Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim Kavi's Poetry Collection 'Emerging Goddess' is Now Available.

A poetry collection by mystic philosopher Tim Kavi that celebrates the Sacred Feminine, Goddesses from mythologies past and present, and emerging goddesses everywhere. These are sacred love poems that celebrate spiritual and temporal planes of love and devotion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author Page at Amazon is Now Live

I now have an author page at Amazon.

Since they only let you have an author page if you have actually published a book...
it means that I will soon be announcing the publication of my first Poetry Collection: Emerging Goddess.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Remember (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

the speaking
Goddess said
remember you
are my love

I am your bread!

I said:
how can I forget ?

you are like the rain
to the desert
the snow to the river

the wind to the long
lost sail
and the love
to the lovelost seeker

in the wind I hear
your words
in my soul
my obligation

to love you
with my heart
body and soul

to look you
in the eyes
and see your Goddess

is to only
quake in holy fear
at the arising
and overpowering

that has come
to set me free.

Monday, November 21, 2011

cubeland (new poem)

by tim kavi

lost connections
but I am
still there

intersecting lines
perfectly squared
the secrets of the heart
are bared

until calling
I hear your voice
across all dimensions
calling in 5 5 5
there is only
in your heart beating

bending time
each fading light
is a different color
like Rubik's Cube
the search
for solutions
in your eyes
did gleam
but spoken
in a dream

I know I am in cubeland
your finest design
happy to be
held there
in the real
in the tangible
shape of things
to come

I am made whole
in your love.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saptashringa Garh (new poem)

Saptashringa Garh
by Tim Kavi

Love in the cosmic Universe everywhere
gentle clouds and nebulas
of fleeting moments
in purpose

on distant suns

evil possessed
treasures of the people

reached by the power
of your love
basked in the warmth of your arms

chastened by kind
words to be
brought to the obedient
temple of reckoning

you are found even
light years away
your love reaches

your kiss embraces
cannot hide from it
the entire universe

contained in every atom
experienced in the
smallest nanoseconds

found in a drop of oceans
there and here
and in flowing
on the moisture
of rain
on a rose

brought closer to
a celestial pose

there was only
a response
to the calling

of all that
You are

there is nothing
left but to adore

to find you
to seek your
face in each dawning

to stand free
in your affirming

of the temple
and breeze
of your redeeming

Monday, November 7, 2011

Excerpt Repost: From 'Goddess in Motion Redux"

Excerpt Repost: From 'Goddess in Motion Redux' (previously published poem)
by Tim Kavi

shining in the
of an ordinary woman
yet he knew
was his goddess
on the faces
of women everywhere

poet's afterthought: a shining anima from the dark pool of the Unconscious
or... the archetypal visitation of femininity everywhere... ????--TK

The Seeing (new poem)

The Seeing
by Tim Kavi

in gentleness of whispers
in shouts of revelation
the visiting goddess
brought herself
to the valleys of purpose

in the night
there is always
cosmic light

behind the doors
marked daring

there was certainly
a blind devotee

and in the songs
a fruit of devotion
was doting
and caring

such things as this

were wondering
and moving

until he saw her

she was there
for the revealing
of all that was needed

your love
completes me
he said

your songs
greet me
she said

and that was
the end of night.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Burning Words (new Poem)

Burning Words
by Tim Kavi

burning words
drunken debauchery
filled the course of the wild

where damsels wept
looking for love

minstrels played
poets spoke

but there was
for comedians
no joke

a shivering wind
ice storm of shit
hearts had grown cold

there was only a wee
chance of hope
and it seemed to be
getting old


creeping through the fog
there was yet
a great reckoning

a call to meeting
for the purposed

to see each other
and love
what time
had forgot

but with the burning

the rebuke was square

let person to person

become heart to heart

secrets made bare
then they will
say God was among us
and let us pray

until the strength
of humanity's rebirth
brought them
to a return of
Sacred Earth

but then and only then
when hearts sow love
and community
is the crop

then there is
blessing in every drop

away from this
existential slop.

poet's note: a different kind of poem, hearkens to yesteryear.
a return to the madness of the prophet. --TK

Wrinkled Space Time (New Poem)

Wrinkled Space Time
by Tim Kavi

when I looked
I saw a Goddess there
behind the veil

Her eyes
shone in the night
Ma Durga Eyes
and when I kissed her
we walked a mountainous

but when I held her
her heart beat with mine

and her wings
carried us safely in flight

to each other

two beating hearts
became one
in love
and forever

the Universe filled
with love's light

to gently kiss
hold each other

there is never
a missing moment
every second is complete
and full

we welcome

because it brings
love more love

pure essence
wrinkling in space time

until all was quiet
and we slept
through the night

into Dawn's creation
of love

dripping like paint
on the canvas
of life.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sounds of the Revealed Word (new poem)

Sounds of the Revealed Word
by Tim Kavi

caressing You
in the moonlit night
my incense
offering rose from
the altars
addressing you

there was only
a sacred word
binding us to
each other

dancing in the firelight
the logs crackled
but still gave out heat

burning coals
on my lips
you were the night's

sweet sounds
of music
sounded afar off
but drew near
in your kisses
a symphony
I did hear

and when the morning
arose from the mist
the seashore

and I saw the
word there

still written
in the sand