Tuesday, September 20, 2011

presence (reposted poem) to all my friends: new and old

presence (a repost) 
(to all my friends, new and old, especially the new ones)
by Tim Kavi

dancing beings
find each other
across many
lifetimes again
and again

why do they
find each other
sharpen each other
recoqnize each other
at such a time as then?

some flee again
as in great flight
some struggle
potential clashes
in a great fight

others turn softly
yet in might

heart to heart
there is a turning
a yearning
to know all
about the One

that you see
for the first time
there is a calling
to know

a setting sun
in the glance
of smiles
as the night
of mystery is begun

each other
taught by experience
what this life
might be

but when
the seeking ones
find each other
there is a shining oneness

that lights
the unconscious
shadows play
until real is seen

and at last
in dialogical meeting
a You is glimpsed

a Holy Presence
You are the
chrysalis emerged

in the glistening
mutual love
of You and me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

well it appears someone has hacked my MyLibrary Feed on the right of this page....
it has now preceded all references to authors as dreaded pirates! hmmmmm

what whimsical mayhem. Still if I were one o f those authors, and yes some of my books are in the feed...being referred to as a pirate isnt so good.

I shall fix that feed shortly....even though I am too busy being a dreaded pirate to mess with the work of dumb f***s like this!

Oh, and while I am speaking of such things. Someone also hacked some of my original articles that I had published on EZine Articles...and reposted them on their own web sites without permission and so as to draw traffic to their websites. That was easily remedied because they were on blogs that were on Google servers. Google happily warned them of their copyright violations and removed the content. YAY ! The dreaded pirate won that round! To all aspiring article writers, write your own stuff!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Ma Durga's Eyes (new poem)

Ma Durga’s Eyes
by Tim Kavi
Ma Durga’s Eyes
have over all time
cried thousands of cries
and uttered thousands of sighs

but none are more beautiful than my love's

her eyes have lit a thousand ships
home to harbor
have touched my lips
across many trips

her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

there are no other eyes I know
I will return again and again
to her heart to go.

My love's eyes
are Ma Durga’s Eyes
her heart so true
that the eyes are all telling
of her many stories
from the countryside are yelling
out of the rocks and hills
the majestic spills
of water cascading down the falls
while the rest of the world waits in their alls
we hear the love in her calls.

Ma Durga’s Eyes of my love
of yesteryear and then
I knew them before
on another shore
but when I saw them again
her Ma Durga’s Eyes were different than then
her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

my lovely Sweet love
Ma Durga’s Eyes
light where we have ever been
and they touch my heart so
where the Himalayan winds blow
and the currents of Ganges do flow

she is ever present in the wind
against the wind
she stands still

her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

Ma Durga’s Eyes through history
tell many stories
they begin and end with my lovely love.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dew of the Morning (new poem)

"Dew of the Morning"
by Tim Kavi

Sweet dew
in the morning
the flowers
sing songs of joy
to you

breezes carried
the music
of the woman
I tarried for
waiting for more

and in the potion
of your love
across the ocean

I hear your call
every day
in the morning

smiling like the sun
until the day
is come

there is only
the dew of your love

Photo Credit: Photo is by Steve Happ.