Saturday, September 14, 2013

In the Dark, Your Light (New Poem)

In the Dark, Your Light
by Tim Kavi

I might find you
looking back at me
when I think you did not see
me smiling
at the goddess inside you

projecting outward
as the light of the world
for She is just the woman
inside of you

caring for babies
healing the sick
caring for everyone 
every day

lost in the world
there is the darkening
of your image
the vastness of despair
but your light
pierces it in the still 
of the world's midnight.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bridges of Home (poem)

bridges of home
by Tim Kavi

girders of strength
bring relief to the searching
absent loved ones
want to hurry home

familiar, looking closer
the beams are still strong
every lane leads home
peering closer
decay is evident everywhere

collapse is not imminent
just the wearings of age

home never looked so good
and I will take every bridge gladly
just to be back there
in your arms again

they carry me to all
that I loved and once knew
to the known, the expected,
the life of everyday surprise.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Across the Seas, Distant Voices Are Heard (The Going Home Poem)

Across the Seas, Distant Voices Are Heard (The Going Home Poem)
by Tim Kavi

Gentle breezes
whispering winds
ruffle my hair
the sounds of distant voices
are the sweetest I've heard

wavering notes
of lives lived out
there is only a glimpse
of history
on that, given my word

that soon
I'll be coming
to see your smiling lips
hug your sweet adorations
glory in the races
that athletes have won

to be ever present
again, not knowing
but always hoping
that back there
we can start over again
where we've already begun

A father glancing over
his children
a soft spoken assurance
of a returned one
from a long journey
echoing sentiment of hope

restless anticipation
is finally
over and done.