Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Music of the Wind (New Poem)

Music of the Wind 
by Tim Kavi

moorage of things
wafting sounds play
frequencies of existence
across the hallowed ear

sacred sounds
Nature in all living
vibrations of being 
sound like whispers

flutes of lung
heard in humans
and animal hearts
play our heartstrings as one

wavelike strings
unfold and shape
expressions of all
We are

on to sweet compositions
of instrumental choice
there's my lovely song
playing across

all manners of love.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

In the Quantum New Year (new poem)

In the Quantum New Year
by Tim Kavi

the linear
exploding fading away
of time
years count for something
in creating meaning essence
of what we seek
to immortalize

but there is a timeline
of another kind
a place that seems
the geographic inspiration
of all seekers
if we could but glimpse
it's enduring surprise

for this is no Sisyphus
of disappointment
but a blinding step of faith
that beyond what is known
in the many ways to know
and choose from
is but destiny's disguise?

For some have traveled paths
less traveled, and some
many forking paths
that in the quantum
message of self defining hope
moments, each passing year
is a line we devise

only to discover
there is more richness
and happy places
that Heaven is timeless
if we but look for it
and stepped out of time
to merely recognize?

In the quantum new year
we know that time changes things
even outside it.