Friday, November 4, 2011

Burning Words (new Poem)

Burning Words
by Tim Kavi

burning words
drunken debauchery
filled the course of the wild

where damsels wept
looking for love

minstrels played
poets spoke

but there was
for comedians
no joke

a shivering wind
ice storm of shit
hearts had grown cold

there was only a wee
chance of hope
and it seemed to be
getting old


creeping through the fog
there was yet
a great reckoning

a call to meeting
for the purposed

to see each other
and love
what time
had forgot

but with the burning

the rebuke was square

let person to person

become heart to heart

secrets made bare
then they will
say God was among us
and let us pray

until the strength
of humanity's rebirth
brought them
to a return of
Sacred Earth

but then and only then
when hearts sow love
and community
is the crop

then there is
blessing in every drop

away from this
existential slop.

poet's note: a different kind of poem, hearkens to yesteryear.
a return to the madness of the prophet. --TK

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