Sunday, January 29, 2012

after love (new poem)

after love
by tim kavi

after love
super awareness
love is all around us
binding us
in the love that is endless

she says
I love you so much
he says
I love you so much
their light bathes the dark room

he says:
I'm having incredible peace
she says:
I feel very connected with you

their love descends from the mountains
it displaces the gloom

he says when I see you
I see the most beautiful woman
for you are amazing

she says
thank you honey

they say:
even when I think it's not possible
looking at an old woman I see young
or a young woman but seeing old?

the river still winds down from the mountain
where the stone Goddesses stood

now, there are just fragments
but still a Goddess is seen
that love still reaches
all the corners of the Earth
and it never stops seeking
timeless refuge

so even though I thought
it could never be
was never possible
I love you even more

in the afterlove
each one
feels their love is the greatest ever seen
smiling like Buddhas
in the warmth
of maya's dream

songs of our afterlove
memories of collective gathering wings
I see you morphing
every Goddess ever seen

a thousand times
from the moment of creation
to ultimate development

the statues still stand
but it is your love
forming each and every one of them
until only a sighing wind of sleep
overcomes the visitation

but even then!
Then, your love moves
among the rocky landscapes
winding down the trails
gently leading us again and again
to our afterlove

as I navigate the moonbeams
of my starry eyed dreams.

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