Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heavenly Vision (new poem)

Heavenly Vision by Tim Kavi

I am old and tired
I said
Come up hither
she said
I cannot find you
I am right here
I do not see you
my eyes are dimming

out of focus
a white blur
I think it is a dress
she is laughing
looks like she has a crown
daisies in her hair
there is a child with her
they are both laughing

a puppy is gnawing
on a stick nearby
we are having a picnic
there is cheese
toothpicks stick out
of the cheese and meats
and olives
now I am gnawing on a stick too

all grows into clarity
I look at her
she is smiling
beaming love rays that seem
cloud like
many gardens dot the horizon

I have a new body
we hold hands
the baby is so happy

the dog plays
and fetchs the stick
he looks familar
to me

someone is coming
we are not alone
I tell them I love you
I am a little afraid

their warmth
gets there before they do
we both
know who it is

soon we are all laughing
and playing
incredible happiness
and the day seems to go on
and on

I hold the baby's hand
I realize one must never take
anything for granted

happiness is in
the found love of greeting
and the encounter
of meeting.

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