Saturday, July 28, 2012

seeing you (smile) again (new poem)

seeing you (smile) again
by Tim kavi

words cannot capture
the beauty of your grace
moving all over the place
you are Hepburn
in that dress

the calm of your loving touch
the huge smile
when in your arms I am brought
home again to our love

when I look at your photos
and see all the happiness
your love has brought
I am happy to see you again
and again

when after traveling
many miles
thinking of all the years
we have loved

Then I see you and your love once again
I am reminded
that if I could

I would never depart
your loving heart
staying at the end of the road
until the end of the world

It's a 'Philadelphia Story'

and when
I close my eyes
I feel you close
I know you are still there
I am seeing you again
even then

in a love constantly arriving at
always speaking loudly
to the heart of a traveling man

I'm smiling too
in a love ever present
and never forgot.

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