Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love (Poem)

"Good Night Bids the Next Day of Our Love"

by Tim Kavi

good night dear
and your love
as you fade to sleep
shuts her eyes

like many days
meet the nights
sweetly rests
in contented dreams

riding our love's

until sweet kisses
arrive each breath

until no more
dreams are left

only the reality
of two hearts
lying next to each one

two smiles
flying to the other one

two songs
singing in heaven

two birds fly
up that high

when next to my love
I did lie

good night
my true love
good night

all these
are all around us
while we sweetly

until the joys
of birthing
a sun
outside our window
did peep

brings us another love
in that day

until it is done
and night has
once again come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MySpace Friend and Fan Reposts Kavi Poem: Unfolding Composition

MySpace fan and friend Jamie has reposted my poem Unfolding Composition (with permission) on her main page. Stop by for a visit: and see the poem. While you are there be sure and check out other works from other poets.

Thanks for the post, Jamie!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Knew Destiny (poem)

We Knew Destiny
by Tim Kavi

from the first moment
we knew destiny
like the rider knows
their favorite horse

you are
the most wonderful
woman I ever met

our music
the Universe
reminds me

I am the reed
in your marshes
where you
refresh me
like the wind

in your need
I am your greatest love

finding me yet
across the ocean
a bridge spans

waves crashing
at the landing
shore of our love

joining as one
our passion
is thrashing
in the bed
of our love

I see the goddess
reflected in your
lovely face
captured in
candle light

your sighs
call me
to come to you

I answer
with haste
to the love
of my life

meet me
in your arms
your heart

your very breath.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ascending To The Mountains (new poem)

"Ascending To the Mountains"
by Tim Kavi

so sweetly

that the dew that descends
from the mountains
that the path
eagles flew that ascends

is not more

than your sighing kisses
when you know
I am the true love
that your soul misses

I hear the sweeping
of your love

bringing me
singing me

to your higher

until swept
into your nest
under the feathers
of your love

my journeying
has finally found rest

in your love !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Eyes (poem)

New Eyes
by Tim Kavi

today I see you
your love
shines so bright
I know
I shall never
be alone
in a night

for I see you

with new eyes

that love
like an angel in flight

the brings down
the bad
with good
and seals
our love
in victorious might

for I love you

your eyes

and I know
we have a
lasting love
that shall endure

my sweet
all songs demure

to our New eyes
that bring new sight.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Window (Poem) (with poet's comment)

Your Window
by Tim Kavi

outside your window
waiting for the wind
of our mutual love
to blow your loose white

to the ground
so your bare shoulders
are revealed

my kisses
are drowned

across the bed
like the drapes
of your open

baby universes
morph and take shape
across the bending

space time

I kissed you there
your full goddessness
in the moonlight

they shone
in their own light

planets in
their own right

my decorated universe
was filled with your love

lit with your white heat
bright luminescence
and like the stars
shining so bright

I see the flames
of your passion
now unleashed

I ascend
the vine

through your window

Poet's comment: This poem represents an invitation and response to a deep passionate love. The term goddessness in stanza seven is an invented word that I believe captures more than the terms of goddess or goddesshood. Goddessness is more than an attainment, but a full manifestation and revelation of all the goddess powers in a woman's feminine being.--T.K.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Swim With You (poem)

"To Swim with You"
by Tim Kavi

the place
where aching
humanity rested
and longed for
from their warlike ways

thirsting for
a spiritual peace

is a palace
of your greatness

is a sea of peace
and warm acceptance

I return to your ocean
over and over

like a tide
in your love
I feel your comings and goings
like the waves

I sense your
and yet gentle

I hold you
and see the
Goddess face

riding the arms
of galaxies
lit at the center
by your grace

lovely One
eternal kisses
do no
to love you

in the place
where your love
is born,

where your glory
is shown

there is only
the veiled
Holy of Holies

revealed in
the temple of your love

I bravely go there
to meet you

that I can
be made whole

in your warm love

and swim
in your ocean with you.