Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now, Speaking the Truth (New Poem)

Now, Speaking the Truth
by Tim Kavi

now, speaking the truth
life has in past times 
seemed easier
and sometimes 
it is so hard;
who can deny it?

yet, as long as there is injustice
as long as there's any hope of love

one cannot be silent
or tears will water the earth
and we must be born
many times in rebirth

gentle Guan Yin
you make me shine with your light
nothing can remain
in a distant night

all is plain
all is bright
revelation is the poetic

there are those so mistreated
although they chant
your love entreated

I am talking about your sisters
Quan Yin
all around the Earth
longing for Freedom
to be treated as persons

they long to be
safe wherever they go
hold them close in your arms
or my tears cannot stop

I am sorry my Goddess
for many of my gender are a disgrace
I can only hope your love
lights this evil place

something must be done
Durga, shine the truth
Kali, try not to be too angry now

I try to hope our history
will end bright
so I write this poem crying

while all around us
Goddess, your sisters are dying

so my pitiful voice
is joined with brothers and sisters
in peace and for peace
who line the streets
Jantar Mantar

our clothes are black
and I say to you in power
we want our Freedom back!

Ma Durga, great mother
Isis, protector of children
save us before too late 
waves of your Goddess face

wash ashore
in the hearts of all
embraced by your grace

now, we speak the truth
we need you more than ever

this guilty Earth
longs to know only You
and the gentle love where

all rest in a peaceful fate.


  1. You are very blessed having such a gift writing the way you do!

    Thank you so much for sharing ! Anna Karin

    1. Anna: Thank you so much. It is my honor to share. I appreciate your comments so much. We must never give up hope!