Sunday, October 16, 2016

Faceless Wonder (poem)

Faceless Wonder (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

to the longed for

to the Goddess

I know not your name
in millenia
throughout space and time
all dimensions

Yours and mine

whether in woman
or in man
whether you call it soul
or anima made manifest
in many faces
and many lands

I long to know you
and adore you just the same

I look up
your face has become
a lotus
beneath you 
You gave birth
to all that is

as the lotus
peels back
souls are in expansion
in every universal breath

I see you
I know your name

it is Lajia Gauri
Lajja Gauri

please allow me
to dance the triumphant dance
as my patience 
is rewarded by your smiling
blissful being!

Hope Remains (New Poem)

Hope Remains (New Poem)by Tim Kavi

as I wondered
lying here I thought
the older I get
what happened to my past?

what happened to me?
what happened to them?
to so and so

when we were young
we imagined the world's problems
would soon be passed!

but things turned out 
to be not so simple
and while progress has been made

it hardly seems so
and not enough

there is still a need
for social justice
for fairness and empowerment 
to all regardless of creed
race or age

there is still a struggle
but hope remains
for both young and old

a world to be made!