Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two New Poems from the Online Poetry Show: (Variations on a Theme of Orpheus and Stone Buddha)

Poet's note: as per my prior blog entry, these two poems were part of the recent online Poetry Show exhibited by my friend and fellow poet, Rory. These were previously unpublished and are considered NEW poems. Enjoy! -- T. K.

Variations on a Theme of Orpheus
by Tim Kavi

moonlit night
foggy breezes
beasts of the wood
melodies of
Orpheus always pleases

across the river
in a dark place
turned away
from Eurydyce's face

tears flow
on this last time
such sad longing
missing the beloved
wife's belonging
by his side
she was
the gentle bride

she is
passioned and gone
he sighs
hopefully in destiny's
dark design

there is a returning

notes rising
to the heavens
as goddesses
take flight
birds uprising

heaven is silent
instructed in woe
descending below
turned away
by the dark foe

Orpheus keeps playing
captured by hope
that his notes
are delaying
destiny's defraying

of his continual
bringing comfort
to the masses

these are the ways
of the passioned
always comforting
from his own place
of veiled
loneliness darkest

playing to the
while Rome burns
or armies
wait in the wings
or his heart
dance! sing!
jovial things!

filling the air
with notes
sweet ministry

twilight says
night is coming
death the final

together finally
with Eurydyce's
now, happy ghost!

"Stone Buddha"
by Tim Kavi

up on
the narrow

there is
what was
a contested

in stone
fruited plains
in the valley below

a shrine
still sits
corpses line the way

the light
still shines

follow the path
up to the
light for
it ever shines

blind ones
receive their

when the
of the blossoms
the morning

the troubled
are few

if they
to the light

broken paths

are not
or won

is in the

where the

Monday, September 15, 2008

FREE Online Poetry Show of Tim Kavi

My Myspace friend Rory

has given me the distinct honor this week (Sept. 15 through Sept. 19th) of being a guest blogger at a website called "Rory's Poetry".

You can visit this inspiring site at: Rory's poetry .

Included in my featured work will be new poems, song lyrics, and a collection of some of my other poems.

Please visit this Online Poetry Show of Tim Kavi--and have a great time.

Bookmark the site and check out the other interesting guests and artists that will be blogging there as well from time to time.

Thank you Rory! Thank you my readers!

tim kavi

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog Special: Friends (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

when friends
the messages
are always clear

no matter
what or where
ten thousand miles
away from here

something about
my friends
their kind words
are always near

in my heart
they are always

I can write
a thousand poems
but no goddess
is a better dear.

poet's note: I wrote this brief ditty today, after I realized upon receiving some nice emails and comments at some of my web sites, that indeed, I do have some very good friends--who care about me and what I have to say. It reminds me that even an existential man is not alone if he has friends, friends who laugh with him at the absurdities, the great joys, and the everyday pleasures and pains of life. --T.K.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wings of Destiny: New Poem (with brief comment)

this poem is actually optimistic... we fight change and sometimes the scary changes are the most difficult. Nature leads us sometimes to emerge with great beauty. This poem could be about death and dying. The fact that it was written during a week just after the funeral of a relative is inescapable.--T.K.

"Wings of Destiny"
by Tim Kavi

the fear
of things changing
when destiny
brings only the
promise of rearranging

how we fight
brave struggles
not understanding our
internal troubles

until finally
we seem bound
by nature itself

only to push back
the bindings
and discover
that our wormlike
has grown beautiful

memories of our past
keep us bound
to old traditions
that dont allow
flying lessons
for the new air
we breathe

we look to the
donward to our
hoping to glimpse
a former

oh comfort
of the gray
and dying past
sweet nature

has birthed in us
the future
a butterfly at last!

To A Fellow Writer...

I wrote this to a fellow writer after admiring their work:

"I know this journey. We the emerging heroes strike at words that fly in the air until at last some of them fall like snow or tears onto the canvas of our creations below, finally resting until all who read it can see it, but not know, the pain, the suffering, the blood, that birthed such words into existence! Is it enough that they appreciate it? To a fellow writing hero, I am glad to journey with you...and follow you along the narrow ridge..."