Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still a Small Voice (New Poem)

Still a Small Voice
by Tim Kavi

thunderous sea
rolling thunder
decibels in arenas of spectacle

there is always
only the certainty of your voice
I don't choose to hear it
it is not my will, but yours
yet I hear it
and long to only hear it

it is still a small voice
or a small, still, voice
coming in a whisper
after the mighty shout of triumph

commanding me
what to do next
calling me to your side
again and again

I will do your work
obediently to your side
those blinded by absolute
think they hear you only there
but your temples are everywhere

I see a temple on your navel
I see a temple uncovered
when your love calls me to adore

your train fills the temple
as it touches my cheek
I am your prostrate fallen
at your feet

You call my name
in your still small voice
you confidently speak

to pursue me
giving up all
I follow you
there is no doubt
in recognizing that voice

that I am responding
to your mind in the world
amongst the noise and chaos
that calls
to impart
your feminine power

and adore you again
and again
at all your uncoverings
manifestations in every hour

you stand
fully endowed
with the grace
of your still small voice

in healing power
and loving heart.

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