Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quantum Foams (New Poem)

Quantum Foams
by Tim Kavi

when walking
among the cloudy nebulae
there is a great expanse
to the end I cannot see

yet there is a horizon
ancients saw
the end of the world

sailing off of it
we travel faster than light
but still there is too much
around the curve
I encounter the former me

but what is this?
more than we can ever know
and see
in the tiniest atoms
the I; we cease to be?

marvelous majesty
and mystery
uttering things too
like star crossed

think what you want?
imagine what you see
in the quantum foams
there is every chance
you will discover it

determined by your
choices; yet remaining free
even in the depths
there is plenty of room
at the bottom

particles float
in fixed yet uncertain
orbits; hovering
in suspended clouds
of galactic dust

my hand goes through
the wall
my spirit is in my body
my mind embodied
becomes material
it travels
yet bound by this tent

yearning for release
to travel another day
far and away
down and below
through eternity

finite in infinite
soupy Creator's sea
the wonders are too
great for me

and when the Sirens
announce land is drawing
close; I will open
my sailor's eye
but cannot trust what
I hear and see

for if there is only the port
of this existence
I am left to ponder
and have many things
left by faith to believe

so I keep searching
walking from within
and without
quantum foams
swirling all about.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Grandma the Poet (Essay/Poetry) (repost with New Foreword)

A Younger Tim Kavi with His Grandma

New Foreword:

Today would be my maternal grandmother's 113th birthday.

I am reposting the following blog entry (an edited version) about her as a tribute.
(Originally posted here in 2008 & 2012).
I cannot tell you how much she means to me.
She was my earliest poetic influence
and taught me so much...
Happy Birthday Grandma!!

My Grandma the Poet

I never forgot her
her love was the most patient teacher

any grandson could have
and I often told her I loved her so

from as far back as I remember..
I have memories like this:

grandma would say Timmie
and was happy to see some of my first poems
scrawled in crayon
or pencil
so grandma and me would write poems at the same time
when I was little
and she was so big in my little eyes

her gentle ways taught me more about the
goddess than just about anybody
I know

I think grandma was a goddess

she would write poems by the hours
on sheets of typing and notebook paper college ruled
and writing tablets

all handwritten in very large letters

I was high enough to peek over the arm of the chair
to watch what she was doing

if I was good and asked real nice
grandma would read me some
out loud

she had a way with words

these were lyrics and fine ballads

born in 1900 on a homestead she was a country girl
grandpa was a sharecropper, migrant worker
later, a factory worker
they seemed poor
but rich in so many ways

but we were so happy

grandma liked reading romance magazines
in that rocking chair
songs of home, heart, romance

and her and grandpa were married for more than 50 years

you know grandma taught me
a lot

and every once in awhile
when I write a poem now
I think grandma sees it

I hold it up to her just like I used to and you know what?

she grins

and that still makes me pretty damned happy.

here's an excerpt from one of
grandma's poems:

Tomorrow's End
by Lura Newland 

My wonderful kids
How I love you so
I must know if there is a place
For me, or a home to go.

I won't need many extras
Just a bed at nite
A place to love my grandchildren
And my poetry to write.

Could I have a chair by a window
With the sun shining in
That would make me so happy
As my eyes grow dim.

I'd be all settled in comfort
Shielded from the cold
What a glorious feeling to know
Then I am growing old...

This Poet's Note: grandmothers can be terribly important. As you can tell, mine was extremely important to me. The poet "gene" certainly runs in my family...my grandma, my mother, and both my daughters write prose that inspires and moves me across all time. I am also pleased to announce that my publisher TiLu Press will be publishing a collection of my Grandma's poems--- Poems From the Heartland--next year on her birthday, Feb 23, 2014!~~TK

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013--Why I Love You So (poem)

Why I Love You So
by Tim Kavi

sitting near your feet
I heard you singing
a love song 
along with the radio
so sweet

my happy eyes
with joy
at the love you have
for your happy boy

all day long
I look up at you
and hear the notes
of your love
washing everything

all my sadness
sorrow is gone
because of
your happy tone

and then
just when I think
I am alone

you sing again
the happy songs
and I see you
smile  and I know
why I love you so.

Tell someone why you love them! ~~Tim Kavi

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More About Goddesses: Aphrodite and the Story of Eros and Psyche (new column) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 9)

Painting: "Eros and Psyche" by Josephine Wall

More about Goddesses: Aphrodite and the Story of Eros and Psyche 
by Tim Kavi

Aphrodite is often hailed as the goddess of beauty, love, procreation and pleasure. She is also hailed as the protector of sailors as she was born from the sea foam. Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione, making her one of the most vital goddesses in Greek mythology.

Given her nature, Aphrodite is a very personal and intimate goddess, invading the secret places of her followers and remaining close to those that are loyal to her. She can easily bring about a feeling of wonder and magic, particularly encouraging a natural feminine power, but Aphrodite is also capable of deceiving the heart when exalting the sensuality of a couple’s union as she sees fit.

The nature of Aphrodite and her ability to manipulate the magical or deceptive side of sensuality is noted in her son Eros’s union with Psyche. Eros is the god of passionate sexual love while Psyche was a princess that was so beautiful that many treated her like a goddess. Some would even make sacrifices or perform symbolic gestures in her name, which caused much jealousy among the other goddesses, particularly Aphrodite.

In her jealousy, Aphrodite sent her son Eros to put a spell on Psyche, making her fall in love with the ugliest man on the Earth. When Eros arrived, he was so stunned by Psyche’s beauty that he accidentally pricked himself with one of his magical arrows, falling in love with her instantly. Feeling guilty for his deeds, Eros worked to undo the spell and then left. Enraged that her son could not manage this deed, Aphrodite cast a similar spell to seal Psyche’s fate.

Concerned that their daughter would marry a monster, they summoned the Fates. They told her parents to take her to a mountain to leave her for her beastly betrothed. Her parents eventually obliged, and Psyche was left on the mountain in her sorrow. Seeing her tears, Zephyr the West Wind took her away to a lush forest in the valley below. Here she wandered until she found a palace with invisible servants and an invisible lover that would care for her.

Psyche was welcome to enjoy these benefits so long as she only united with her lover in darkness. After much time together, Psyche could no longer manage her curiosity and lit a candle to see her lover, Eros. Hurt by her suspicions, Eros flew away. Psyche’s suspicions show the conscience’s unwillingness to live with a relationship surrounded in darkness. Given this impossible task, Psyche appealed to Aphrodite asking to be reunited with Eros with no conditions.

Aphrodite conceded, provided Psyche enter the underworld and place a drop of Persephone’s beauty in a box. Persephone is known as the beauty of the depths because she was taken down to the Underworld to be the bride of Hades. Determined to be reunited with her lover, Psyche completed this final task, achieving a state where the dark anonymity of her previous love and the divine, personal aspects of love could merge.

Eros and Psyche were given one of few wedding ceremonies given in the presence of all the gods on Olympus. The gods celebrated this new union with a great feast that celebrated the union of the soul, and Eros, the representation of sexual love. At this blessed union, Aphrodite danced in celebration.

Poet's Afterword:  Appropriate for Valentine's Day, today's blog celebrates the balanced love of Psyche and Eros (aka Cupid) --the love that came to light in complete openness and blissful reunion.  A love that Aphrodite and the enitre Greek pantheon celebrated. This concludes the First Annual VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE daily blogging celebration leading up to Valentine's Day.  However, there will be a special Valentine's Day poem posted tomorrow. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of my readers--may your lives be filled with love and loving others.My writings and love poems are always an encouragement to love--for life is just too short for anything else.~~TK

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FREE Giveaway, Book Announcements, & Special Promotion Announcement (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 8)

A Valentine's Day Gift for my Readers: FREE Giveaway of a Tim Kavi Short Story; Book Announcements;  & Special Promotion Announcement
by Tim Kavi

My Valentines Be Mine for Nine continues with a giveaway, book news, and announcement of a special promotion. I would like to do something to help spread the messages of love, poetry, hope, and empowerment.


First of all, I am announcing and offering for the first time, the availability of my short story--American Crow for FREE.  It will be FREE from this day forward and available for download by clicking the cover image on the left margin of this blog--just look for the blue book cover with the big black crow on it about three quarters of the way down the page.  Of course, you can also click here to get the FREE Smashwords version which should offer a file that works for almost ALL eReaders, apps, online reading, text, and even offers a PDF version which most can read with Adobe Digital Reader or a simple PDF reader. Note that Smashwords also offers a FREE Kindle version which is the MOBI file.  Also, as of today, Kobo Books is also offering a FREE version of this short story and you can get that by clicking here for the Kobo Books version.

I hope you enjoy this FREE short story.  The past two days I have been blogging about the special love of family.  And this short story certainly talks about the love of families, in this case about two young men who have joined a gang, in a sense looking for love and belonging, and seeking fatherly love.  Here's the description: as a short story, American Crow is a Fairy Tale of Urban Decay that describes events that transpire when two older men encounter two young thugs on a repeated basis. The result is comedic mayhem and Chaos, where BillyBob, a seemingly omniscient black crow looks upon events with great interest. In the end, it's a song of redemption that only he can sing! Because of the setting of the story, it is rated R for profanity and violence. 


Lost Love Poems---just in time for Valentine's Day I am happy to announce that this collection of love poems, poems about lost love, has just been published today by Barnes & Noble in an eBook NOOK edition.  You can click here to go to the web page to order that edition.  This book was also recently published by Smashwords (with all its versions) which transcended it's initial offering at Amazon which still has the Kindle edition.  I never formally announced  this title's wider availability until today.  You can click the links just preceding in this paragraph.  Or find the Pink cover on the left side margin and click on those links.  Thank you for your support! 

Ascending Goddess---this title is available all over the web at most eBook retailers, and I have not until today, formally announced that in this blog, as per its availability at iTunes (the Apple Bookstore), Kobo Books, or Diesel eBooks.  This title is also recently offered by Barnes & Noble for their eReader--the NOOK. Finally, the book has been available at Smashwords and Amazon still carries it for the Kindle Edition. Look for the buttons under the Ascending Goddess eBook cover on the left margin (showing holy mountain Kailash) or the links in the just preceding text. Thanks!

Emerging Goddess--my first collection is still only offered as a Kindle Edition through Amazon.  This is because I have been participating in giveaways every few months through their KDP select program.  Nevertheless, that exclusivity will end shortly, and the book will become available at Smashwords and all the other platforms. Thank u u u !

NOTE:  All of these titles will be published on Google Play, other eBook platforms, and regional mobile phone eBook platforms in specific countries--such as India.  I am happy to say that print editions for all these titles are still scheduled for publication, those are just taking a short while longer.

I would like to thank all of my blog readers and those that have purchased my work--with that in mind let me tell you about...

A SPECIAL  PROMOTION TO MY READERS (and those who have purchased my eBooks):
Coming very soon I will be making a very special announcement here in this blog and providing a link to a page on my home web page www.timkavipoet.com---where those who have purchased any of my eBooks will be entered into a random drawing to win a special prize.  So save those email receipts showing you bought one of my books!!  For any readers (up to the first 25) who buy all three of my current eBook collections (or make an equivalent donation at the web page) they will receive the prize automatically. (Also ten lucky random blog commenters will be entered into the drawings also-- and that requires no purchase!) THE PRIZE:  a custom written, original, love poem written by Tim Kavi (that's me) just for you and intended for any person you specify!!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Amazing Grace--Part II; The Amazing Love of Families (Essay) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 7)

On the Love of Family and 
the Hands that Hold Us
by Tim Kavi

(An essay about the Love of Family)

Posting on Day Seven of  VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE continues with another entry on the awesome love of family.  How important is it?  And how lucky are we to have it?

If we think about the love of families and the hands that hold us--we are often talking about times when we are dealing with stress in families. There, in  a family, is one place where many of us can thankfully be accepted, and more often than not, are loved at least to some degree.  While many of us do not live in perfect families, we do live in families that if we are lucky--can be a source of support when we really need it.

Now, outside of luck factors--there are some families that have learned how to coalesce as a unit, and have discovered that nurturing is there in a powerful way. Sometimes adversities have visited these families which resulted in a close knit type of support that is rarely seen at other times and in other places.

In short, there is something very special about families that love each other, and that have passed through the furnace of troubles and built a very strong love indeed.  Sociologists and anthropologists have long known that there are important benefits to family life.  Among these are care for offspring,  assisting sick family members back to health, or providing a place where one is accepted and loved.

Nothing builds this closeness and intimacy quite like the families that have faced medical adversities, or had one of its members born with a serious challenge.

Yesterday on this blog, I posted a poem as a tribute to one of these families that I am lucky to know. The type of family that I'm writing about here today in this column.  The kind of family that through adversities have grown close and strong in their support of each other, and through it all, have created an enduring atmosphere of love. To have such a family! Surely, this family I am writing about is certainly a good example of this special kind of love--the love of a close knit family.

Yesterday's poem 'Amazing Grace' described what I would call a close knit family that has been through some pretty hard times. And one of this family's three children was mentioned in my poem. I am referring to Grace, or 'Gracie', a child who was born with Down Syndrome.

Now Down Syndrome affects 1 out of every 691 births in the United States. Babies born with Down Syndrome may face a number of potential health problems throughout their life span and these can include congenital heart defects, respiratory and hearing problems, Alzheimer's disease, childhood leukemia, and thyroid conditions.

You can read about the characteristics and demographics of this condition by clicking here http://www.ndss.org/Down-Syndrome/Down-Syndrome-Facts/.

I would not want to draw attention to one poem or myself, but only to focus on that special little girl we learned about yesterday, Grace.  She and her family are to be commended, and appreciated. They are our true heroes!

Research should continue on Down Syndrome so that someday research can find a cure, or a means to prevent it, and to help those who suffer from it to have less hardships, better quality of life, and increased longevity.

There are many conditions besides Down Syndrome that a family can encounter.  There are enough troubles even in a typical adolescence. But there is no substitute for a loving family that has to face any of these things. Research has shown that a positive loving home can influence the outcomes of many chronic health conditions.

Grace was very fortunate to be born into such a loving family.  And wherever we are, and whoever we are, I can only say as this Valentine's Day approaches--that we are tremendously blessed and inspired by you, Grace, and your family. You teach us as well as any love story, that a family love story is one kind of love that love is all about. Namaste and God Bless You all.~~TK

Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Amazing Grace' (a new family love poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 6)

Grace I.

Amazing Grace
by Tim Kavi
(a family love poem)

amazing Grace
your love lights the world
your sweet smile
is its banner unfurled

from your declarations
of love
never has an "I Love You"
come from
such a giving heart

struggling with ailments
touches many
yet you face with a brave love
what many would hide from

all that know you
some that only know of you
all say
that you are love


Venus emerged from the ocean
riding a shell
Athena sprang from the head
of Zeus
but you are 
the Goddess
above them all


your sweet endearing

is no surprise
to your family
for they are made
of the same stuff

who knowing adversity
clung to one another
hugging and holding true
never giving up

your mother
your father
your sister
and brother

divine visitation
rains upon all of us
the rest of us too
for whenever we see you
we are greatly moved
by the love of you

Amazing Grace
how can we not be thankful
for your birth?

oh, precious little one
most precious of Earth

who speak of misfortune 
forget the love
that overcomes all
a love
we all long for 

and only are taught 
by You
what love is

for whenever
we behold you
Amazing Grace
how can we not love you?

for it is not only
your mother
and your father
your sister and brother too
are all part of the special
family of you

Kisa Agraphina
meows praises to you

while singing
and dancing
You are in your innocence
the greatest heart
of all

we are taught history
fulfillment of destiny
through our acceptance
of just you; perfect you 

every life is so precious
and we are glad for you

as Amazing Grace
you teach us this
better than all

in all that you do
and say and hug
Amazing Grace

we see you
there is only one response
we must show 
and tell you 
that we love you too.

Grace I. --Six Weeks Old with her Dad Michal  
Poets Afterword:  Not everyone has an easy entry to this life.  Today's poem is about a very special young lady and it celebrates her life with the family she loves so much.  (And they certainly love her back). As such, I believe the poem 'Amazing Grace' not only celebrates her life and love, but I humbly believe it's also a true 'family love poem'.  Yes, she was born with Down Syndrome, and she is living every moment to the fullest with a family and home that is filled with love.  I am honored that the family gave me permission to talk about her, post a couple pictures, and could offer my humble poem about Grace as one of the special blogging events for VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE. When I first met her father I was filled with respect and instant appreciation, later, after I learned about their daughter Grace, and the rest of his family, I developed an even deeper affection for this family; and I knew it was a story that I wanted to share with the world. To that family and to Gracie--I believe with all my heart that there is a collective WE that says: we are honored to know you and that we love you too! Tomorrow, we'll make a post about Down Syndrome.  Here is what her Father said about Grace at this time (as of just a few days ago):  Grace's primary focus of late is to remain in the middle of just about everything her big sister does. Gracie loves dancing, art, music and listening to me play guitar. We can't go anywhere with instruments without her yelling, "Daddy-yee" and pointing to a guitar. She has a memory like an elephant. She loves without reason. She absolutely loves to kiss foreheads and cuddle. She loves to create and mimic her big brother and big sister. Gracie loves her cat, Kisa Agraphina (Russian for cat born feet first). She stops on the street to kiss dogs and runs up to people wherever we are to get hugs. She's ready to help her friends in class, especially the ones with separation anxiety. Grace is the definition of "try". She works so hard at everything she does. She does not yet speak, yet communicates beautifully in her own language (sign/Gracie's English). Grace loves to cook, help clean and be a part of everything which takes place around the house.~~TK Also, you can read more about Grace and her family in the post just after this one. Click Here if you Want to go directly there.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

'I Know You...Hand in Hand' (new anniversary poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE Posting 5)

I Know You...Hand in Hand
by Tim Kavi

special times
are these
moments in a history
that flies past

that says
I love you!
each to the other
from their heart
as that love
is the language
of all words expressed

in the fast lanes
of modern life

as we hold onto something
each other
sometimes that richness
is all we've got

but what richness!
precious find
true gold rush
those that truly love

that love would bring
one from two families
two worlds apart
even across the universe
to join

hand in hand

that looking back now
there is still
the joys of discovery
as we see each other
eye to eye

hearts beat
next to each other
in the living security
of all that is
lived out

hand in hand

gentle whispers
may make the moment
seem less sensational
than it is

but in those whispers
are mighty shouts
declarations of love
that say

I know you!
I love you!
hand in hand

that is the
eternal bread
the lasting truth
and the destined
determination to love

to say
we will turn again
to each other
facing all this life

hand in hand.

Poet's Afterword:  Posting 5 in my VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE---is a special anniversary poem. And today (Feb. 9th) is the actual anniversary for two very special people.  Now, the Chinese have a very special concept that symbolizes the union between two people in love, and this is often stated in English as 'hand in hand'. In this case, the narrator of the poem is specifically the husband to the wife; hence the special 'hand in hand' designation towards the wife-- 和老婆手牵手 .

Friday, February 8, 2013

'Ode to the Handsome Swede' (wedding poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 4)

Ode to the Handsome Swede

by Tim Kavi

humming a sweet song
the poetry 

keeps flowing

when across the green hills of Sweden

the wedding party
was going

your sweet melodies
the wind is blowing

bringing sweet incense of perfume

innocence of love
when your smile lit the room

the handsome Swede
was smiling too
as your love
the happy groom

thoughts of peace
and no more
empty homes

two hearts
turned towards

and dispelled
the lonely glooms

the handsome Swede
existential songs

his new bride
had come home

she made ready
a gown of red
in Chinese love

had been met

and yet
there was
the promise
of even more

for all the glories
their love had
in store

for all the stories
could never be sold
in thousands
of novels
of myths
and legends

every time
their love was told

you see it seems

but no love ever is

they found each other
and that's all
the mystery 'tis

two hearts
thought they had been
only to find the other
behind the veil's

a great love
with wings
flew to him

the handsome Swede

and for all
this there
was destiny

plainly read.

Poet's Afterword--For Posting 4 of my VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE daily blogging event to celebrate Valentine's Day we have another wedding poem. This poem celebrates a wedding between two very special friends of mine.  It was originally a private poem for the two of them, but  'reappears' here in my blog by their permission.  I know you will join me in congratulating the happy couple, who exemplify a wonderful destination of love--a cross cultural and happy marriage across two of the kindest hearts I've ever known.~~T.K.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Two Hearts Carried' (New Poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE! Posting 3)

Two Hearts Carried
by Tim Kavi 

sometimes love
is such a hasty reaction
that it seems
two hearts
were carried with the wind

Yet there in the mercy
of dialectic's unfolding
there is a settling
in the nest
of some high cliff
where lovers belong
after an act of great love

as sometimes
it was a wind
borne by the very breath
of love itself

and sometimes
there is no understanding
even among the wisest
as to what love has done

or what has been done
in the name of love
of what legends love has brung

there is always the otherwise
of love's surprise
do not throw yourself
young lovers
nor off the cliffs be flung

but carry each other
up higher on the wings of love
turn to each other
again and again
climb up higher
as your ladder of love
has another rung

sometimes one
will carry both hearts
with such care
sometimes the other
will be made alive
bravely to love

to look again
at the new place of love
for your might
has this time
brought you there

for in your nest
let there be no night
but only a teaching
lessons for each other
on the next stages of flight

no leveling I say
fly again
fly again
break up the hardened ground
plant your seeds of love
while in that lofty place

let it stand and grow
for two hearts were carried
by destiny's throw

into the unknown
borne by the wind
of love
carried with grace
two carried hearts
always come again

to the nest of love.

Poet's Afterword:  Posting #3 of Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE is a special new love poem. It's a poem that tells us that sometimes love responds to all of Nature, and  sometimes it is born of struggle but always it is the carrying of two hearts...to each other and by each other. ~~TK