Sunday, January 29, 2012

after love (new poem)

after love
by tim kavi

after love
super awareness
love is all around us
binding us
in the love that is endless

she says
I love you so much
he says
I love you so much
their light bathes the dark room

he says:
I'm having incredible peace
she says:
I feel very connected with you

their love descends from the mountains
it displaces the gloom

he says when I see you
I see the most beautiful woman
for you are amazing

she says
thank you honey

they say:
even when I think it's not possible
looking at an old woman I see young
or a young woman but seeing old?

the river still winds down from the mountain
where the stone Goddesses stood

now, there are just fragments
but still a Goddess is seen
that love still reaches
all the corners of the Earth
and it never stops seeking
timeless refuge

so even though I thought
it could never be
was never possible
I love you even more

in the afterlove
each one
feels their love is the greatest ever seen
smiling like Buddhas
in the warmth
of maya's dream

songs of our afterlove
memories of collective gathering wings
I see you morphing
every Goddess ever seen

a thousand times
from the moment of creation
to ultimate development

the statues still stand
but it is your love
forming each and every one of them
until only a sighing wind of sleep
overcomes the visitation

but even then!
Then, your love moves
among the rocky landscapes
winding down the trails
gently leading us again and again
to our afterlove

as I navigate the moonbeams
of my starry eyed dreams.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the Mist (new poem)

In the Mist
by Tim Kavi

In the mist of that new morning
I knew nothing
(ecstatic quieting bliss)
no thing
Was more elaborate than this

to be loved
to be kissed
to be missed

by that that is without
by Her that loves

Those that imagine they have everything
might not even have this.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing Gardens (New Poem)

Growing Gardens
by Tim Kavi

In the growing
gardens of your love
I do grow

only to emerge
from the Earth
to fly back to you
in a song singing

where in the dancing morning
upon melodies and notes
risen on the gentle wings
of a soft breeze
is a song of adoration

is a certain love that moves

that moves the branches
and leaves
of flowers and fruits
and sustenance

of your love

in your garden are only
sweet things
smiling up at you

ascending goddess
emerging and revealed
your many arms of compassion
are never unreaching

to the hearts of those
that need you
I like they, are found
among the pilgrims

climbing paths
up your vines
again and again.

Poet's afterword:  This is the opening poem in my second collection, Ascending Goddess, which shall be published soon by TiLu Press.--TK

Friday, January 13, 2012

Emerging Goddess: On Reviews; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Essay).

Emerging Goddess: On Reviews; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Essay)
by Tim Kavi

Dear Readers:

I am happy to report that my recent book 'Emerging Goddess' is getting reviews (mostly good ones).  While a poet is always thankful for being read, it is always nice to get more good reviews than bad ones.  While negative reviews can tell us something about the work itself, sometimes truly bad reviews seem more than a critique. Some really seem personal, jealous, or on some vendetta (the ugly reviews).  To those reviewers, I cannot imagine what is going through their minds.  It is plain that they have missed the intended message of my work. 

It is interesting too that some of those ugly reviewers often cannot be found elsewhere on the Net, their purchase of the book is not verified by the seller at the website where they have posted, and they have little to say that shows they have actually read poems from the work. 

I hope that potential readers and readers of my work will not base their decisions just upon reviews,  but will engage with the material and make up their own minds.  I hope you read my books (and my blog here) with an open mind and an open heart.  I seldom ask my readers anything, when it comes to reading my work, but I will say this:  when reading my work; consider the heart of the message and the following questions.  Is there a true path to peace? Is love needed in the world?  Is there a path to the Goddess, even if along some narrow ridge, and if there is, isn't She needed in this war torn world?  That is what my work is about.

The heart of the message in my work is all about love, peace, freedom, empowerment, and it is never about hate.  

My work about the Goddess is not about poetic style, form, or whether the words fit certain poetic meter. These are spiritual love poems.  Really, they are devotional utterances that celebrate love and the Goddess; wherever She is found.

So I welcome and respect the rights of all reviewers good and bad (and even ugly). I will continue writing, as to not do so, is not to follow the path.  For my path is not chosen, but burns in me, with a calling that demands a response.

There will be more Goddess books by Tim Kavi.  In other later collections, will be other themes and more traditional poetic styles. However,  it is in these works about the Goddess that lies the message that is closest to my heart, and a message from my heart;  to love, to be loved, to make a difference for peace in the world.  It is my message of love to the world.  If it calls you to do anything, it invites you to love fully from your discovered human heart.

It is a human heart that can still be found if you but look, even in the age of mechanized dulling of the senses and technological overload; it is a message of affirmation to bring confirmation, to come into your own empowered sense of self with other, and to love each other.

So, I am glad to get your comments, responses, and reviews. So keep them coming; good, bad, or ugly. To the ugly reviewers, I wonder about you, if there is some sort of misunderstanding, and why the hate,  but respect your rights to say anything. To the bad reviewers, I will closely look at what you said. To the good reviewers, I am honored you are moved.  Thank you to all of you sincerely.  Blessings to you and prayers for all. 

In conclusion, I wish to say that my devotional love "poems" do not ignore a mystical experience.  Rather, they are saturated with it.  Ultimately these are love poems that celebrate a divine sense of love and confirmation, but are also the utterances of love between persons.  What lasting good is a love without both components?  My hope though, is the attempt to reveal a fully empowered love, a love based on two souls; souls encountering each other in deep love.  Yes, my Goddess poems refer to love between persons as well as a sense of the transcendent, but if you see only the physical aspects, you are missing something.

Thank you for reading.  I am lucky and blessed to be read, and wish you all the best that life and love can bring.--TK

So read the book for yourselves:

Here's all the reviews:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rarest Marble (New Poem)

Rarest Marble
by Tim Kavi

why no other woman
can do
I see you
woman in view

body of a goddess
I see
yet when I
see you

the camera is blurred
only by the soft lens
I must use

so as not to show
the world your beauty
for unveiled
it is too much
for mortal men

and when they come looking
only I see you
so they soon leave
while I stand quietly
worshipping you
eager to please

so letting
the tears flow
like waterfalls
cascading to the ground

I am becoming
swept by mighty waters
drowning in the sound

then I look again
you are nearer
so I hope
and dare not faint

for your love
comes calling
my name
and I must answer
or never
be the same

so that song
is only meant
for you
and all those
times we spent
in each other's arms
are never forgot

only to
love each other
and worry not

until the day

you were there
at the door
your face veiled
dare I remove?

blowing winds
yet I kiss
long and deep
until we both
fell asleep

then the dreams
were sweet

with longing for
each other
I stand complete
next to You
Goddess of love

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 (New Short Poem)

by Tim Kavi

In Eagle's nest 
we are called to soar
and must bravely take flight 
only to be blessed 
and escape existential night !