Monday, September 1, 2008

Wings of Destiny: New Poem (with brief comment)

this poem is actually optimistic... we fight change and sometimes the scary changes are the most difficult. Nature leads us sometimes to emerge with great beauty. This poem could be about death and dying. The fact that it was written during a week just after the funeral of a relative is inescapable.--T.K.

"Wings of Destiny"
by Tim Kavi

the fear
of things changing
when destiny
brings only the
promise of rearranging

how we fight
brave struggles
not understanding our
internal troubles

until finally
we seem bound
by nature itself

only to push back
the bindings
and discover
that our wormlike
has grown beautiful

memories of our past
keep us bound
to old traditions
that dont allow
flying lessons
for the new air
we breathe

we look to the
donward to our
hoping to glimpse
a former

oh comfort
of the gray
and dying past
sweet nature

has birthed in us
the future
a butterfly at last!

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