Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Window (Poem) (with poet's comment)

Your Window
by Tim Kavi

outside your window
waiting for the wind
of our mutual love
to blow your loose white

to the ground
so your bare shoulders
are revealed

my kisses
are drowned

across the bed
like the drapes
of your open

baby universes
morph and take shape
across the bending

space time

I kissed you there
your full goddessness
in the moonlight

they shone
in their own light

planets in
their own right

my decorated universe
was filled with your love

lit with your white heat
bright luminescence
and like the stars
shining so bright

I see the flames
of your passion
now unleashed

I ascend
the vine

through your window

Poet's comment: This poem represents an invitation and response to a deep passionate love. The term goddessness in stanza seven is an invented word that I believe captures more than the terms of goddess or goddesshood. Goddessness is more than an attainment, but a full manifestation and revelation of all the goddess powers in a woman's feminine being.--T.K.

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