear sweet friend

they are like whispers
in windy visits
to your window

in the moonlit night
carried beyond the wind
happy feet like children
smile and laugh
and run to your door

you answer
and my hugs greet you
kisses and hugs
light the once
darkened night

and there is hope
and the telling of tales
as the children
of our love
have all gone to bed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cat Woman (Poem)

Cat Woman
by Tim Kavi

you wear love
like a fancy hat
purring in the warm sun
like a grinning cat

I stroke your fine sheen
while you stretch
and love me with eyes
that gleam

and when I awoke
I saw your catlike ways
carried in the candle's smoke
your meows spoke

they're still all there
even though
your catness
was in my dream !

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter from a Fan and Friend: 6/17/2009

Dear readers:

Occasionally I'll repost fan comments here, and I've reprinted the poem (drafted for the lovely couple) after their letter. I salute them on their First Anniversary and wonder where this Year went to !!

Hi Tim :O)
Today Is Our First Anniversary,
And As We Celebrate It In the Distance
We Read Once More The Poem You Write For Us
And We Want To Say Thank You Again
For "At The Moroccan Wedding",
For Sharing so many beautiful love poems,
And most of all for your Friendship.
Much Love & Blessings,
Judy & Abderrahim

At a Moroccan Wedding
by Tim Kavi

happy couples
inspire us all
to seize love
face love
in it be tall
and when moments
like this
reward that search
we know
we have loved
and made history

so made brave
by our love
we confidently
face life

together as
husband and wife !

Friday, June 19, 2009

Forwards and Backwards (New Poem)

Forwards and Backwards
by Tim Kavi

you leaned against me
in all of time
and space

in you
your history's
progressed with
all grace

until beholding
I was the strong
one then
as your destiny
blew you
in the wind

until setting
the bonds free
I was the song

after some
setting sun
you sung it
to me

and we
enjoyed our love

for across
time it is here
and where
we have ever when

and backwards
and forwards
in singing
and laughing
and guiding
each other

it is where
our love has
always been.

Want to hear the Poet Read this one? TIM KAVI Reads this Poem--Click Here

In Your Love (New Poem)

"In Your Love"
by Tim Kavi

there is a mighty grace
redemption for a fallen
beaten down man
that fell on his face

in your love

there is a kind word
sweet kiss
and cupcakes too
listener who always heard

in your love

there is a road
a lane
a path to
that leads to your
coaxing goad

in your love

there is a light
that never goes out
there is a blindness
that receives sight

in your love

there is a sweet caress
there is a lasting smile
goddess in a dress

in your love

there is a place
a Universe
an ocean
an oasis
in your undying grace

in your love

in your love
are all the pontifications
sayings singings
prophetic words
bells ringings

from all the poets
in your love

in your love
is the glorious uprisings
pleasant kindnesses
in bed surprisings
of the unveiled

from all the singers
in your love

in your love
are all the colors
fruited bowls
and grapes

from all the painters
in your love

in your love
is everyone's best and everything
that is pleasant and good
that you eat daily
and know you should

from all the cooks
in your love

You outshine them all
everything and everyone
great and good
in your love

this lucky love
of yours is made glad
and happy

every day

in your love.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Without You (New Poem)

without you
by tim kavi

of love song's

a certain death
on the stairwell
in the mist
hoping for destiny's kiss

death was troubled
and waiting

while we
were seeking
the new morning
of promise


I awoke
I realized
it was a dream

for you were there
with me
all the time

your voice spoke
I love you

and we laughed
and laughed
captivity's dream
in the land of Zion

was forgotten
in the newness of
Our reborn love.