Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gentle Hands (New Poem) with Poet comment

Gentle Hands
by Li Jili 李吉利 (Chinese Pen Name for Tim Kavi)
A poem that celebrates the work of Artist 冯涛
gentle hands
tested and found true
rode wings
of feathered friends
in view

gentle hands
sculpted lines
no darkness
never night
but in Summer's sun
so bright

gentle hands
with promise
by family's love
we too

gentle hands
of inspiration
birds flew in sky
landed on branches
ducks and other
fowl played

gentle hands
we came from afar
paid homage to
the creatures
who swam
and did fly

and saw
Nature's beauty
from 冯涛

gentle hands
so greatly seen
so near

from the artist
my family knew

in power and grace
they do appear.
Poet's Note: This is a poem celebrating the work of Chinese artist, 冯涛. Here my name is Li Jili which is my Chinese pen name. I recently had the pleasure of visiting his home and watching him work in Shandong Province.