Monday, December 24, 2012

New Poem: Lines of the Heart: A Message of Hope at Christmas

lines of the heart 
(a message of hope at Christmas)
by Tim Kavi

after the bare
moment of life
there are lines
lines of the heart

tiny beats that carry a promise
of a life that will grow

and even in the beginning of Winter
there is the birth of divinity
celebrated all over the world

beats of humanity
that in that birth is a hope
we all know

look inside you
lines of the human heart
are everywhere

in the hope of a child
to be loved and nurtured
and held

in the hope of a people
who long and sometimes struggle
to take unknown steps
to a new freedom

in the hope of families
to find each other again
even though miles
and life has chipped away
at the core of the love they knew

in the hope of love
direct utterances and declarations
of our greatest hope
to never be alone
but to be loved and affirmed
in the uniqueness of who we truly are

there are lines of the heart
connecting me and you
brother to brother
sister to sister
connecting us to experience

hurts and sorrow
joys in the morrow
to say to the chained
you are free

and to walk in
humanity's greatest hope

enduring peace
and freedom

in the true lines of the heart
a call to dialogue
and to a response
only to become

who we are all meant to be
unique and totally free

from the constraints of body
to the oneness of us

so that in those fading lights
there are still lines of the heart
on some ECG
and monitor

to another place
lit by grace

hope still beats
in the lines of the human heart.


  1. That's a beautiful Christmas poem.

    1. Susana, thank you so much. Glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have great holidays! ~~TK

  2. Simply wonderful! An inspirational and meaningful scribe. As long as there is love there is hope. . .
    Thank you,

    1. Sannel: Thank you so much for your comment. I do believe that sentiment is true, and not just the sentiment but the doing good for others and doing our best to help--this is love in action--and as long as there is love--there is hope. Sometimes it must begin with self love when no other is present--but there is always a community and if we are fortunate--someone who does or will love us--but more and most importantly someone we can bestow our love upon. Thank you for stopping by and please revisit my blog often. I appreciate your comment so much! Wishing you the best always!!~~TK

  3. I truly find your thoughts and words to be absolutely lovely! How wonderful to meet someone with such a beautiful heart and soul as yours. I'll definitely be back!

    1. Dear Sannel: Thank you so much for your compliments. I am deeply honored...and you know yourself as a very talented poet that it is very kind to hear sincere words of praise from fellow poets. So, thank you very much. I am humbled, as I feel myself unworthy, other than to speak and to write as I am moved. There is not enough love in the world, and too much war everywhere. I am glad that there are poets and others who try to speak to the human heart. I wish to also live I espouse freedom ...the freedom to love humanity ...and my greatest vow is only to try and help. I am glad to know you and happy so much that you will come back again and again. I only hope my words prove worthy of your praise. In humble dialogue and adoration of the Goddess within. ~~TK