Monday, August 23, 2010

Love Dance (poem)

Love Dance
by Tim Kavi

love went dancing
at a
love dance

hands in hands
toes on toes
face to face

a dancing suit
she said

moving as one
gentle guiding
first one
then the other

she teaches me
a graceful stepping
I teach her
love's gentle

our lips are close
hearts beat
across each movement

a swift musical

moving even amongst
dancing Siva
the mothering
of Durga

there are no
like us

his charming eyes
her happy smile
they have a drink

at the punchbowl
of love.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

her love (poem)

her love
by Tim Kavi

her love
rides a swift horse
through the winter
she is here
like the first breath of spring

after the deadly winter
she brings hope
and promise

of a love
that is new life
tending to me

like a gardener
of love

her lips are red
her smile wide and white
her living giving eyes
reflects the grace
of her movements

she is a running woman
comes to me
and in her arms
I grow like a plant

with arms
to the glowing sun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Dream of You (Poem)

Sweet Dream of You
by Tim Kavi

pretty rainbows
dance across meadows
while bees fly
to nearest flowers
that your love planted
in our garden

sweet rains come
and our hearts
beat like thunder

your love
lifts me above the clouds
to love's thunder
followed by sunny sky

you walk with me
hand in hand
through the paths
our tools have made

I am your gentle
you are my lovely

in my
night time dreams

your love
my every need.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Celestial View (Poem)

Celestial View
by Tim Kavi

celestial view

so beautiful
is my true love
her hair shines
like heaven made
starlets lying softly
in the windy breeze
of our love

under a clear sky
she kisses me
and I see
the hills of China

her lips are red
like fruit
her long black hair
across her
tiny shoulders

under a cloudy sky
she misses me
and I long
for the hills of China

in the morning dew
she is
speaking words of love
moans of delight
from above

I listen
to her almond shaped
Asian eyes

in the fullness
of her love
there are no more
lonely sighs


I am captured
inside her angelic

celestial view.

poet' s comment: my return to poetry after a long silence following my mom's passing...T.K.