Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Universal Translator (New Poem)

Universal Translator
by Tim Kavi

your words are like kisses
our love is 
the universal translator

your eyes
invitations to adoration
speaking a strong heart
of returned love

I beheld you 
full of light
as you moved through
space and time

majestic sounds
my heart melts
like butter
in the heat of your love

where You and I go
what we say to each other
needs no translation

we are not 'lost in translation'
but found 
in the arms of love

your kisses
are the painter's strokes
of desire

and the power of your
love reaches me inside
my heart
in every language

for universal
all reaching
to the uttermost
is what you say to me
in the language of your love.

幸福、 爱情、 保健、 移情作用
温暖、 微笑、 触摸、 吻


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