Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Summer of Cold (New Poem)

Summer of Cold
by Tim Kavi

Oh Majestic One!
We are clothed
in majesty
under the sprinkling rays
of a Winter's sun

You are there
giving life to everyone

Oh Goddess!
in the countryside
we are covered
under a patchwork quilt
made warm
by your love

they and I
are tucked
under your wings
where we
yearn for freedom

they think
they will win it
under the sites
of a gun

but I know
those ways
of discontentment
are never done

renew our hearts
sow our faith
break up
the hard icy ground

in our poverty
we are made rich
in those days
of dying harvest

rotting in the fields

there is decay
yet no dearth
of Your Love
in the sweet Earth

so we know
things are not
as they appear

until turning to you
we wait
and hear

change is coming
in Your love
we are already free

but those
waves of discontent
say to many
follow me

Yet I will cling
to your regal robe
daring to look
in your eyes

seeing history
until there is
centered certainty
in the people's cries

taken to flight
as new flags
are unfurled

we see the sight

we have each other
in a blindfold
where will
it be told?

Sweet wife
of compassion
don't punish
us for our woes

just hug us
as we return
in your love
a knowledge grows

to be freed

in dialogue
from death
to life
from contentment
to strife

from suffering
to peace.

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