Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now, Speaking the Truth (New Poem)

Now, Speaking the Truth
by Tim Kavi

now, speaking the truth
life has in past times 
seemed easier
and sometimes 
it is so hard;
who can deny it?

yet, as long as there is injustice
as long as there's any hope of love

one cannot be silent
or tears will water the earth
and we must be born
many times in rebirth

gentle Guan Yin
you make me shine with your light
nothing can remain
in a distant night

all is plain
all is bright
revelation is the poetic

there are those so mistreated
although they chant
your love entreated

I am talking about your sisters
Quan Yin
all around the Earth
longing for Freedom
to be treated as persons

they long to be
safe wherever they go
hold them close in your arms
or my tears cannot stop

I am sorry my Goddess
for many of my gender are a disgrace
I can only hope your love
lights this evil place

something must be done
Durga, shine the truth
Kali, try not to be too angry now

I try to hope our history
will end bright
so I write this poem crying

while all around us
Goddess, your sisters are dying

so my pitiful voice
is joined with brothers and sisters
in peace and for peace
who line the streets
Jantar Mantar

our clothes are black
and I say to you in power
we want our Freedom back!

Ma Durga, great mother
Isis, protector of children
save us before too late 
waves of your Goddess face

wash ashore
in the hearts of all
embraced by your grace

now, we speak the truth
we need you more than ever

this guilty Earth
longs to know only You
and the gentle love where

all rest in a peaceful fate.

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Poem: Lines of the Heart: A Message of Hope at Christmas

lines of the heart 
(a message of hope at Christmas)
by Tim Kavi

after the bare
moment of life
there are lines
lines of the heart

tiny beats that carry a promise
of a life that will grow

and even in the beginning of Winter
there is the birth of divinity
celebrated all over the world

beats of humanity
that in that birth is a hope
we all know

look inside you
lines of the human heart
are everywhere

in the hope of a child
to be loved and nurtured
and held

in the hope of a people
who long and sometimes struggle
to take unknown steps
to a new freedom

in the hope of families
to find each other again
even though miles
and life has chipped away
at the core of the love they knew

in the hope of love
direct utterances and declarations
of our greatest hope
to never be alone
but to be loved and affirmed
in the uniqueness of who we truly are

there are lines of the heart
connecting me and you
brother to brother
sister to sister
connecting us to experience

hurts and sorrow
joys in the morrow
to say to the chained
you are free

and to walk in
humanity's greatest hope

enduring peace
and freedom

in the true lines of the heart
a call to dialogue
and to a response
only to become

who we are all meant to be
unique and totally free

from the constraints of body
to the oneness of us

so that in those fading lights
there are still lines of the heart
on some ECG
and monitor

to another place
lit by grace

hope still beats
in the lines of the human heart.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More About Goddesses: Ma Durga (Mahadevi), Warrior Goddess of the Hindu Tradition

More About Goddesses: Ma Durga
By Tim Kavi

Ma Durga, or the Durga mother, is the fierce form of the goddess Devi in the Hindu tradition. She is often associated with Mahadevi, the supreme goddess for her defeat of Mahishasura Mardini the buffalo demon. Ma Durga is frequently portrayed with multiple arms, which can be as many as eighteen in some interpretations. She is also frequently portrayed riding a tiger or lion or using weapons to slay demons as a show of her power. Many portraits relate the story of her victory over Mardini, showing her slaying him or holding off his forces as they attack.

The legend of Ma Durga first appears on the narrative of Devi Mahatmya within the text of the Markandeya Purana. According to legend, Ma Durga was created in the image of a warrior goddess to help fight the asura Mashishasura. The warrior gods were ineffective against this demon because Brahma had blessed Mashishasura with the power to be undefeatable at the hands of man or god. To counteract this magic, Shiva requested that his wife Parvati take on a role where she could take on this demon. While she called upon the priests at Vaikuntha, Shiva tried to hold off Mashishasura and his forces by combining the three lead gods and emitting a beam of light.

Though the gods were defeated, this light reached Parvati at Vaikuntha, alerting the gods here. To save the three worlds, they combined forces to create a new pool of light. From this light rose Ma Durga, the female aspect of Brahman, a lila that emerged from their combined energy and compassion.

As she moved forward to battle Mashishasur, he made the mistake of underestimating her power, thinking that a woman could not possibly defeat him after he had defeated a trinity of gods. To show his strength, he changed forms many times as he rampaged toward Ma Durga, appearing as a buffalo demon, an elephant, a lion and a man. Ma Durga is said to have gracefully defeated each of these forms. In his last charge, Mashishasur returned to his buffalo form, but became trapped between this and the form of a man. Laughing at his predicament, Ma Durga cut him down with her sword, ending the battle and cementing her compassion in the hearts of her followers.

According to some versions of the legend, Ma Durga raised an army to march against Mahishasur as he terrorized heaven and earth. This battle raged on for ten days before she took it upon herself to slay this demon king. As a reward for their good service, Ma Durga rewarded her troops with the knowledge for jewelry-making. Because of this gift, Ma Durga is frequently depicted in art pieces. She is often represented covered in stones and jewels, even in scenes which act out the tale of her decapitating the buffalo demon. This act of bravery and compassion is also worshiped widely in many parts of the Himalayan region and throughout India, especially during the ten day period when the battle was said to have commenced.

Poet's Afterword: The Hindu Goddess Ma Durga is in a number of my poems, and in a couple of blog entries here, she makes major appearances.  A related blog entry on Parvati is here. In one of Ma Durga's manifestations she is quite the warrior goddess (Mahadevi), which seems pertinent to mention, as this is also a theme in other More About Goddess columns that have featured Artemis and Athena  from the Greek tradition. ~~TK  P.S.--I love this song about Ma Durga on my YouTube Page by Krishna Das (I've seen it performed live!). Hope you enjoy!!~~TK

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SubWay GoDDess (Story Poem)


a story poem

by Tim Kavi

based on a true

on the subway
Line 11 Shanghai
somewhere between
Fengqiao Lu
and West Shanghai Railway

I saw Her
a true Chinese Goddess
she glowed
like divinity
and smiled like a happy
Tara dancing
in the sundown
moments of a busy day

in her face
showed the happy promises
of a true beauty
in love with life

this incarnation
was a beautiful woman
and she looked away
like all are prone
to do

not to stare at a
even though green
eyes are so different
when they are sparkling blue

but then she stared
and stared
at her reflection
in the subway
door--glassy windowed

revealed her beauty
from glory to glory
she primped her hair
adjusted her clothing
shifted from foot to foot

and smiled
like she was enlightened
knowing something
the rest of us
never knew

I tried not to look
at her glory
not wanting to be blinded
by her light
only to face a lonely
Shanghai night

but I couldn't help looking
she was so pretty
I thought what girl is this
to look so long at her own reflections
and give herself a narcissistic kiss?
and so many smiles to herself?

soon the train
arrived at West Shanghai Railway Station
and I was struck with destiny
and evening undulations
as we both got off
having other trains to catch
to spiritual destinations

I drew nigh
and bravely spoke
Don't Worry, you are still
very beautiful
I said

She laughed
and turned and smiled
and said
I wasn't looking at me
but I was looking at you!

My face reddened
in realization
I too had been spied
looking in the glassy
reflections of encounter
Divine Revelation

And I speak English
she said
My name is Na
and I'm a famous writer!

I laughed
and She did too.

Saying, what's so funny?
I said, I'm a writer too
an infamous one!

we both laughed

and exchanged numbers
as we had other trains to

but soon we chattered
and met each other
life now mattered

even in the subway lessons
of an encounter
Her love
rescued me

as I came to know Her
we often laughed
and smiled at the happy

that found
two hearts that had
been searching
riding to destinies untold

to find one; entwined
as love did enfold
in the eternal hereafter.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

ashes beneath the boots (new poem)

ashes beneath the boots
by Tim Kavi

marching triumphant
fists in air
you take the hill
overrun the square
but in your heart
is a vacant stare

You dismember
unmoved by human

there is only
your training
reduced to a number
your uniform
makes you look like
all the rest

you think you are
so easily forgiven?
that only you will be blest?

that face shield
doesn't hide you
full metal jacket
you better carry
a long club

because someday
you will reap what you sow
brutal taskmaster

on the day
Freedom Rings
when the freed man sings
when women walk
the streets
no longer afraid

when you
and the hate of the old
ways are crumbled
stomped beneath our feet
as we peacefully walk
the freshly cleaned street

beneath my boots
I still see that You
who said I was not a person
has become all the ashes 
of a history not forgotten

while up ahead
precious souls
you once tormented
are dancing

in peace, at long last
in love with each other
and so very free.

Poet's Afterword:  another poem of protest which will be in my forthcoming collection 'Poems of Protest' by Tim Kavi. Long live freedom and love! ~~TK 

Friday, November 30, 2012

More About Goddesses: The Greek Goddess Artemis (New Essay)

More About Goddesses: Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt
By Tim Kavi

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. Her bow and arrows that she would carry were made by Cyclopes and Hephaestus. She is depicted as goddess of the hunt, wild animals and many cities also worshiped her as the goddess of fertility. Artemis is often depicted with the moon above her head and was frequently depicted as being close with Selene, the goddess of the moon. More often she would be depicted as roaming the mountain forests with her nymphs by her side in search of panthers, stags, hinds and lions. In later myths she would assist these animals by protecting their overall well-being while fighting to ensure their safety.

Artemis is also seen as the goddess of chastity. Legend has it that when she was three years old, Artemis asked Zeus to provide her with eternal virginity. All of her close companions were virgins, and she would punish any man who attempted to harm the purity of herself or her companions. In one legend, Actaeon came upon Artemis and her nymphs bathing naked in a pool, and when she saw him watching Artemis transformed him into a stag and sent her hounds after him. She was also known to use her bow to kill those who were known to rape women, including Orion.

Because Artemis was born before her brother Apollo, her mother gifted her the island of Ortygia as thanks for helping her mother to cross the strait of Delos to give birth to Apollo. This legend made Artemis an idol to women going through childbirth. Some cities depicted her as a goddess and protector to those in the midst of  the hunt, a mass of contradictions as she brought sudden death alongside the birth of a new life. Because her twin brother was seen as a healing god, many would pray to Artemis for assistance in the healing of gout, rabies or leprosy in hopes that she would appeal to Apollo on their behalf.

These and other legends of Artemis would be honored with lively festivals. Festivals were held throughout Orthia, Brauron, Brauronia and most notably Sparta. As women became of age and reached puberty they would be initiated into the cult of Artemis, although they would be required to leave this cult once they became married. Artemis was not against the realm of marriage, but she chose to be surrounded by those who were pure, so those who chose to engage in marital acts would be required to return her paraphernalia as they took on this new role.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Too Many Words (New Poem)

Too Many Words
by Tim Kavi

there are too many words
in space
and not enough meaning
even if I dreamed them
every night
I cannot find them

for I cannot find you
my love
my delight
it has become dark night

coldness is wrapped
around my soul
like a blanket
and it won't let me go

my fears threaten
to consume me
but this is only my mind
when all around me
is the dying of light

the coming of night
is when shadows become immersed
in the dark
lonely songs I cannot bear

I awake
to face the coldest morning
snow has fallen

fluttering eyes
open, I am
to wonder, rub eyes
to stare
see you there

I see all is beauty
in the woman
standing there

and the words
that had slowed like Winter
flowed in the promise
that if I kept speaking

kept writing
Spring will come there
in the hearts
of two

the glories of rebirth
as all the words
of love flow

while outside the snow
falls anew.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Seasons of Love (New Poem)

Seasons of Love
by Tim Kavi

snowflakes are the words
dropping from your lips
hanging in the cold air
your love warms
that space of Winter's kiss
burns hot like fire
verses spoken in love
never go out

your beauty
is like the dancing goddess
of spring
that brings life
your beauties revealed
like the manifest
unfurled creation of all that is

how can I escape the passion
and heat of your summer's love?
but I seek no shade
for your love is the sun
that rises each and every day

and like the harvest
in Autumn, the Fall
is a tended love
you know
I am but a tool
in your gardening hands
and a wipe to your brow

and in the seasons
of your love
there is a passing
and cool refreshing
as time brings us
together side by side

to the sunsets
of our love.

Monday, November 12, 2012

More About Goddesses: Lakshmi puja (New Essay)

More About Goddesses: Lakshmi puja
By Tim Kavi

Lakshimi puja is a ritual celebrated during Diwali, or the festival of lights. The ritual is dedicated to showing propitiation and devotion to Lakshimi, the goddess of fortune, wealth, prosperity and the embodiment of beauty. Lakshimi is known to bring good luck to her believers and devotees, rescuing them from money troubles and other miseries. She is frequently worshiped and honored as a goddess of wealth in commercial establishments or homes. Lakshimi is also honored as the consort of Vishnu, which has endowed her with six divine qualities.

Because Laskhimi is seen as one who takes light in, she is an important figure in the Diwali festival. It is said that those looking to honor the goddess would light lanterns outside their home in hopes that they would draw the Laskhimi in to bless them. The third day of Diwali is the most important day of Lakshmi puja because the sun will enter its second course, allowing Libra to assist with the balancing the books and closing records, bringing Laskhimi additional power to bless her followers. The first days of this festival are also celebrated with drums and bells to represent the “pouring in” of the heart, expressing the thanks for the many blessings and prosperity Lakshmi has brought.

A number of elements are considered essential to the rite of celebrating Lakshmi puja. In the temples, a cloth is placed across a raised platform and an alter is made with grains, pitchers made from terracotta, gold, silver or copper, a dish of rice grains, a lotus flower drawn in turmeric and an idol of Lakshimi surrounded by coins. The idol is bathed in water and panchamrit, followed by a second bath in water infused with gold or pearls. She is then wiped clean and the water is sprinkled on the turmeric lotus to invoke the goddess. Businesses may include books related to their profession around the altar as well as these traditional elements.
Households will place a lantern or make offerings of kumkum, flowers or haldi to the goddess. Offerings of cotton beads, flowers such as marigolds, apple wood, sandal paste, perfume and sandal paste are also frequently offered. After these initial offerings are given, incense is lit to purify the altar. Then a second offering of fruits, coconut, sweets, tambul, puffed rice, coriander, cumin and batasha are given. These elements are not to be mixed with the honey or jewelry on the altar out of respect to Lord Kuber.

Prayers to Lakshmi are frequently recited during the Lakshmi puja celebration. Groups will perform aarti for the goddess, though these celebrations are often quieter than traditional celebrations as Lakshmi is not fond of loud noises. Instead, small bells are used to accompany the prayers and aarti. Unlike aarti that are performed for other gods, groups should not clasp hands when performing this ritual, nor should firecrackers be set off during or after the puja. Homes should strive to keep a sublime, peaceful and comforting atmosphere out of respect to the goddess and her celebration during Diwali.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ascending Goddess Released at Smashwords

Dear Reader:

My last collection about Goddesses; 'Ascending Goddess' has just been released at Smashwords.

This means that you can purchase my collection for most ereaders or as a stand alone file in EPUB, PDF, RTF, LRF, PALM DOC (PDB), and PLAIN TEXT formats.

Of course you can get the Kindle version there also (MOBI) or by clicking on the image to the left margin of this entry which will take you to the Amazon page. (image below takes you to Smashwords),

ascending goddess by Tim Kavi
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Being published on Smashwords is a step towards wider availability.  It means that Ascending Goddess, (and my other works) will soon be available on the Sony, Kobo, and coming soon to the Apple iTunes store for iPads and iPhones.

After that, it will eventually be released in Print and paper bound copies!  Thanks for supporting my work! ~~TK  Click Here to go to the Smashwords Page

Update: This title is now available at a number of locations on the web for various platforms including iTunes, Barnes & Noble and others.  If you look at the left margin of the page for that Ascending Goddess book cover, all the links are under it.  Thanks for supporting my work!~~TK

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

three steps (new poem)

three steps
by Tim Kavi

steps seem small
to the established ones
but to a baby
this is a large undertaking

first steps
are perhaps the bravest

for all of us
at anytime

you are stepping out
to confront the unknown
yet clinging to hope
to embrace a new idea
or a thought

who knows?
your steps could take you
to a solution
or something the whole world needs

or they might just
give you the confidence you need

any way
any how

once you take
the steps
your life is forever

now you are really going places!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Night of Bliss (New Poem)

One Night of Bliss
by Tim Kavi

oh sweet dying of the light
brings a night;
one night of bliss

some are so sacred
seeing your outline only
in candle light
is your sought for kiss

what visitation
manifestation of Shakti
is this?

Yet in your enduring grace
I saw your Goddess Face

morphing, twisted,
shaped by destiny's calling
sealed by yuanfen's fate
arriving early;
the night's never late

bending time
where do you come from?
how do I know you?
Did I know you?
Did we have love?

I unmistakably know
already; no need to say
for the night is here
ten thousand years to stay

and for one night of bliss
our love is sealed
in eternity's kiss

lest all that is uncertain
dismayed and untrue
causes a swirling river
of chaos in undoing's hue

there is the wee hours
the candle is burning
when in my devotion
every night I seek your face
in joyful returning

make not waste
return my love
return my goddess
please make haste

one night of bliss
again is waiting.

Friday, October 19, 2012

All Goddess! I am in Ruins (New Poem)

All Goddess! I am in Ruins
by Tim Kavi

OH goddess
how long have I languished
in this mortal body
my soul longs to know
and remember all it has been taught
as Socrates told Meno long ago

I visited your temple's ruins
some say Athens
has buildings that got tossed
by history,
to me You are my history

ever seeking
gently calling me to your shore
it is no wonder I came here
although you are sweetly present
as ever before

Athena, I know you led
many heroes back home again
and when I leave your ruins
I will take more of you home again

in goddess gown
my love's dress is rippling in the wind
the sea breath whispers her name
she is calling me
to a fragrant and fruitful love
to a certain future
full of life and love

she is with me
and I see Her walking
in each and every step

as we board the bus
tourists smile
and banter
I smile looking at the ruins
and seeing a goddess walk
beside me;

She breathes
and is a living You
yet she is uniquely her
she is quite simply
ALL Goddess,

and history
undeniable and relentless;
history, marches on.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More About Goddesses: My Encounter with the Benevolent Mother--Ma Durga (Essay)

More About Goddesses: My Encounter with the Benevolent Mother--Ma Durga (Essay) by Tim Kavi

Although there are different manifestations of  the Hindu goddess Ma Durga, such as Lakshami, Parvati, and Durga herself , it is my encounter with Ma Durga as a mother figure that has made a lasting impression upon me.

For as she gathers those that need help in her arms of compassion, and leads them gently from times of trouble, her caring is so apparent. For it is as a gentle mother and caring one that She leads me to safety and protection that resonates so deeply within me again and again. For as we humans well know, we needn't go looking for troubles, sometimes they will find us!  Never do we need the touch and care of a friend more, a companion, a brother or sister in dialogue--the caring of family and loved ones--as it is then that the gentle leading of the archetypal Mother Goddess is ever needed!

And thank goodness, when called upon She arises, and gathers us in Her arms.  And yet, She does not wait to be called upon--for like any good Mother she responds to our distress.

Her eyes are certainly seeking, searching, and settling upon those in times of trouble, they are gentle, reassuring, and if need be, drawing us to attention.

Her smile is as the dripping honey on the lotus.  She warms the hearts of all India, and the world.

This tiger riding Goddess is the ultimate mother!

Several years ago, I had a deeply meaningful and especially vivid dream about Ma Durga.  I  knew right away in my dream who she was and what the dream was about.  I could tell the woman in the dream was Ma Durga because of her attire, her Goddess face, and those eyes that only Ma Durga has!

Anyway, in this dream that I readily recalled upon sudden awakening at its conclusion, the events went like this.  I entered a supermarket, and I felt like I was lost from someone, or had gone ahead of someone.  But I also felt ashamed, like I was 'in trouble', or had done something that I felt 'stupid' about. Sort of like a kid who had done something wrong, but didn't want his parents to know. I was a grown man in the dream however.

So I went down the shopping aisles filled with all sorts of foods and plenty of them. I came upon the glass enclosed cold storage units, the units where they keep frozen packaged products like pizzas, ice cream, frozen dinners, etc.  Well, I climbed up on top of one of these units, and laid down flat on my back. I laid down as flat as I could, so as not to be readily or easily seen by anyone who might enter the store or was walking nearby. From where I was, I could turn my head and see the main entry of the store however.

So for some reason, I turned my head towards the entry doors. It was if I was waiting for someone, anticipating someone coming, but I didn't know for sure who it would be.

Suddenly, I saw Ma Durga come through the doors.  She was walking towards my location! I tried to melt into the metal of the casing so as not to be seen. But there was to be no hiding, as she lovingly approached.  She was a fully radiant being, and was smiling as she approached, her eyes was taking in everything around her. As she came closer, she grew and magically became taller.  As she got to where I was, she was now taller than the enclosures, and easily saw me.

She looked at me with so much love and acceptance, my heart melted. It was if her eyes could see everything about me, accepted me, forgave all my troubles, or made them all vanish in the manifestation of Her power. In that one look, was all this and much more instantaneously. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, reassurance.

She calmly put her hands on her hips, looked into my eyes with her Ma Durga Eyes, and She said: "Well, are you coming? Get down from there and follow me!"  

I hopped down and immediately left with her out of the store with all of its materialism and wealth, and happily followed Her.  The joy and relief was enormous! I then awoke with a start.

This dream deeply resonated with me, although I knew I was a mature man in the dream, her loving approach to me elicited both a son like sense, and also a childlike sense.  I knew I had done something, and felt like I might be in trouble.  So I was trying hard to hide from 'Mom'.

Still, when Ma Durga 'found' me, I was overcome by several feelings at once, love, acceptance, and reassurance. I expected wrath, but got deep love. I also knew I was totally safe with her, protected, and that all my troubles were solved and no longer as important as I had thought they were. So I was eager and readily able to hop down and follow her out of the store.  Happily returning to everyday life and then, transcending the world, protected by the Goddess, I suddenly awoke with this realization deeply embedded in my consciousness.

It was a wonderful experience, and although some people think dreaming is just the firing of neurons, that dream was one of the most meaningful dreams I've ever had.~~TK

Poet's afterword:  Later, I wrote a poem called Ma Durga's Eyes.  Although it could never capture the true magnificence of Her eyes, it is a step in that direction. It is one of the most popular poems on my blog and can be read here: Ma Durga's Eyes (the poem)

Also, as I write this, the significance of the calendar in regards to Ma Durga cannot be overlooked.  We are just now in the beginning of the Hindu holiday, Navratri, also known as Durga Puja, where all over India and the world,  Ma Durga is celebrated in her various manifestations across Nine Nights of  bliss. ~~TK

And now it is April 2013, and we are on the eve of Vasant Navratri again and as India, Indians, and Hindus all over the world prepare to celebrate Nine Nights of Celebrations of Goddesses; I am again reminded of my blog entries about the Goddess, Ma Durga.  Including (not linked last time) my newer "More About Goddesses column that features Mahadevi Durga .~~TK

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honey in Sight! (New Poem)

Honey in Sight!
by Tim Kavi

when she walks
and talks
I hear honey dripping

sweet dew is ascendant
from fresh petals
derived from Mother Earth
the dirt smiles
knowing the sweetness
is given

heaven to some
those in flight
line up like eager ones
awaiting sleep in the night

all wonder
the direction
of nearest supply
'tis my love ascendent
winged sweet bringer
of afternoon delight

back to the hive
our minds
all connected
stay in the Queen's

sweet nectar
until the next flight

I see my love
silhouetted in the gardens
of the world
admiring her art

honey drops
in all her kissing
and hugs to last
a life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Infinite and Measured. (New Poem)

Infinite and Measured.
by Tim Kavi 

And measured.
How do you measure
the measureless?
Experience the unfathomable;
live on the arms of the spiral?

You exist
live in it, move in it
breathe in it
smile at Her love

in every moment
stretching across memories
across all time
in myths, legends and odes

there she frequents
visits, and in complexity

around the perfect circled
bend, time moves like a slithering
serpent, making old
robbing us of being bold

but we stand in love
it is infinite
reaches from birth to death
yet measured
in every breath

when I hold Her in You
embraced by your love
I realize in the finite experience
drawn in the hills and valleys
of our joint experience

we have touched
collapsed the circling
around us
bent fragments of infinite
love, we are in finite

measured out
every day
just in your kiss

I know I am loved.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bridge to Human Hearts (New Poem)

Bridge to Human Hearts
by Tim Kavi

You know one day
I thought I was lost
and I thought I was alone
but then I saw you
on the bridge to my heart
saying: Darling, please come home!

one day the universe
was smiling
angels played along
with their starry tunes
educated by your smiling love
better than many full moons

they didn't need to scheme
Cupid's arrows had already flown
when you walked to my open arms
reality became like a dream

love's roads
destiny's crooked turns
I know already
my heart calls to you
can you hear it?

now let me meet you
in the middle of the bridge
and take me to your heart
your love
for together we make a path
that always leads home

a place where love always abides
across the bridge to both our hearts
where there was no mistaken
walk, steps, or stumbles,
there was only running

to each other's arms
to each other's hearts!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face (New Poem)

"Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face"
by Tim Kavi

In the Autumn morning,
before it was brought to light,
the cisterns had all been lit
the corners had all been swept.

Ophelia and Psyche had cleaned the room
it was then the song had a sacred cleft;
for in the Song, an ancient ode was written;
a homage to the Groom.

But behind the tambourine
a Goddess still hid her face.

Uttering the Song
The ancient Greek chorus stood as one,
at the Oracle's place in Delphi
their words mocked the gloom
for there was one much more precious
than was reflected in that night's Moon
the annals of history came and went
but the Goddess still hid her face.

The blustering winds of Furies
bashed many heroes' hopes
Even the great ones, laid among
the chains and ropes;
climbing the rocks they labored,
but to seek some redemption
they only looked to masculine selves
while the Goddess still hid her face!

Annointed with olive oil,
Athena's wisdom dripped from the vases
of Panathenaic paint, given to those skilled
in cunning ways of competitive fight
who are fround in prowess, and did not faint!

Yet the Goddess still hid her face!

Then when the journey's nearly over
swords and shields in disarray
heroes sought divine help
in a homecoming not so nice
forgotten heroes;
their deeds did not suffice
to turn the hearts that were cold
for their exploits seemed forgotten
mythologies and old;

She began to show her face!

a smiling face that finally led
her heroes home;
by her shining grace
protected in a mist
until all is revealed

in a love so true
the seeker sought his wife
until seeking, what is found,
in unblinded eyes, scales fell;

for She now has a fully revealed face.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Butterfly Lovers and the Legend of Liang Zhu (Essay)

"Butterfly Lovers and the Legend of Liang Zhu" (Essay)
by Tim Kavi

In my poetry, the image and symbol of the butterfly, and its predecessor, the chrysalis (or cocoon) is a recurrent theme. To me, as a Westerner, these symbols often personalize  personal development, change, and metamorphosis.  Butterflies are also seen as beautiful winged creatures. To me, many times, the symbol of the butterfly is a flight to freedom and a discovery of our beautiful natures. In any regard, let me simply say that the winged flight of a butterfly is a symbol of a flight to freedom.  Perhaps it is the freedom to be what we always wanted to be, and is therefore a flight to acceptance and being.

In the case of a pair of butterflies, perhaps we have the acceptance of this freedom to be with another, but there are other ways to view this beautiful symbolism of butterflies together and to accept the flight of butterfly lovers.

In the ancient Chinese legend of Liang Zhu which has also been called the 'Oriental Romeo and Juliet', we have a remarkable Chinese folktale from the Jin Dynasty which was about 1600 years ago.  This legend which most school kids learn about in China, has birthed a number of inspirational works including, operas,
concertos, literature, and art.

The story goes like this. In order to pursue her studies, Zhu Yongtai disguised herself as a man.  Over the next three years of study, she fell in love with her fellow student, Liang Shanbo. The legend has it that she admired his intellectual capabilities.  During this time, and up until it was time to leave the school, she kept dropping hints to him, but he missed their meaning. Later, after realizing Zhu Yongtai's intentions, he went speedily to her family to propose marriage. Unfortunately, her father had already betrothed her to another man, which was a grave disappointment to Shanbo.  He became sickly, and after several incidents of illness, he died.  Later, on the day of her wedding, Zhu Yongtai  was riding in  her processional cart (some accounts say boat), and she decided to pay a memorial to Shanbo at his tomb.  It was very windy and there were thunderstorms.  The storms caused the tomb to open up.  Yongtai then lept into the tomb to be with her lover.  Later, they transformed into a pair of beautifully colored butterflies, and flew out of the tomb wing to wing together, and headed towards a rainbowed sky.

A beautiful and touching story.  The Legend of Liang Zhu is another example of beautiful transformation, acceptance, and becoming transfigured beings--in this case the jump and flight into a true love across a rainbow draped sky.~~TK 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slapped Poet with A Dark I" (new poem)

"Slapped Poet with A Dark I"
by Tim Kavi

I once saw a semi naked man
sitting on the street

My mistake was in thinking
I was somehow better than him

I saw the vastness of the Universe
on one sleepy night

It did not stop me from snoring

I once received an important letter

It promised an exotic vacation

I parked my car carefully on a quiet street

On a backstretch Interstate 270 a sniper
watched traffic through his sights

I saw a pretty flower emerge in the dirt

A few days later, it was not there.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Confessions (New Poem)

By Tim Kavi

Did you ever want to tell
Someone on fluttering wings
that you loved them? Tell
them again and again.

The flight of the winds and
currents of time and history
pulled at you, snatched at you
and carried you away from them?

Sometimes they did not know
sometimes they were unwilling
other times they did not care at all?

They may have even allowed the wind
to carry them away.

Yet you yearned to proclaim
testify and shout no matter what
a fool you looked?

That you loved them so much
while some said the culture, the times.
the language made you all wrong for them,
but in your heart you felt it was right
and they said it too, in their authentic

You tried so hard to in your efforts
because you never wanted to fly away
from them? The universe clutching you
in its mighty fist, while you were enclaved
in the rocks and cliffs of a despair
that never lets you go, and you could not,
would not, speak it to them?

Did you ever see in their eyes the
loathing wrongness of your fluttering approach
so that they missed you, not one bit? Until
famished, you are not hungry, until
thirsty, you did not dare drink?

Longing for them in the loneliness
of your despair, you loved, although
no answers to your prayer? Delicious
entreaty feeds your stomach with
the aching sourness of your existence?

Only to be told, they did love you
did want you, did need you, but they held
back? If only you paid attention, did not
faint, never gave up, hoped the
hopes of all is not lost? Until
the suffering quietness of their bold
assertion that they would 'love you forever'
but you found out they did not?

It is only then, that you realize,
know, absolutely certainly that you
are only alone utterly and can
only love yourself? Yet you did not
let go of that walk along the
narrow ridge. Searching for the bridge
to another human heart?

For it is only then that you can
begin to see the Other. Coming
from the other side of the
abyss? Waiting for their kiss?

Waiting so long that temples
fade into dust. Clouds eddy
together in the collapse of
empires, dynasties, and governments?

There is no unruly soul, as this;
those that thought love had
kissed but only was left to this?
The utter despair, loneliness, and
unwillingness of one who has lost
their way?

Not giving up hope, the Seeker searches,
crosses the rope bridge, that swings
in the wind of existence? Precarious
search to a blind alley, but faith
persisting, guides to habitat of heart,
reveals a path to that
certain kiss?

Of the Other lonely, and knowing
one you had found each other that
all hope was finally not lost? And
once finding each other, clinging to
one another with a grip everlasting
hounding, seeking you out wherever
you went in the Universe?

Knowing completely at last this, that
in your twin knowing there is only
the oneness of each other? Finding
peace at last in a love steady
and true, that never parts. As you
beat your wings in the steady above
and pulse of the other's heart?

To persist, to remember, to find love
again in the absolute surrender to each other.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Special Shout Out to my Readers from India (blog entry)

For years, my readers from India have been strong supporters of this blog and my writing.  They have enjoyed and supported my works, and many have become online friends and among them also are fellow poets, seekers, and mystics.

I am honored by their attentions, and kind words.  Indians are among the kindest, most spiritual, and friendliest readers of them all. Now, I don't mean to exclude any of my readers from elsewhere, as this blog gets visitors from all over the world. As you will see below, Amazon has made a special announcement that finally makes my work available in India.

I also wanted to mention my Indian readers, because they often read my blog and make comments to me both here and at Facebook. I appreciate that very much! My friend Shefali, deserves special mention and thanks in this regard!

India is after all, the land of spiritual traditions that honors many different Goddesses, including Parvati, Ma Durga, Kali, and others.  One of their sacred landmarks, Mt. Kailash, is featured on one of  my book covers and is often mentioned in my poems. Many of the Hindu goddesses are mentioned or at least influential to my Goddess poetry as well.  I hope that all my Indian readers know that I have nothing but deep respect for them, their country, and their traditions.  I feel that way about all the countries of my readers in the world as well.

I was very pleased to see that Amazon (as of yesterday) has finally opened up both the Kindle store and the Kindle Direct Publishing platform to readers and authors from India.  This means that my Indian readers and friends can purchase (in Rupees) my two Goddess collections: Emerging Goddess, and Ascending Goddess as well as download many other Kindle works. Although you can still download apps for Kindle Ebooks that work on PC, laptop, cloud internet, IPad, Iphone and Android devices, the Kindle reader family is also available all over India at Croma stores.

So, I was very happy to see the following announcement by Amazon yesterday:

"Amazon launches the India Kindle Store with the biggest selection and lowest prices in India. You can now pay in Indian Rupees to get access to a vast selection of titles, new releases, bestsellers, and works from a range of Indian and international authors. Readers will also find exclusive Kindle books, as well as over one million free classics available to download and read on Kindle."

You can visit the India Kindle store by clicking here.

You can see my Goddess collections here.

I know this sounds like a shameless plug for Amazon (and my Goddess poems),  but I hope you will see that it is also a plug for India and Indian fans.  They are among the most faithful readers of my poems. I will say I do appreciate India, Indians, and also what Amazon has done for writers all over the world through their Kindle publishing program.

Thank you once again to India, Indians, and to the rest of my readers from all over the world! You are the best.  Namaste! ~~TK

Update:  I am also happy to report that as of early 2014, my books are also available on the Indian platform Flipkart !~~TK

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Universal Translator (New Poem)

Universal Translator
by Tim Kavi

your words are like kisses
our love is 
the universal translator

your eyes
invitations to adoration
speaking a strong heart
of returned love

I beheld you 
full of light
as you moved through
space and time

majestic sounds
my heart melts
like butter
in the heat of your love

where You and I go
what we say to each other
needs no translation

we are not 'lost in translation'
but found 
in the arms of love

your kisses
are the painter's strokes
of desire

and the power of your
love reaches me inside
my heart
in every language

for universal
all reaching
to the uttermost
is what you say to me
in the language of your love.

幸福、 爱情、 保健、 移情作用
温暖、 微笑、 触摸、 吻


My Short Story 'American Crow' is Published

My Short Story: American Crow has been published by TiLu Press and is available for Kindle and Kindle apps by clicking on the link below.

I hope you enjoy this story, that I enjoyed writing and getting ready for you. I think it is an interesting 'Fairy Tale of Urban Decay' that describes events that transpire when two older men encounter two young thugs on a repeated basis. Among the mayhem and Chaos, BillyBob, a seemingly omniscient black crow looks upon the events with great interest. The result is a song of redemption that only he can sing!

American Crow

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ode to the Handsome Swede (Special Poem from 2011)

Ode to the Handsome Swede
by Tim Kavi

humming a sweet song
the poetry 

keeps flowing

when across the green hills of Sweden

the wedding party
was going

your sweet melodies
the wind is blowing

bringing sweet incense of perfume

innocence of love
when your smile lit the room

the handsome Swede
was smiling too
as your love
the happy groom

thoughts of peace
and no more
empty homes

two hearts
turned towards

and dispelled
the lonely glooms

the handsome Swede
existential songs

his new bride
had come home

she made ready
a gown of red
in Chinese love

had been met

and yet
there was
the promise
of even more

for all the glories
their love had
in store

for all the stories
could never be sold
in thousands
of novels
of myths
and legends

every time
their love was told

you see it seems

but no love ever is

they found each other
and that's all
the mystery 'tis

two hearts
thought they had been
only to find the other
behind the veil's

a great love
with wings
flew to him

the handsome Swede

and for all
this there
was destiny

plainly read.

Poet's Afterword--this poem celebrates a wedding between two very special friends of mine.  It was originally a private poem for the two of them, but  'reappears' here in my blog by their permission.  I know you will join me in congratulating the happy couple, who exemplify a wonderful destination of love--a cross cultural and happy marriage across two of the kindest hearts I've ever known.~~T.K.