Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sayings (Moments in Dialogue that Occurred Today)

Tim Kavi Says:

for many it is a happy discovery
to see that falling in love is only the prelude to staying in love the rest of a lifetime
and that sometimes love doesn't follow all the rules we have for it !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Born Again (poem)

Born Again
by Tim Kavi

spoken like a whisper
in the wind

where the junction
of time travelers
do bend

there is only
an eternal essence
that says when
the sacred birthing
begins again


here I am again

don't seem to want it
can't choose it
why flaunt it

determined destiny
so here I am again

but She opens
to home
Eternal Gaia

landscape that unfolds
brings to meaning again
what ancients myths have

there is only
among the many lives
this one as
the promised One.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surprise of Our Love (Poem)

Surprise of Our Love
by Tim Kavi

the surprise of our love
lives eternal
its memory
is most dear

existing still

all through the night
at universe's edge
it is still
an awesome sight

an when I looked
and saw
your precious
I knew it beat
in mine

when in the smallest
your love did shine

and when we finally
lip on lip
there is a moment
that shall never be missed

the surprise of our love

and true

seen everywhere
and in everything
it did sing

spoken in every utterance
of words
and being

Divine Yes
burning inferno
desire drove

that says
without ceasing
never failing

I love you.

Valley of Your Bed (Poem)

Valley of Your Bed
by Tim Kavi

kisses burn across candle lit nights
in the valley of your bed
I found a goddess

she moved with passion
kissed with grace

and came with volcanic desire

she was you

there was
the all consuming beauty
of destructive bliss

breaking me to only see You
mending me in your healing
all seeing love

Holy Goddess
standing in your fire.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Venus Aphrodite (Poem)

Venus Aphrodite
by Tim Kavi

Venus Aphrodite
at the sun's dawning
you outshine the day
bathing in milk
your skin is like
fine silk

and your eyes
filled with love
remind me that I am
flying in heights above
when you kiss
I am free
as winged seraph
gliding once again
to the arms
of your love

your twin charms
greet me
meet me
in your pleasant
my chains
have all fallen
to the Earth!

and when the moulds
the gods did pour
your birthing shore
they all said
Venus Aphrodite
your beauty
has never been seen

but through all
legends and time
your loving
light has lit
the hearts
of every woman
and yet
all want to
adore You!

and when you
rode that steed
you were faster
than the Sun
coming back
to love
again and again
Cupid did
get a mighty shove!

sweet silence
in the valleys below
when all mortal men
beheld you
they were
hushed in the act of war
when your gown
drifted down
from the halls
of Olympus!

sweet Venus Aphrodite
in you men
are all complete
but only
beneath your
loving feet!

For vanquished
breeds a new poem
a song
of your mighty