Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Desert Callings (New Poem)

Desert Callings
by Tim Kavi

in my hands
faces turn to dust
ashes filter through my memories
as they are carried
away by the wind

even in this
I have not forgotten you

early I rise
while things still seem
shadowed in the dunes
to seek your face

my muse has departed
the word became
bitter to my stomach
like something bad
I ate

only here I long for You
and your water
I drink

the words only
come from you
where they only could

I saw my reflection
I am not the man
I used to be

garnished years
worn in wrinkles
that cannot be hidden

don't hide
the callings, the longing,
the crying out
to your love bidden

there is only
a turning again
a steadfast return

joys in the desert
with no muse
there is my dancing

for my captivity
you have turned it again
and again

the broken one's
Oh Goddess
you have turned it back