Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is Our Time (New Poem)

This is Our Time
by Tim Kavi

in desperate times
and diverse places
visitations by divine graces
there have always gathered
in the name of every man, woman
and child, who has been affronted
and wronged

the knowledge of a people wronged
denied basic freedoms
to say what they wish

maimed or killed
because it is their time
this is our time

we will seize the moment
so that history does not say
we ignored you or your tyranny
until yet another generation passes away
this is our time

we will not overlook it
but bravely stand and say
we oppose you
so that history does not say
we retreated, but advanced
to your ugly heart
this is our time

your underlings
your henchmen
those who follow
for profit, losing their souls
tortured in your name
draped in your flag
this is our time

does it feel good
that in the name of your justice
you call this social order?
but it is a miscarriage of it
a vestige of control
but this is our time

some will hear us
they will be coming
so that history does not say
the world was silent
and did not care
for all the world knows now
that tyrants cannot be in power
their deeds shame them and betray them

this is our time
this is our time.

Poet's afterword--this poem will be part of my forthcoming collection Poems of Protest, hope readers don't mind I shared it here.  MY heart is with all those that long for freedom and love!~~TK

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