Monday, December 6, 2010

In Our Bed (Poem)

"In Our Bed"
by Tim Kavi

Mountains crumble
into sea
Clouds fly away
your love calls
to the bed
of You and Me

I am so moved
captured there
hold you there
in the moonlight
it is a warm night

we see out the patio window
the stars
the heavens
so peaceful
I know you fill my universe
you are the moon in my room

in our bed
You are
so sweet
sugar in my coffee
rain on my garden
yeast rising in oven
pot shaped on wheel

I need your love

You are the
greater poet!
Your love songs
teach us lyrics
and poems
in the stanzas
of our bed

is the calm
of our love inside

your candle
burns all night
your Erhu
moves the angels

your voice
is the music
in our love

the ocean breaks
the birds circle
over head
life goes on
fed by our love

in your arms
is the lifesong
of all that is

and in our bed
my age is forgotten.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

When I See YOU (Poem)

"When I see YOU"
by Tim Kavi

when I see
your breath
I am moved
by the wind of Qi

and when
I am your hopes
I know I always
am what is meant to be

a sweet destiny

and when
I am in your arms
I feel embraced
by Dancing love

and when I am
in your eyes
I know there is
only the sound
of love's cries

and I am complete
only as I know
the completeness
of You

as your sun
guides my moon
to your sweetest
heavenly view

I always see
my True Love
and I know
she is YOU.

Friday, November 19, 2010

when we speak (poem)

when we speak
by Tim Kavi

when we speak
the music
of a gentle kindness
fills the room
the notes
of happy voices
fill the air

where we see each other
in heart
or mind
or next near to each

that music plays
everywhere we know
familar or not

our happy tunes
and when
we sing to each other
the music
sounds like
the cloud filled
starry nights
through all of our Junes

and through any dark times
there is a lifeline
that flows between us
brighter than the sun
and that is
when the music stops
it is just for a moment
while the band
tunes up

ready for the
next loving fun
and when
the day is done
the lifeline still flows

in the music
that shows

our happy love

it plays on and on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Angel of True Love (Poem)

Sweet Angel of True Love
by Tim Kavi

walking into that place
I fell below
your sacred stance

but for grace
I thought
you are not a person
but an angel
of True Love

from heaven

in some
mystical dance

for when your eyes
open in love
and close in passion
I see your wings
beautiful creature

flying with you
I ride in flight

sweet seraph
you are the muse
in the Temple
of your lovely

and the incense
that burns
near your altar
is only
the sweetest love
of my heart

it always yearns
for your majestic
place on high

I saw You there
your angelic
love came nigh

your beauty
is clothed
in the robe
of love

that rides
the gentle

that divinity
only knows

and in that
last prayer
of worship
I say that
it is only
your care

that brings
a sweet repose.

No Place But You (Poem)

No Place But You
by Tim Kavi

in your arms
is a fortress
of our
daily built love

in your kisses
are the
plans that bring
armies to nought

in your hugs
are a
lasting embrace

it is a strong
that cannot
be bought

a surrender
to your love

is where
I want
to be

you are there
in your bed

waiting for me

I march
in a careful

there is
no place
but you

to run with
and be safe

you show
me your

but there
is no need

I give up

and wave
the white
flag of love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Younger Woman (poem)

Younger Woman
by Tim Kavi

she was sweet
her faithfulness
never missing a beat

her love
and knew

that even
every time
I saw her
our love was
brand new

going through
again and again
the years

yet she
was always
in my kiss

and our love
a younger

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the Wind (Poem)

In the Wind
by Tim Kavi

flying to you
on your wings
I knew

in your kiss
was the bliss
that revealed all of me
to you

my body
my soul
my very heart
sought your kiss

which you returned

and in that love
I found my goddess
my missing bride

I turned
in worship

and in the morning
I saw her face
it was You
Goddess in love

goddess, my bride!

she said
my love
I can not even breathe
By your charm and masculinity,

he said

I Love you so
by your Voice
your love

then I saw
your smile
the woman
in the hat
of love

I saw the smile
that first met
In the Wind

your hair blowing
there is a calm

as the quiet scene
your love
is the
cementing balm.

In the words of a poet (poem)

In the words of a poet
by Tim Kavi

in the words of a poet
there are many events
experiences stories
to be told it

a dutiful
observer they
speak of hidden
even in the everyday
one is wiser
to know it

when the stanzas
all poets
give their best
to send

loves lives
in the words
of the poet

trying to show it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"SuNNy LoVe" (poem)

"SuNNy LoVe"
by Tim Kavi

in the sunshine of your love

every rainy day is made sunny

and every lonely day is made warm

and in the morrow
as sure as the sun rises

your SuNNy LoVe
is faithful anew

the flowers
push through

the ground

because of you !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pretty Bag of Love (poem)

Pretty Bag of Love
by Tim Kavi

my sweet love
held something
close and dear

to her heart
She carried it
always near

through the rain
it was dry

through the wind
it was strong

and in the sun
the light reflected
the pretties there

what is that? I asked
something precious
worth more than
she said

she smiled
it was made with
great care
to carry something
special there

peeking in the bag

there were memories
songs sung
gifts brung
happy loves
in the glowing

the beach
the stars
the candle lit

fragrant soaps

poems his love
had said

rose petals
for their
wedding bed

all weekend
and every day
I see her
pretty bag of love

it went with
her everywhere

carried in her
pretty Asian hands
going with her
always there

she opens it
again and again
with happy

she says
this is the love
of my Timmie Lee

as she went to work
I saw it then

as she went shopping
had ice cream
I saw it then

the design
was beautiful
made in love

decked out embroidered
straps made it
easy to carry

she said

in the bag
is our love
both mine
and the man I will

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Between Us (Poem)

Between Us
by Tim Kavi

lying there
one heart
beats between us
meeting us
two cultures embrace
in your goddess face

his face smiles
like Buddha

we met there
when first
we listened
each other's

now there is
only the beating
of one heart

one song
cascades from our lips
one vision
in our sight

one ship traverses
the world's seas
even at night

I kiss you
You kiss me
yet we are one

in the morning
we wake up
still in our
and sweetly

one baby
lies between us

he smiles
and we have one
of approval

we love him
in the same
warm arms of

that first brought
us together
lying there

between us.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Angel Face (poem)

Angel Face
by Tim Kavi

angel face
your light shone
in the night
of grace

I saw your kisses
come from
that shining place
and in your
Chinese eyes

I saw a woman
and full of grace

and in the love
we shared
there in time
and Chinese space

I shall never
the love of my

in that special place

angel face
you shine
like the Goddess
finally found

I don't seek Her
for You are found

take me to your
and our love

a sacred ground.

Friday, October 1, 2010

sacred moments (poem)

Sacred Moments
by Tim Kavi

in the secret
breathing moments
that live
between loves

I heard your
heart beating
while napping

I felt your kisses
on my neck

sacred moments
are made of these

when I think of
I always
longed for misses
but in the hour
of your love

I beheld

the revealed
standing there
and in those
sacred moments

there is always
a love
that returns again
and again

until I know
you are my sacred

and in the
that are passed
those that build
cannot match
the sacred
moments of your
seeking love that lasts!

but there is always
the famished
heart that searches
and seeks
longs for
and even cries out
in the night

the man
who loves you so.

and when
the morning
he arises
to your unveiled
sweet surprises

there is only
the memory
of sacred
forever gifted
in the fresh
of your passing.

in sacred moments
I seek you
I need you
I call your name

for your love

has changed
the universe
and all that is

forever and forever
one moment
leads to another.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unstoppable Kisses (poem)

Unstoppable Kisses
by Tim Kavi

when I first see you
my heart
cannot believe

it is seeing

kisses unstoppable

hearts beating as one
until unmovable
we are one

many kisses
reflected in our light

as we hold each other
in the starlight
of the cosmology
of our love

it is a kissing universe
a universe filled with love

until you are laughing
loving all night,

and holding each other
we birthed a sun
in the dawning light.

Monday, September 6, 2010

the morphing (poem)

the morphing
by Tim Kavi

changeling of the true

(YOU are other
different than what I thought
with even greater beauty
that you yourself has brought).

human potential
the previous ways
made rent

every soul transcending

there is a churning
destruction falls into the sand
erodes into the sea

previous selves
become forgotten selves
or instruments of
lessons divine
in some eternal shrine
and design

until there
is an emerging
from the fiery ovens
and ash

She stands
girded in the new
emerging in my soul
anima and goddess

I see you morphing
into every Goddess
a thousand times
a thousand times
from the moment
of creation
to ultimate development
I see her inside you
and she is You

standing there
looking back
through your eyes
companion and mother
and ultimately, wife

(YOU are other
different than what I thought
with even greater beauty
that you yourself has brought).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goddess Garden (Poem)

Goddess Garden
by Tim Kavi

pushing upwards
breaking through
it feels like your love
is already here

you are near
there is no fear

feels like
I am a plant in your garden

at night you rain on me
daytimes you sun
then you gently touch me
making sure my roots in you
are deep

for you are my Earth
I am rooted in You
tied around your energy
feel your love's belly
and washed in the birth
of your kiss

your greatness
reaches across the sea
I feel your presence
where you walk
a lotus grows

your form
is the most beautiful
where all things grow
in your love
your tiny children

know this too

so they like to play with you
in your Goddess garden.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Love Dance (poem)

Love Dance
by Tim Kavi

love went dancing
at a
love dance

hands in hands
toes on toes
face to face

a dancing suit
she said

moving as one
gentle guiding
first one
then the other

she teaches me
a graceful stepping
I teach her
love's gentle

our lips are close
hearts beat
across each movement

a swift musical

moving even amongst
dancing Siva
the mothering
of Durga

there are no
like us

his charming eyes
her happy smile
they have a drink

at the punchbowl
of love.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

her love (poem)

her love
by Tim Kavi

her love
rides a swift horse
through the winter
she is here
like the first breath of spring

after the deadly winter
she brings hope
and promise

of a love
that is new life
tending to me

like a gardener
of love

her lips are red
her smile wide and white
her living giving eyes
reflects the grace
of her movements

she is a running woman
comes to me
and in her arms
I grow like a plant

with arms
to the glowing sun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Dream of You (Poem)

Sweet Dream of You
by Tim Kavi

pretty rainbows
dance across meadows
while bees fly
to nearest flowers
that your love planted
in our garden

sweet rains come
and our hearts
beat like thunder

your love
lifts me above the clouds
to love's thunder
followed by sunny sky

you walk with me
hand in hand
through the paths
our tools have made

I am your gentle
you are my lovely

in my
night time dreams

your love
my every need.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Celestial View (Poem)

Celestial View
by Tim Kavi

celestial view

so beautiful
is my true love
her hair shines
like heaven made
starlets lying softly
in the windy breeze
of our love

under a clear sky
she kisses me
and I see
the hills of China

her lips are red
like fruit
her long black hair
across her
tiny shoulders

under a cloudy sky
she misses me
and I long
for the hills of China

in the morning dew
she is
speaking words of love
moans of delight
from above

I listen
to her almond shaped
Asian eyes

in the fullness
of her love
there are no more
lonely sighs


I am captured
inside her angelic

celestial view.

poet' s comment: my return to poetry after a long silence following my mom's passing...T.K.

Friday, July 16, 2010

There is Mom (poem)

There is Mom
by Tim Kavi

so what is this?
across the translucent orb
endless universe so vast
that God in his designs
would seek to make perfect
for sure to last?

but the need for what He created
man or woman
to never be alone?

but the sacredness
of family
of love
and of home?

and in that home
stands a sacred one
sure and true

the fortress of Mom

which every kid
growing up, knew
is true blue
in all she said
and did

until around
every troubled bend
twisted by life's
and uncertain wind?

there is the love
of God
and the love of Mom

gently guiding
assisting in fate
but always loving

there is Mom
there is Mom.

This poem will be read by me later today, at my mom's funeral. My mom was a wonderful person and parent, as well as a poet. I cannot ever surmise how important she was and is, to me and my work. In some small way, I hope this helps others to understand the importance of Moms. There are many mothering influences in the Universe. I love you, mom ! --T.K.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mom, I love YOU

>>>>>>>> To my Mom, Om Mani Padme Hum--Go in Peace <<<<<<<<<<
I love you, MOM ! b, 8-21-1928 d, 7-9-2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Glimpses of You (Poem)

Glimpses of You
by Tim Kavi

seeing you
I see art moving
on a canvas of love
riding on waves
across a glassy sea

dressed in a dress
of your womanly

it seizes my senses
until I always
dream of you

for God made you
so beautiful
I am shaken
by your love
moved by your
inspired by your heart

you are
to me
our love's work of art
love work's greatest

whenever I see you
it is still not done
but reworked
in the glistening
lines of your love

I see
on the camera
of your love

your eternal kisses
are the art
of our love

your loving arms
hug me
in stanzas
of our love

your eyes
tell novels
in the story
of our love

and then
there is upon
all this in You

and so much more
as I beheld you
in loving
glimpses of You.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love (Poem)

"Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love"

by Tim Kavi

good night dear
and your love
as you fade to sleep
shuts her eyes

like many days
meet the nights
sweetly rests
in contented dreams

riding our love's

until sweet kisses
arrive each breath

until no more
dreams are left

only the reality
of two hearts
lying next to each one

two smiles
flying to the other one

two songs
singing in heaven

two birds fly
up that high

when next to my love
I did lie

good night
my true love
good night

all these
are all around us
while we sweetly

until the joys
of birthing
a sun
outside our window
did peep

brings us another love
in that day

until it is done
and night has
once again come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MySpace Friend and Fan Reposts Kavi Poem: Unfolding Composition

MySpace fan and friend Jamie has reposted my poem Unfolding Composition (with permission) on her main page. Stop by for a visit: and see the poem. While you are there be sure and check out other works from other poets.

Thanks for the post, Jamie!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Knew Destiny (poem)

We Knew Destiny
by Tim Kavi

from the first moment
we knew destiny
like the rider knows
their favorite horse

you are
the most wonderful
woman I ever met

our music
the Universe
reminds me

I am the reed
in your marshes
where you
refresh me
like the wind

in your need
I am your greatest love

finding me yet
across the ocean
a bridge spans

waves crashing
at the landing
shore of our love

joining as one
our passion
is thrashing
in the bed
of our love

I see the goddess
reflected in your
lovely face
captured in
candle light

your sighs
call me
to come to you

I answer
with haste
to the love
of my life

meet me
in your arms
your heart

your very breath.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ascending To The Mountains (new poem)

"Ascending To the Mountains"
by Tim Kavi

so sweetly

that the dew that descends
from the mountains
that the path
eagles flew that ascends

is not more

than your sighing kisses
when you know
I am the true love
that your soul misses

I hear the sweeping
of your love

bringing me
singing me

to your higher

until swept
into your nest
under the feathers
of your love

my journeying
has finally found rest

in your love !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Eyes (poem)

New Eyes
by Tim Kavi

today I see you
your love
shines so bright
I know
I shall never
be alone
in a night

for I see you

with new eyes

that love
like an angel in flight

the brings down
the bad
with good
and seals
our love
in victorious might

for I love you

your eyes

and I know
we have a
lasting love
that shall endure

my sweet
all songs demure

to our New eyes
that bring new sight.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Window (Poem) (with poet's comment)

Your Window
by Tim Kavi

outside your window
waiting for the wind
of our mutual love
to blow your loose white

to the ground
so your bare shoulders
are revealed

my kisses
are drowned

across the bed
like the drapes
of your open

baby universes
morph and take shape
across the bending

space time

I kissed you there
your full goddessness
in the moonlight

they shone
in their own light

planets in
their own right

my decorated universe
was filled with your love

lit with your white heat
bright luminescence
and like the stars
shining so bright

I see the flames
of your passion
now unleashed

I ascend
the vine

through your window

Poet's comment: This poem represents an invitation and response to a deep passionate love. The term goddessness in stanza seven is an invented word that I believe captures more than the terms of goddess or goddesshood. Goddessness is more than an attainment, but a full manifestation and revelation of all the goddess powers in a woman's feminine being.--T.K.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Swim With You (poem)

"To Swim with You"
by Tim Kavi

the place
where aching
humanity rested
and longed for
from their warlike ways

thirsting for
a spiritual peace

is a palace
of your greatness

is a sea of peace
and warm acceptance

I return to your ocean
over and over

like a tide
in your love
I feel your comings and goings
like the waves

I sense your
and yet gentle

I hold you
and see the
Goddess face

riding the arms
of galaxies
lit at the center
by your grace

lovely One
eternal kisses
do no
to love you

in the place
where your love
is born,

where your glory
is shown

there is only
the veiled
Holy of Holies

revealed in
the temple of your love

I bravely go there
to meet you

that I can
be made whole

in your warm love

and swim
in your ocean with you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

About my Poems: Tense, Familiarity, and I-You Style (Essay)

Dear Readers:

Sometimes people are not sure what to make of my poetic works because of the personal first person tense, the familiar tone, and the style I sometimes write them in.

For example, I often write poems in a narrative first person style, as if speaking to another person or observing the beloved. In a sense they are rightfully an 'utterance'. Sometimes the poems are about a true spiritual Goddess (in my poetry when I use the term "Goddess" with a capital 'G" I am referring to some archetypal spiritual Goddess manifestation, and when I use the term 'goddess' with a small 'g" I am referring to a mortal woman, a specific woman I have encountered, as a local manifestation of Goddess). Equally my poems might be about the anima (Carl Jung's sense of such), or adoration to some feminine form expressed and seen in the world of this poet.

Because I Have studied so much about dialogue and Martin Buber's I and Thou world of the 'between' (the intersubjective ), my poems are often written in an I and You style.

Again, this is for two reasons--because I believe there in that between, is where reality and mind is framed, and again, because I hope people can read them out loud to someone they love. Reading them aloud as I wrote them, with even the short lines, (yes one word lines) I have drafted them in, as pauses, is the way I intended them to be read.

Hence the 'you' in the poem is not a personal address of you from me unless you understood my work and it has been presented to you formerly in a private manner.--T.K.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire (poem)

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire
by Tim Kavi

my love
has windy eyes
that tell me
a story

that move me
and breath on me
they are windy eyes
of jade sapphire

so pretty
are they

sweet tears of love
flow from me
in her sweet
love surprise

there is never
a dark disguise
only the
Windy Eyes
of Jade Sapphire

she is my
loving purring
Tiger Tiger
burning bright

even in the
dying sunlight
her Windy Eyes
light up our bed
at night

she is precious
her coat sheen
and her love
is a great between

my sweet
love's eyes
tell me so much
than I've
ever seen

I cannot speak
only love
all time

my Windy Eyes
Jade Sapphire.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kisses at the Beach (poem)

Kisses at the Beach
by Tim Kavi

bring promises
spoken in whispers
that become a mighty yell
of a love
that stretches across heavens
where even goddesses
are taught
by our love
until at least
sprinkling sands
on beaches
across the world
tell of eternal love
across time
is hurled
by mighty waves
of quantum
there is a love
forever left
in the sun
of wave's breach
our love
has hit the beach.

China in Spring (poem)

China in Spring
by Tim Kavi

China in spring
little bird's mother
did sing
calling her young
under her wing
both smiling
in the nest
baby birdling
runs to the one
she loves the best
until tiny head
tucked in feathers
she went to bed
that's my baby
her mother said.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Captured (new Poem)

by Tim Kavi

there is a sweet
in a mirror

of goddesses
always shine

sweet aura
of heart
romantic spirit

she can be
loved for her mind
and never
it seems
a man
should be behind

but gently
leading her
to a love sublime

for she
cannot be
but set free
already divine

his is the
he must be

for all
this of her
is fine

so burning
the yearning is

by love's design.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Homes of Love (poem)

Many Homes of Love
by Tim Kavi

although some have said
it is hard to contain it
know it or show it
the human heart
beats and lives
in the light of love
it gives

into our joint heart
are the many
homes of love
many loves
live there
breathe there
every day
a new one

For this
my love
I say
a kiss

thank you
I love you

For you know
we have built
it so carefully

laid a strong
brave and sure
standing high
in our love
so pure

built the path
to the door
of each room
I find you
as a candle
with sweet perfume

from outside
each window
lit by a love
deep within

let us gather
in the living room
where our love
does begin

let us retire
to the bedroom
where in it
we rest and love

hand in hand
we walk through
all the happy

each day
in the many homes
of love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

fortress of your love (poem)

fortress of your love
by Tim Kavi

fleeing waves
splash our love
all over
distant shore

your sweet calling
to me
is a love I have
felt before

your love
shown to me
makes me
want more

your sweet smile
lit by your
beautiful eyes
makes me
the joys
I have in store

when I first
saw your face
it was love
at first grace

and in the
of your love
there is
a safe
hiding place

away from all

that troubles
and some fear

I have found
in your love
a fortress dear!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sayings (Moments in Dialogue that Occurred Today)

Tim Kavi Says:

for many it is a happy discovery
to see that falling in love is only the prelude to staying in love the rest of a lifetime
and that sometimes love doesn't follow all the rules we have for it !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Born Again (poem)

Born Again
by Tim Kavi

spoken like a whisper
in the wind

where the junction
of time travelers
do bend

there is only
an eternal essence
that says when
the sacred birthing
begins again


here I am again

don't seem to want it
can't choose it
why flaunt it

determined destiny
so here I am again

but She opens
to home
Eternal Gaia

landscape that unfolds
brings to meaning again
what ancients myths have

there is only
among the many lives
this one as
the promised One.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surprise of Our Love (Poem)

Surprise of Our Love
by Tim Kavi

the surprise of our love
lives eternal
its memory
is most dear

existing still

all through the night
at universe's edge
it is still
an awesome sight

an when I looked
and saw
your precious
I knew it beat
in mine

when in the smallest
your love did shine

and when we finally
lip on lip
there is a moment
that shall never be missed

the surprise of our love

and true

seen everywhere
and in everything
it did sing

spoken in every utterance
of words
and being

Divine Yes
burning inferno
desire drove

that says
without ceasing
never failing

I love you.

Valley of Your Bed (Poem)

Valley of Your Bed
by Tim Kavi

kisses burn across candle lit nights
in the valley of your bed
I found a goddess

she moved with passion
kissed with grace

and came with volcanic desire

she was you

there was
the all consuming beauty
of destructive bliss

breaking me to only see You
mending me in your healing
all seeing love

Holy Goddess
standing in your fire.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Venus Aphrodite (Poem)

Venus Aphrodite
by Tim Kavi

Venus Aphrodite
at the sun's dawning
you outshine the day
bathing in milk
your skin is like
fine silk

and your eyes
filled with love
remind me that I am
flying in heights above
when you kiss
I am free
as winged seraph
gliding once again
to the arms
of your love

your twin charms
greet me
meet me
in your pleasant
my chains
have all fallen
to the Earth!

and when the moulds
the gods did pour
your birthing shore
they all said
Venus Aphrodite
your beauty
has never been seen

but through all
legends and time
your loving
light has lit
the hearts
of every woman
and yet
all want to
adore You!

and when you
rode that steed
you were faster
than the Sun
coming back
to love
again and again
Cupid did
get a mighty shove!

sweet silence
in the valleys below
when all mortal men
beheld you
they were
hushed in the act of war
when your gown
drifted down
from the halls
of Olympus!

sweet Venus Aphrodite
in you men
are all complete
but only
beneath your
loving feet!

For vanquished
breeds a new poem
a song
of your mighty

Monday, March 29, 2010

In Your Room the Birds Do Sing! (New Poem)

In Your Room the Birds Do Sing!
by Tim Kavi

Jasmine and clover
birds sing
outside your window

I kiss you
in the candle light
over and over

sweet Notes
of Nature
transfixed there
as I beheld
the Goddess
unashamed and bare

she is kissing me back
in the beauty
of our song

our feathers
are soft and sheen
never wrong

her Love
guides me
to a softer place

a nest
in her love
for we have
become the birds

her window
free and in flight!

and in that soft glow
I saw her
that day
a sweet gentle dove
a singing robin
a mother bird
a sweet eagle
a flying
of her love

leading us back
of two souls
each other
again and again

through all time
for she is my mate
and in our bird call
is the precious
sounds of our love

a sweet wooing
a cooing
of love birds
heart broken
when apart

but always
coming together
in one heart!

we fly away
at the next dawning.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Asian Woman (poem)

Asian Woman
by Tim Kavi

all beauties
adorn you
like great gowns

i feel your
light and love
your pretty silk
life giving
breasts behind them

all your hugs
are filled
with sweet milk

Asian goddess
your ways are soft
your hugs endearing
your laugh
sweet childlike
you love
like the woman of all women

I salute you
honor you
adore your
fair skin
love your Asian

and never
cease to be amazed
by you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Battlefield Winds (Poem)

"Battlefield Winds"
by Tim Kavi

can you smell it in the wind
it's love
over lost battlefields
one man's soul
found you

searching alone
his bloodstained
looking for hope
the horizon

the fumes
of death
overcome him
strangling his

at his feet
lies his

no man stood
not even him

in the distance
was a shadow
moving brooding
over the earthen landscape

her hands outstretched
to the bleeding
and dying
many arms
of compassion
and grace

his soul was crying
for you
angel of love
he was seeing you

redemption's song
was long overdue

her long dress
in the smoky wind
aching healing
cascaded from her lips

to his heart
knowing he
would never be
the same

he had
his warrior

taken back
dancing in the streets
your love had made
him whole

sweet angel of love
your man
waits for you

and he is
not tiring
longing for you
nor dying

as he
once believed

in your
arms he is
forever free.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To another sleeping goddess (poem)

"To another sleeping goddess"
by Tim Kavi

sweet whispers
of lullaby
from the sea

like the sea shells
of childhood
magic was seen to be

sweet Nature
always brings rest
near the angel's thigh
when I looked
I saw you sleeping!

your wings are
the kindness adorning you
like the white silk sheets
that only souls can know

in the twinkling
lights of night
a sweet firelight
of the dawning too
of your love's eyes
so bright

blowing breezes
soft on the skin
of hot days
your mercy
always pleases

and forgives
white as snow
as you lie sleeping

it is me
You are keeping.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ladybug (Poem)

by Tim Kavi

my little
red ladybug
in my gentle palm
you are free
to fly

to the nearest flower
may you take flight
free as a bird
in all of its might

this passion's song
in midnight sigh
is always the
song when you
draw nigh

you can glide
to the safest resting place
for wherever you go
I watch over you

and when I see
you transfigured
into the
you truly are

I know you are never too far

oh gently ladybug
you are free
with me
to be

all that you
ever wanted to be
and to go to
all the gardens
you always wanted to see

so fly
fly in our love
there is no
prison for
you in my gentle

but only
a kind appreciation
of you
in all that Nature
has clothed
You with

and a rest
in seeing yourself
as you are

for the very first time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ride Her White Horse (Poem)

"Ride Her White Horse"
by Tim Kavi

there is only
the bending of time
across the wintered landcape
as your thighs
rode the white horse

the melting of clocks
in the radiation
of a post atomic
showed that time
had stopped
in the face of death

I breathed
your goddess breath

My life rode
to the village
to consult
with the wise woman
in the hut
in the dance
by the fire
she laughed
at my wisdom
told a joke

masculine man
no welcome here
go back to your
war chest
from your wounds

come back
in the riding
to the Diva
who guides
your celestial ride

no hope
except in the turning
from warlike cries
in the shadows
of burning desire

you think
that is all there is?

there is more
in that rider's kiss
than this

eternal friendship
powerful mother
consoling sister
best friend
wise woman
siren to a calling
of new births!

all of this
is in that nightly
the dark places
where you hide
by She

who in her ride
you to your
destined pride

there is otherwise
no hope