Monday, December 26, 2011

Bleeding Snow (Repost from 2008) W/ Poet's Afterword

Bleeding Snow
by Tim Kavi

like tears
in the
bleeding snow

of the oppressed
have come

before all
the world

at what
fate has

the small
the least
and unknown
are hurled

towards the
lands of
unfulfilled hope

they walk
arm in arm
hearts bound
by a strong rope

of freedom's cause

to the place
where chains
are tossed
and no one's
dreams are lost

freed from
tyranny's fraud

walking ones
in long time
you will be kissed

if by none
except those
that follow

never forgotten
our futures secure
only by what
it has cost.

AFTERWORD:  This poem was written in April of 2008, and posted on another blog I had at a social media site.  The message seems prophetic almost,  as it seems to fit 2011 completely.--T.K.

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