Sunday, December 18, 2011

Longing For You (New Poem)

Longing For You
by Tim Kavi

In my longing for you
I hear my own sighs
my woeful realization
reflected in those
sad green eyes

In my longing for you
I think I'm ill fated
arrived too late to know
Found I'm out dated

In my longing for you
I thought I'm going places
so lost and alone
in a sea of Asian faces

they all look at me

Can't you see
I'm the only one here
so suffering
let me be

In my longing for you
there is no saving
In my hungry heart
only a craving

for a love to be found

so I am turning
to the sacred ground
of meeting
and I am burning

but I cannot see you
behind the tears
of green eyes

in the distance
sleepless night
I think I see
the discovery of my sight

green eyes
full of light

you are approaching
in meeting

cosmic You.

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