Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rarest Marble (New Poem)

Rarest Marble
by Tim Kavi

why no other woman
can do
I see you
woman in view

body of a goddess
I see
yet when I
see you

the camera is blurred
only by the soft lens
I must use

so as not to show
the world your beauty
for unveiled
it is too much
for mortal men

and when they come looking
only I see you
so they soon leave
while I stand quietly
worshipping you
eager to please

so letting
the tears flow
like waterfalls
cascading to the ground

I am becoming
swept by mighty waters
drowning in the sound

then I look again
you are nearer
so I hope
and dare not faint

for your love
comes calling
my name
and I must answer
or never
be the same

so that song
is only meant
for you
and all those
times we spent
in each other's arms
are never forgot

only to
love each other
and worry not

until the day

you were there
at the door
your face veiled
dare I remove?

blowing winds
yet I kiss
long and deep
until we both
fell asleep

then the dreams
were sweet

with longing for
each other
I stand complete
next to You
Goddess of love

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