Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breath is Coming (New Poem)

Breath is Coming.
by Tim Kavi

the pneuma
to dead Earth
is coming
like the approaching
across the meadow
of winter

riding swiftly
not destroying
but giving life
the first breath
of spring

after the winter
she brings hope
and promise
of a love
that is
new life

tending to me
like a gardener
of love

her lips are red
her smile wide
and white
her eyes
the graceful
of her certain

and in her arms
I grow like a plant
with arms
to the sun

of her

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shadows on the Wall (Are Dancing!) New Poem - with Poet's Afterword

Shadows on the Wall 
(Are Dancing!)
by Tim Kavi

held there
like Prometheus
no ground

of being
except what they
make come to light
and seem to say

glorious images
all human truth
knowledge grows
lively in youth

blades of grass
representing as else
playing symbols
in the mind of self

only what is seen
draws nothing
in eternal sheen

I see them there
shadowed objects
some knave
trickery hands
move in light's grave

their beauty
makes me crave
another wave

all seems right
my mind bends
to reality's

false beliefs
lead to

in the night
deafened ears
blinded sight

yet I crave
for what the
shadows say to me
play to me
in the cave

for all is
without uncertainty's

but what is
but a kiss
of chaos
in the scene

is moving
is grooving

in the putrid
pungent dead

the shadows
have started
no longer appear

to be what
they once said
is alive
in a new light

I see
something new
at the mouth
of the cave

are dancing
I hear?
them behind

out of frame
no longer my
can I blame

I want to
rise up and
join them

but this
has me chained

my Spirit
starts tapping
my soul
is clapping

as I see
what makes
the dancing

it is the
of you and me.

Poet's Afterword:
A reference to Plato's allegory of the cave with a Kavi mix; here,   Love is transcendent, meanwhile I am bound like all of you, waiting for someone (the Goddess?) to say:  loose him and let him go.--TK

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bleeding Snow (Repost from 2008) W/ Poet's Afterword

Bleeding Snow
by Tim Kavi

like tears
in the
bleeding snow

of the oppressed
have come

before all
the world

at what
fate has

the small
the least
and unknown
are hurled

towards the
lands of
unfulfilled hope

they walk
arm in arm
hearts bound
by a strong rope

of freedom's cause

to the place
where chains
are tossed
and no one's
dreams are lost

freed from
tyranny's fraud

walking ones
in long time
you will be kissed

if by none
except those
that follow

never forgotten
our futures secure
only by what
it has cost.

AFTERWORD:  This poem was written in April of 2008, and posted on another blog I had at a social media site.  The message seems prophetic almost,  as it seems to fit 2011 completely.--T.K.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

angel in white (new poem)

angel in white
by Tim Kavi

gentle dusting
outcroppings covered
in Wintry delight

I see the clouds
thick and heavy
your love is full
of light

On a special
Christmas Night
kisses flowed to
an angel in white

she came
on a Winter's wing
pretty sight

Goddess of Winter
your warm
flakes fell
from heaven

covering us
all in a special
divine invite

peace and joy
rush to you

we take flight

the words
from your Wintry

we embrace
your kisses
in the warm

of cherished sight.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Longing For You (New Poem)

Longing For You
by Tim Kavi

In my longing for you
I hear my own sighs
my woeful realization
reflected in those
sad green eyes

In my longing for you
I think I'm ill fated
arrived too late to know
Found I'm out dated

In my longing for you
I thought I'm going places
so lost and alone
in a sea of Asian faces

they all look at me

Can't you see
I'm the only one here
so suffering
let me be

In my longing for you
there is no saving
In my hungry heart
only a craving

for a love to be found

so I am turning
to the sacred ground
of meeting
and I am burning

but I cannot see you
behind the tears
of green eyes

in the distance
sleepless night
I think I see
the discovery of my sight

green eyes
full of light

you are approaching
in meeting

cosmic You.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Summer of Cold (New Poem)

Summer of Cold
by Tim Kavi

Oh Majestic One!
We are clothed
in majesty
under the sprinkling rays
of a Winter's sun

You are there
giving life to everyone

Oh Goddess!
in the countryside
we are covered
under a patchwork quilt
made warm
by your love

they and I
are tucked
under your wings
where we
yearn for freedom

they think
they will win it
under the sites
of a gun

but I know
those ways
of discontentment
are never done

renew our hearts
sow our faith
break up
the hard icy ground

in our poverty
we are made rich
in those days
of dying harvest

rotting in the fields

there is decay
yet no dearth
of Your Love
in the sweet Earth

so we know
things are not
as they appear

until turning to you
we wait
and hear

change is coming
in Your love
we are already free

but those
waves of discontent
say to many
follow me

Yet I will cling
to your regal robe
daring to look
in your eyes

seeing history
until there is
centered certainty
in the people's cries

taken to flight
as new flags
are unfurled

we see the sight

we have each other
in a blindfold
where will
it be told?

Sweet wife
of compassion
don't punish
us for our woes

just hug us
as we return
in your love
a knowledge grows

to be freed

in dialogue
from death
to life
from contentment
to strife

from suffering
to peace.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Song of the Ocean, She Sings (New Poem)

Song of the Ocean, She Sings
by Tim Kavi

to the ocean
when your song
of released passion
warmed the mountainous

to the Universe
when your singing songs
reached the ears
of God
God heard
your pretty voice

to the Valley
where bones
came to life
at such utterances
as this

I knew
you were the Goddess

to the mountain
where many tried
to scale up
but failed
and were jailed
because they knew not
how to kiss?

Your thick red lips
your darting eyes
your scepter
your bridal sighs

I was the lucky one
that ascended to your hips

with a song that climbed to your lips

dripping with love
and adoration
yet tasting like wine

I saw your Goddess laugh
and when the face
did shine

it was the temple
where I saw
your statue divine

in the smile of you
I knew
that many kisses
and hugs were due

as the dew descended
there was the whispering

a quiet voice
said Follow Me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim Kavi's Poetry Collection 'Emerging Goddess' is Now Available.

A poetry collection by mystic philosopher Tim Kavi that celebrates the Sacred Feminine, Goddesses from mythologies past and present, and emerging goddesses everywhere. These are sacred love poems that celebrate spiritual and temporal planes of love and devotion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author Page at Amazon is Now Live

I now have an author page at Amazon.

Since they only let you have an author page if you have actually published a book...
it means that I will soon be announcing the publication of my first Poetry Collection: Emerging Goddess.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Remember (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

the speaking
Goddess said
remember you
are my love

I am your bread!

I said:
how can I forget ?

you are like the rain
to the desert
the snow to the river

the wind to the long
lost sail
and the love
to the lovelost seeker

in the wind I hear
your words
in my soul
my obligation

to love you
with my heart
body and soul

to look you
in the eyes
and see your Goddess

is to only
quake in holy fear
at the arising
and overpowering

that has come
to set me free.

Monday, November 21, 2011

cubeland (new poem)

by tim kavi

lost connections
but I am
still there

intersecting lines
perfectly squared
the secrets of the heart
are bared

until calling
I hear your voice
across all dimensions
calling in 5 5 5
there is only
in your heart beating

bending time
each fading light
is a different color
like Rubik's Cube
the search
for solutions
in your eyes
did gleam
but spoken
in a dream

I know I am in cubeland
your finest design
happy to be
held there
in the real
in the tangible
shape of things
to come

I am made whole
in your love.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saptashringa Garh (new poem)

Saptashringa Garh
by Tim Kavi

Love in the cosmic Universe everywhere
gentle clouds and nebulas
of fleeting moments
in purpose

on distant suns

evil possessed
treasures of the people

reached by the power
of your love
basked in the warmth of your arms

chastened by kind
words to be
brought to the obedient
temple of reckoning

you are found even
light years away
your love reaches

your kiss embraces
cannot hide from it
the entire universe

contained in every atom
experienced in the
smallest nanoseconds

found in a drop of oceans
there and here
and in flowing
on the moisture
of rain
on a rose

brought closer to
a celestial pose

there was only
a response
to the calling

of all that
You are

there is nothing
left but to adore

to find you
to seek your
face in each dawning

to stand free
in your affirming

of the temple
and breeze
of your redeeming

Monday, November 7, 2011

Excerpt Repost: From 'Goddess in Motion Redux"

Excerpt Repost: From 'Goddess in Motion Redux' (previously published poem)
by Tim Kavi

shining in the
of an ordinary woman
yet he knew
was his goddess
on the faces
of women everywhere

poet's afterthought: a shining anima from the dark pool of the Unconscious
or... the archetypal visitation of femininity everywhere... ????--TK

The Seeing (new poem)

The Seeing
by Tim Kavi

in gentleness of whispers
in shouts of revelation
the visiting goddess
brought herself
to the valleys of purpose

in the night
there is always
cosmic light

behind the doors
marked daring

there was certainly
a blind devotee

and in the songs
a fruit of devotion
was doting
and caring

such things as this

were wondering
and moving

until he saw her

she was there
for the revealing
of all that was needed

your love
completes me
he said

your songs
greet me
she said

and that was
the end of night.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Burning Words (new Poem)

Burning Words
by Tim Kavi

burning words
drunken debauchery
filled the course of the wild

where damsels wept
looking for love

minstrels played
poets spoke

but there was
for comedians
no joke

a shivering wind
ice storm of shit
hearts had grown cold

there was only a wee
chance of hope
and it seemed to be
getting old


creeping through the fog
there was yet
a great reckoning

a call to meeting
for the purposed

to see each other
and love
what time
had forgot

but with the burning

the rebuke was square

let person to person

become heart to heart

secrets made bare
then they will
say God was among us
and let us pray

until the strength
of humanity's rebirth
brought them
to a return of
Sacred Earth

but then and only then
when hearts sow love
and community
is the crop

then there is
blessing in every drop

away from this
existential slop.

poet's note: a different kind of poem, hearkens to yesteryear.
a return to the madness of the prophet. --TK

Wrinkled Space Time (New Poem)

Wrinkled Space Time
by Tim Kavi

when I looked
I saw a Goddess there
behind the veil

Her eyes
shone in the night
Ma Durga Eyes
and when I kissed her
we walked a mountainous

but when I held her
her heart beat with mine

and her wings
carried us safely in flight

to each other

two beating hearts
became one
in love
and forever

the Universe filled
with love's light

to gently kiss
hold each other

there is never
a missing moment
every second is complete
and full

we welcome

because it brings
love more love

pure essence
wrinkling in space time

until all was quiet
and we slept
through the night

into Dawn's creation
of love

dripping like paint
on the canvas
of life.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sounds of the Revealed Word (new poem)

Sounds of the Revealed Word
by Tim Kavi

caressing You
in the moonlit night
my incense
offering rose from
the altars
addressing you

there was only
a sacred word
binding us to
each other

dancing in the firelight
the logs crackled
but still gave out heat

burning coals
on my lips
you were the night's

sweet sounds
of music
sounded afar off
but drew near
in your kisses
a symphony
I did hear

and when the morning
arose from the mist
the seashore

and I saw the
word there

still written
in the sand


Monday, October 31, 2011

siLenT goDDess (new poem)

siLenT goDDess
by Tim Kavi

I realize now
why you do not
make loud boasts
or talk too much

when you do
all the birds
hush up

the winds
stand still
babies stop crying
silent whippoorwill

across dreamy
nightscapes no longer
keep their songs
redemption of the seamy
those corrected wrongs

the priests
listen in quiet prayer
just to hear
your sweet voice
quaking in fear
not peeking not a dare

at your displeasure
but not afraid
you are my sacred
a pretty goddess
standing over there
not speaking
but power is long

in your fixed stare.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

soft eyes (new poem)

soft eyes
by Tim Kavi

soft eyes
your sweet lingering
are soothing
paths to
a great everlasting

that breathes

your confident speech
fills my universe
with warm sighs

and in the blanket covering both of us
there is no disguise

of your sweet
soft eyes

and in the cosmic replies
there is always
the music
of a thousand
seeking searching
ways to see
and to know love

if one just looks
if one just is
and dares to let
her light shine

there is beaming
truth so wise

always behind
those beautiful
soft eyes.

Poet's Suggestion: If you liked this poem, there is another poem on this blog, just about a woman's eyes. Click Here.   Afterword:  This poem is about a shy woman (stanza 7) hence the tentative photo, but still the endearing soft eyes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lu Xun Park (blog entry)

Lu Xun Park

Yesterday was the Chinese Holiday, Founder's Day. I spent the day at Lu Xun park in Shanghai. It was raining slightly part of the day, but it did not dampen spirits. Everywhere there was young and old strolling, singing, dancing, playing badminton, playing Chinese ancient musical instruments, or just chatting at the park.

The park is a memorial that commemorates the work of the great Chinese writer, Lu Xun. Lu Xun's important work moved Chinese literature from the time of imperialism to the birth of a new society.

The park includes the actual house where he lived, and has been preserved pretty much exactly as he left it when he passed away. Being at the park and reflecting upon this famous writer's life and work was very inspirational.
Click on Amazon Link Here or to the Left  in Text

Last year, Penguin Classics published a special edition of Lu Xun's writing. Time magazine called it the most important Penguin Classic ever published. You can get it from Amazon in paper form or for your Kindle. Here's the link at Amazon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

presence (reposted poem) to all my friends: new and old

presence (a repost) 
(to all my friends, new and old, especially the new ones)
by Tim Kavi

dancing beings
find each other
across many
lifetimes again
and again

why do they
find each other
sharpen each other
recoqnize each other
at such a time as then?

some flee again
as in great flight
some struggle
potential clashes
in a great fight

others turn softly
yet in might

heart to heart
there is a turning
a yearning
to know all
about the One

that you see
for the first time
there is a calling
to know

a setting sun
in the glance
of smiles
as the night
of mystery is begun

each other
taught by experience
what this life
might be

but when
the seeking ones
find each other
there is a shining oneness

that lights
the unconscious
shadows play
until real is seen

and at last
in dialogical meeting
a You is glimpsed

a Holy Presence
You are the
chrysalis emerged

in the glistening
mutual love
of You and me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

How Creative those Dreaded Pirates Are!

well it appears someone has hacked my MyLibrary Feed on the right of this page....
it has now preceded all references to authors as dreaded pirates! hmmmmm

what whimsical mayhem. Still if I were one o f those authors, and yes some of my books are in the feed...being referred to as a pirate isnt so good.

I shall fix that feed shortly....even though I am too busy being a dreaded pirate to mess with the work of dumb f***s like this!

Oh, and while I am speaking of such things. Someone also hacked some of my original articles that I had published on EZine Articles...and reposted them on their own web sites without permission and so as to draw traffic to their websites. That was easily remedied because they were on blogs that were on Google servers. Google happily warned them of their copyright violations and removed the content. YAY ! The dreaded pirate won that round! To all aspiring article writers, write your own stuff!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Ma Durga's Eyes (new poem)

Ma Durga’s Eyes
by Tim Kavi
Ma Durga’s Eyes
have over all time
cried thousands of cries
and uttered thousands of sighs

but none are more beautiful than my love's

her eyes have lit a thousand ships
home to harbor
have touched my lips
across many trips

her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

there are no other eyes I know
I will return again and again
to her heart to go.

My love's eyes
are Ma Durga’s Eyes
her heart so true
that the eyes are all telling
of her many stories
from the countryside are yelling
out of the rocks and hills
the majestic spills
of water cascading down the falls
while the rest of the world waits in their alls
we hear the love in her calls.

Ma Durga’s Eyes of my love
of yesteryear and then
I knew them before
on another shore
but when I saw them again
her Ma Durga’s Eyes were different than then
her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

my lovely Sweet love
Ma Durga’s Eyes
light where we have ever been
and they touch my heart so
where the Himalayan winds blow
and the currents of Ganges do flow

she is ever present in the wind
against the wind
she stands still

her eyes are so wise.

Ma Durga’s Eyes
I need you so
to them I always go
to see the world
and each other.

Ma Durga’s Eyes through history
tell many stories
they begin and end with my lovely love.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dew of the Morning (new poem)

"Dew of the Morning"
by Tim Kavi

Sweet dew
in the morning
the flowers
sing songs of joy
to you

breezes carried
the music
of the woman
I tarried for
waiting for more

and in the potion
of your love
across the ocean

I hear your call
every day
in the morning

smiling like the sun
until the day
is come

there is only
the dew of your love

Photo Credit: Photo is by Steve Happ.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

China, she is sleeping (new poem)

China, she is sleeping
by Tim Kavi

lovely my dear
she lies sleeping

I hear the music of China
in her beating heart

and when the sun rises
her love guides my
daily start

and when she walks
her graceful steps
like all the goddesses
in stellar flight

but when she smiles
it is always

in her gentle

love is

to be the essence
of all she is

Chinese woman

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



you are goddess there (new poem)

you are goddess there
by Tim Kavi

you are?
goddess there

in flight
brought to Earth
in shining light

gentle breeze
fragrance sweet
turning to see
I saw a glimpse
at second sight

through space
and time

my eyes cannot
to understand
of you

my heart
seeks you
in a love
that is not hollow

but full
and living
yet I cannot follow

waiting for you
to swim in you
join in your stream

I awoke
bathed in the sun
at the beach
I thought a dream

but I see you
I want to meet you
there will
be a reckoning

I know you are
calling me

I am yearning
in you
the response

of the one
not yet free.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Saw a Woman (new poem)

"I Saw a Woman"
by Tim Kavi

I saw a woman
she was standing
in a clearing

she was very beautiful
I got closer
she was You.

we kissed
and Nature
was silent

she wrapped her legs around me
and jumped into my arms

singing whispers
were full
of love's calls

when I looked again
I saw an angel
her wings spread
in flight

she said
I will meet you
here again
tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sea breeze (new poem)

sea breeze
by Tim Kavi

sea breeze
gentle rose fragrance
goddess gowns
dance in soft caress
midnight romance

her smile
said to approach

I moved quickly
it might be the only
and last chance

sweet Chinese eyes
lapped in starlight
shone in her love

she sighed
and the waves crashed

her gown flapped
in the breeze

I beheld her beauty
I turned to kiss her
and it was your smile that met
my lips.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the World is Flat (new poem)

"The World is Flat"
by Tim Kavi

your mountains
reach to the heavens
seas lap
at your shores
rivers flow from the mountains
there is rare earth
in your stores

trees and jungles grow lush
fresh and green
where the water fell like rain
on your great navel
a natural scene

kissing across
all longitudes and latitudes
beauty I mean

the Earth is flat
where I painted it
on your cute belly
with my kisses

where Nature is revealed
kisses grew
on the globe's
your sweet flat

where the world
is seen.

Monday, August 8, 2011

butterfly goddess (new poem)

butterfly goddess
by Tim Kavi

butterfly goddess
your smiling nature
is singing songs

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will be

once hidden in the shadows
you imagined
what life would bring

now your spread
take you to taste
heavenly things

up here
where your soul

a yearned
and freed
flight is how you
will see

that your
smile need never fade
and your laughter
makes the trees clap

at the happy life
you have made

for butterfly goddess
you have emerged
from the cocoon

where mortal
chrysalis did
make plans
in the quiet noon

only to be overshadowed
by your lovely

in the crescent moon

I see your dancing
in a windy dance
your sight
brings a message
of hope

for all who long
to be free
from nature's binds

and wherever chains
hold the thinking

butterfly goddess
your smile brings
to the free

follow me
follow me!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Kiss of You (new poem)

The Kiss of You
by Li Jili 李吉利 ( a poem that celebrates Chinese Valentine's Day 8/6/2011)

kiss you sweetly
the gently sun
in your eyes

smiling lips
hold promises
of our lasting

until the universal
is cosmic star shine's

for this love is
above the fixed orb
'tis seen


the kiss of you

harvested by those
yet never found

I am the lucky one
that saw you
and did glean

that bounty
of your love

every day
every moment
every love
of yours

is the Golden mean.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gentle Hands (New Poem) with Poet comment

Gentle Hands
by Li Jili 李吉利 (Chinese Pen Name for Tim Kavi)
A poem that celebrates the work of Artist 冯涛
gentle hands
tested and found true
rode wings
of feathered friends
in view

gentle hands
sculpted lines
no darkness
never night
but in Summer's sun
so bright

gentle hands
with promise
by family's love
we too

gentle hands
of inspiration
birds flew in sky
landed on branches
ducks and other
fowl played

gentle hands
we came from afar
paid homage to
the creatures
who swam
and did fly

and saw
Nature's beauty
from 冯涛

gentle hands
so greatly seen
so near

from the artist
my family knew

in power and grace
they do appear.
Poet's Note: This is a poem celebrating the work of Chinese artist, 冯涛. Here my name is Li Jili which is my Chinese pen name. I recently had the pleasure of visiting his home and watching him work in Shandong Province.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Departing Winds (new poem)

Departing Winds
by Tim Kavi

departing winds
carry the silent sounds
of captured stories
in the gliding winds

as eagle's wings
are spread

I wont tell their secrets
but will respect
the dead memories
that can no longer hurt

as they suffered
in their own mind's truth

what a wasted youth
of their seeking
shattered young ones
battered old ones too

beneath my flight
was the wasteland
of unconscious night

made present
in their sighing

the eagle lit
with healing branches
in its beak

if I could only speak
knowing there is sorrow

but flying
I will go and come back
the eagle

to heal more of you

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Arrival (new poem)

Spring Arrival
by Tim Kavi

you are the bird
outside my window
that sings

you are the snow
that melting
the river brings

you are everything
that arises

in the turning
of the new
you are the living
that love surprises

it is better
to be in your arms
and call them home
than anywhere

it is better
to be kissing
your lips
eye to eye
hair to hair

for your love
and sweet growing
has brought
me to you

Spring Arrival.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

joint expression (new poem)

joint expression
by Tim Kavi

our joint expression
is like brick and mortar
built on the wall
of each other
until the one wall is
forever and every location
made eternal and strong

our joint expression
unfolds like a constant river
that flows
from the mountains
to the mighty oceans

This composed life
and love
is majestic and formed
by you and me

In our love

our joint expression folds
like a sculpture
of fine marbled
within fine lines
and a shape

there is my face
and yours
that can only cause awe
and reverence
for each other

In our love

our joint expression
is the sound of two voices
each with a distinct message
but one central theme

In our love

our joint expression
is the sound of winged eagles
floating across
an ocean
of sound
resting in the
comingled nest

In our love

our joint expression
is a whisper
followed by a mighty shout
of both planes
of being and existence

In our love

our joint expression
is happy song
that moves listeners
to dancing hearts
and tapping feet

In our love

our joint expression
is so interwoven
that two become
so enfolded
that I cannot tell where You
nor where I end

for we are one

In our love.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Repentance of Love (new poem)

"Repentance of Love"
by Tim Kavi

when standing
on the rock of certainty
mistakes fled
into purpose

they always do
sneak into

until lost meaning
was the only song
being sung

it was just a moment
but a long one
that seemed
like an eternity
of losing one's
centered being

knock down punch
sucking air
like a collapsed lung
filled with murky
heavy smothering

where there was
the faith
to see something
beyond this

only for those
who dared
in courage's kiss

knowing the feeling
could come back
in a
repentance of love.

Heal Each Other (New poem)

he"Heal Each Other"
by Tim Kavi

and in the gleam of the madness eye
there is a long table
of eternal recurrence
that has no end
and no soulful sleeping

for the Earth has shook

but even there
is a between
as I see my suffering

knows no earthlike song

in the collapsing
of poisoned

where nothing
but the distaste for
each other

such bitter
nothing can grow
from it

they bind
each other's

her love
her creation and I
heal each other

before it is too late.

Monday, March 14, 2011

At such a time as this (new poem)

At such a time as this
by Tim Kavi

wherein sweet music
once made
fools dance in the street
under the light of moon
and approaching warships

made bare the teeth
as aggression
fed massive
throngs of loyalists

songs of blatant
parties of destructive
chasing demon guards
looking for exorcists

at such times as this

when even
the dancing stopped
your dancing
was divine

a goddess there

ethereal dreamy sheen
when I pulled back your veil

the face of my
goddess wife
was seen

and I knew
in times of war
and fighting
that love was
always at home
in her arms
and eyes
and heart
looking back at me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Love Transcends (new poem)

Your Love Transcends
by Tim Kavi

from somewhere
we met
and yet
your love transcends

it is not my love
it is your love
it is your freedom
to say and to do

it is Your beauty
that instructs me
in the kind
gentility nature of love

it is your
sweet smile
that the composers
sung to

it is your fair eyes
that guides
the young
tyrants to bow down
the lame to dance
the tongueless
to sing

it is your love
that transcends

no other
love will do
or moves the poet
like the
love of you

it is your love
that feeds the hungry
masses the weak
and makes them
that frees the
chained ones

it isyour love
that transcends

carefully speaking
your name
your love
brings forth
the beautiful ones

seeks out
the vanquished ones
settles the unsettled ones
calms the crazy ones
walks the legless
your love transcends all
whether troubles
or even death itself

your love
brought us all One
to the place of peace
and the schools of