Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SubWay GoDDess (Story Poem)


a story poem

by Tim Kavi

based on a true

on the subway
Line 11 Shanghai
somewhere between
Fengqiao Lu
and West Shanghai Railway

I saw Her
a true Chinese Goddess
she glowed
like divinity
and smiled like a happy
Tara dancing
in the sundown
moments of a busy day

in her face
showed the happy promises
of a true beauty
in love with life

this incarnation
was a beautiful woman
and she looked away
like all are prone
to do

not to stare at a
even though green
eyes are so different
when they are sparkling blue

but then she stared
and stared
at her reflection
in the subway
door--glassy windowed

revealed her beauty
from glory to glory
she primped her hair
adjusted her clothing
shifted from foot to foot

and smiled
like she was enlightened
knowing something
the rest of us
never knew

I tried not to look
at her glory
not wanting to be blinded
by her light
only to face a lonely
Shanghai night

but I couldn't help looking
she was so pretty
I thought what girl is this
to look so long at her own reflections
and give herself a narcissistic kiss?
and so many smiles to herself?

soon the train
arrived at West Shanghai Railway Station
and I was struck with destiny
and evening undulations
as we both got off
having other trains to catch
to spiritual destinations

I drew nigh
and bravely spoke
Don't Worry, you are still
very beautiful
I said

She laughed
and turned and smiled
and said
I wasn't looking at me
but I was looking at you!

My face reddened
in realization
I too had been spied
looking in the glassy
reflections of encounter
Divine Revelation

And I speak English
she said
My name is Na
and I'm a famous writer!

I laughed
and She did too.

Saying, what's so funny?
I said, I'm a writer too
an infamous one!

we both laughed

and exchanged numbers
as we had other trains to

but soon we chattered
and met each other
life now mattered

even in the subway lessons
of an encounter
Her love
rescued me

as I came to know Her
we often laughed
and smiled at the happy

that found
two hearts that had
been searching
riding to destinies untold

to find one; entwined
as love did enfold
in the eternal hereafter.


  1. Replies
    1. Anna, you're welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your comment. ~~TK

  2. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U

    1. Adhi Das---thank you so much for your comment it means a lot to me and helps to keep me inspired. And inspired is what I get every time I visit your blog and read your work! I'll be stopping by very soon.~~TK

  3. You weave your words so beautifully
    And you tell your story so clearly
    And you engage your reader so skillfully

    (found you at Adhi's place)

    1. Peaches, thank you so much for your comments. I am really honored. Thank you for finding me through Adhi, (a wonderful source of referral for sure). Wishing you the best always, and encourage you in your weaving, telling, and engaging with YOUR readers. Thanks so much, I will try to live up to your praise.~~TK