Saturday, July 28, 2012

seeing you (smile) again (new poem)

seeing you (smile) again
by Tim kavi

words cannot capture
the beauty of your grace
moving all over the place
you are Hepburn
in that dress

the calm of your loving touch
the huge smile
when in your arms I am brought
home again to our love

when I look at your photos
and see all the happiness
your love has brought
I am happy to see you again
and again

when after traveling
many miles
thinking of all the years
we have loved

Then I see you and your love once again
I am reminded
that if I could

I would never depart
your loving heart
staying at the end of the road
until the end of the world

It's a 'Philadelphia Story'

and when
I close my eyes
I feel you close
I know you are still there
I am seeing you again
even then

in a love constantly arriving at
always speaking loudly
to the heart of a traveling man

I'm smiling too
in a love ever present
and never forgot.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still a Small Voice (New Poem)

Still a Small Voice
by Tim Kavi

thunderous sea
rolling thunder
decibels in arenas of spectacle

there is always
only the certainty of your voice
I don't choose to hear it
it is not my will, but yours
yet I hear it
and long to only hear it

it is still a small voice
or a small, still, voice
coming in a whisper
after the mighty shout of triumph

commanding me
what to do next
calling me to your side
again and again

I will do your work
obediently to your side
those blinded by absolute
think they hear you only there
but your temples are everywhere

I see a temple on your navel
I see a temple uncovered
when your love calls me to adore

your train fills the temple
as it touches my cheek
I am your prostrate fallen
at your feet

You call my name
in your still small voice
you confidently speak

to pursue me
giving up all
I follow you
there is no doubt
in recognizing that voice

that I am responding
to your mind in the world
amongst the noise and chaos
that calls
to impart
your feminine power

and adore you again
and again
at all your uncoverings
manifestations in every hour

you stand
fully endowed
with the grace
of your still small voice

in healing power
and loving heart.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heavenly Vision (new poem)

Heavenly Vision by Tim Kavi

I am old and tired
I said
Come up hither
she said
I cannot find you
I am right here
I do not see you
my eyes are dimming

out of focus
a white blur
I think it is a dress
she is laughing
looks like she has a crown
daisies in her hair
there is a child with her
they are both laughing

a puppy is gnawing
on a stick nearby
we are having a picnic
there is cheese
toothpicks stick out
of the cheese and meats
and olives
now I am gnawing on a stick too

all grows into clarity
I look at her
she is smiling
beaming love rays that seem
cloud like
many gardens dot the horizon

I have a new body
we hold hands
the baby is so happy

the dog plays
and fetchs the stick
he looks familar
to me

someone is coming
we are not alone
I tell them I love you
I am a little afraid

their warmth
gets there before they do
we both
know who it is

soon we are all laughing
and playing
incredible happiness
and the day seems to go on
and on

I hold the baby's hand
I realize one must never take
anything for granted

happiness is in
the found love of greeting
and the encounter
of meeting.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waves (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

dancing Siren
waves of passion
grew in the symphony of our love

ebbing and bending
coming and going

you called me to the shores of your love
to the light and the sounds
of many waves
quantum foam

I need only surrender
to your beckonings
to enjoy
your eternal love

your moves hypnotize
while the sound of the waves
bring trancelike bliss

your presence
follows me as I wander
the dunes

and tomorrow
never comes
in your passion's kiss

I am found
a man in disarray
wild eyed
but a smile on my lips.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Word About Comments and Replies (blog entry)

A  Word about Comments and Replies

I would like to thank everyone that has been leaving comments.  They are very welcome.  I have been replying to all of them and I usually try to do so within 24 hours.  At the moment I am in Asia, so be aware of the time difference with where you are.  Just recently, I was able to make my comment fields embedded, which means I can actually reply to a comment without making another comment to do so. (It puts my reply just below your original comment that way).  I do not know if  Blogger then lets you know I am replying or not. I know Blogger lets me know when you leave your comments.

According to what I can tell from the Blogger help pages this reply aspect is a new feature as of January 2012, and I just didn't know about it yet (sigh).  Always before I had been replying to comments by making another comment.  Perhaps because of this, some of you might not have seen or knew about my reply to you. (Unless you go back for a second look at the post) .  I do want to apologize if that were the case.

I appreciate comments from my readers so much ! You can bet I will always reply somehow.  Carrier pigeons, mule train, messages in a bottle, or attempted telepathy just doesn't cut it! So, the only time I might not be able to reply would be due to an internet outtage or blockage (which sometimes happens where I am) or some sort of physical illness.

Thank you again, please keep your comments coming.  I have enough critics who dislike what I am doing or somehow think I am doing something bad, so I love to hear your nice comments!

Thank you so much-- to be read by YOU is an honor. I see where you are coming from, all over the world, and I am humbled, awed, and appreciative and I say Namaste to all!

May the Goddess and kind mother bless you all!


Tim Kavi


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Someday, Goddess, Someday (new poem)

Someday, Goddess, Someday
by Tim Kavi

I will walk these steps
for the final time
traverse these stairs
look out the windows
of my soul

it will be the end of this
body; in that approaching night
when the lights of your temple
seems distant
and I cannot climb the hill
to your heart anymore

some said I have done good
some even said I have done bad
but it is in my words that remain
that is all that needs to be said

a testament of your love
that I am loved when I did not deserve it
that I am hugged when I am most profane
I remain a lowly man
in a lowly body

but in your love
my soul shines bright
there is hope for the time
I am given

until that day I depart
this body
and approach the white light

someday, Goddess, someday
I will not then ever be
snatched from your love.