Friday, August 24, 2012

Special Shout Out to my Readers from India (blog entry)

For years, my readers from India have been strong supporters of this blog and my writing.  They have enjoyed and supported my works, and many have become online friends and among them also are fellow poets, seekers, and mystics.

I am honored by their attentions, and kind words.  Indians are among the kindest, most spiritual, and friendliest readers of them all. Now, I don't mean to exclude any of my readers from elsewhere, as this blog gets visitors from all over the world. As you will see below, Amazon has made a special announcement that finally makes my work available in India.

I also wanted to mention my Indian readers, because they often read my blog and make comments to me both here and at Facebook. I appreciate that very much! My friend Shefali, deserves special mention and thanks in this regard!

India is after all, the land of spiritual traditions that honors many different Goddesses, including Parvati, Ma Durga, Kali, and others.  One of their sacred landmarks, Mt. Kailash, is featured on one of  my book covers and is often mentioned in my poems. Many of the Hindu goddesses are mentioned or at least influential to my Goddess poetry as well.  I hope that all my Indian readers know that I have nothing but deep respect for them, their country, and their traditions.  I feel that way about all the countries of my readers in the world as well.

I was very pleased to see that Amazon (as of yesterday) has finally opened up both the Kindle store and the Kindle Direct Publishing platform to readers and authors from India.  This means that my Indian readers and friends can purchase (in Rupees) my two Goddess collections: Emerging Goddess, and Ascending Goddess as well as download many other Kindle works. Although you can still download apps for Kindle Ebooks that work on PC, laptop, cloud internet, IPad, Iphone and Android devices, the Kindle reader family is also available all over India at Croma stores.

So, I was very happy to see the following announcement by Amazon yesterday:

"Amazon launches the India Kindle Store with the biggest selection and lowest prices in India. You can now pay in Indian Rupees to get access to a vast selection of titles, new releases, bestsellers, and works from a range of Indian and international authors. Readers will also find exclusive Kindle books, as well as over one million free classics available to download and read on Kindle."

You can visit the India Kindle store by clicking here.

You can see my Goddess collections here.

I know this sounds like a shameless plug for Amazon (and my Goddess poems),  but I hope you will see that it is also a plug for India and Indian fans.  They are among the most faithful readers of my poems. I will say I do appreciate India, Indians, and also what Amazon has done for writers all over the world through their Kindle publishing program.

Thank you once again to India, Indians, and to the rest of my readers from all over the world! You are the best.  Namaste! ~~TK

Update:  I am also happy to report that as of early 2014, my books are also available on the Indian platform Flipkart !~~TK

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