Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To the World at Christmas (New Poem)

To the World at Christmas
by Tim Kavi

Everywhere there is a longing
to let free voices sing
To enjoy the festivities
that happiness will bring

but no matter what or where
our prayers are for peace
and love in all hearts there

where you are

may the joys of a coming New Year
and the Christmas season
fulfill the prospects of joy
that is due you all

with love from poet Tim Kavi 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

gentle raindrops (new poem)

gentle raindrops
by tim kavi

gentle raindrops fall softly
across glistening green skin
We and Nature
heartbeats as one
in the dawning sun

steam rises from the Earth
plantings of our love everywhere
gentle shoulders slope
of what tomorrow brings
in mountains of hope

in the passion of longing
love buds anew
while songs of birds flew
among the shadowed rocks

where there is only
the whisper of our kiss
enduring forever

the stream of love
and time carries on.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Certain Orbs Lit by You (New Poem)

Certain Orbs Lit by You
by Tim Kavi

well there is nothing
known that is not already known
inside you

there is all the universe
in a flowery petal
or grain of sand

orbits of meaning
searching for celestial reason

known truths
certain revelations
curtains pulled back

in the eyes of the Other
in manifold states
of being

I only know
that You see something

and I long to hear
it in your quavering
singing voice

even as you grow
as old and young
as existence itself
I hear the singing
wisdom in all that you

for you are
the clouds of all meaning
drifting across the Uni verse

and your love
lights all the orbs.

Friday, November 1, 2013

More About Goddesses: The Roman Goddess Diana (New Column)

More About Goddesses: The Roman Goddess Diana 
by Tim Kavi

Diana is known as the goddess of giving birth, the hunt and the moon in Roman mythology. She is commonly associated with the woodland, possessing the power to control animals and communicate with wild animals. She is also commonly associated with the woodland, particularly oak groves, which are considered a sacred place associated with her worship.

Diana is commonly associated with other gods and goddesses that harness similar abilities to her own. She is one of the three maiden goddesses in Roman mythology that swore to never marry to keep their powers and abilities pure. Minerva, goddess of wisdom and Vesta, goddess of the home, hearth and family joined Diana and took these vows of virginity which are honored by priesthoods devoted to their order. Diana is also commonly associated with her family ties being the daughter of Latona and Jupiter as well as the twin brother of Apollo. She is often seen as working alongside the water nymph Egeria, who acts as an assistant midwife and Diana’s servant in Roman mythology. The woodland god Virbius will also commonly work alongside Diana.
Symbolism of the Goddess

Diana is often seen accompanied by deer or dogs, representing her power over the hunt. She will commonly carry a bow and arrow for a similar purpose. She was originally worshipped in wild places or in the mountains and is commonly drawn or depicted in forest areas. Over time a temple to Diana was built along the forested shores of the Lake Nemi, an area that came to be known as Diana Nemorenesis. A shrine to her was also built on Aventine Hill for lower class and slaves to worship her. Male priests in her order are said to have fought to the death to become one of her own.

The festival to honor Diana was held on August 13, which was simultaneous with the festival of Hekate.

Associations of Diana with Nature

Diana is commonly used by groups that would like to collect more closely with nature, often taking on the role of Mother Earth for less traditional worship. She protects the menstrual cycles of women, encouraging them to honor their bodies and live in tune with the nature which controls them. Alters to Diana have often presented pictures of the moon, deer, dogs, white candles, clear quartz, jasmine, lavender or honey. These note her purity and her love for the outdoors while also honoring the pure light of the moon in which Diana controls.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Obsessions Connections (New Poem)

obsessions connections 
by Tim Kavi

twisted wires
speak messages
to anonymous users
to fictional selves

twisting and turning
across the world
spreading messages
of love and hope

will the real
be known and found
or is it Plato's cave

sometimes freedom
is just obtaining
an unrestricted IP address

and other times
it is the ability to speak freely
on the street
but there is always
a turning to a knowing
where even
in a Wintry morning

I am found
in the Yous across
the world.

Poet's Afterwords: Another poem of protest by Tim Kavi

Saturday, September 14, 2013

In the Dark, Your Light (New Poem)

In the Dark, Your Light
by Tim Kavi

I might find you
looking back at me
when I think you did not see
me smiling
at the goddess inside you

projecting outward
as the light of the world
for She is just the woman
inside of you

caring for babies
healing the sick
caring for everyone 
every day

lost in the world
there is the darkening
of your image
the vastness of despair
but your light
pierces it in the still 
of the world's midnight.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bridges of Home (poem)

bridges of home
by Tim Kavi

girders of strength
bring relief to the searching
absent loved ones
want to hurry home

familiar, looking closer
the beams are still strong
every lane leads home
peering closer
decay is evident everywhere

collapse is not imminent
just the wearings of age

home never looked so good
and I will take every bridge gladly
just to be back there
in your arms again

they carry me to all
that I loved and once knew
to the known, the expected,
the life of everyday surprise.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Across the Seas, Distant Voices Are Heard (The Going Home Poem)

Across the Seas, Distant Voices Are Heard (The Going Home Poem)
by Tim Kavi

Gentle breezes
whispering winds
ruffle my hair
the sounds of distant voices
are the sweetest I've heard

wavering notes
of lives lived out
there is only a glimpse
of history
on that, given my word

that soon
I'll be coming
to see your smiling lips
hug your sweet adorations
glory in the races
that athletes have won

to be ever present
again, not knowing
but always hoping
that back there
we can start over again
where we've already begun

A father glancing over
his children
a soft spoken assurance
of a returned one
from a long journey
echoing sentiment of hope

restless anticipation
is finally
over and done.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

swirling cosmic dust (new poem)

swirling cosmic dust by tim kavi

swirling nebulas
carry memories they cannot tell
exhorting the ancients
amazing those who look
at every turn

there is a majestic
body every where
in space
balanced like any natural
hegemony, ecosystem precarious
tightrope of existence

stretching as far as
one can see
dropping off the distant
horizon like a ship
disappearing in a journey
faster than light

traveling to meet you;
yet never reaching the end
in galactic dust
we are too far apart so far
to find each other

seems almost impossible
where are the other
beasts in this vast expanse?
why are they not yet seen?
do they not yet exist?
too young to know

what we see, or how they play,
yet we know we will
someday meet them
and they will be as different
as we are; night and day
will bring it in history's making
if we do not extort or push out
and ignore our explorers' heart

please let us look up
there upon starry nights
and never lose sight
of the gloried living
organism reflected in
billions of star lights.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More About Goddesses: Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory

More About Goddesses: Nike, The Greek Goddess of Victory
by Tim Kavi
This goddess may be referred to as the winged goddess Victory or Nike in the Greek tradition, or as Victoria in Roman legends. She personifies victory, speed and strength and acts as one of the dominant deities of the panthenon. Victory is also commonly shown as the goddess which oversees battle or peaceful competition. She is commonly shown on Greek coins and artwork that often depicts her with her hand outstretched toward the statue of Athena within the Parthenon. She may be shown with a palm branch, torch or sash, and will frequently wear golden sandals.

In most cases she is depicted with wings and as a close companion to Zeus and Athena. Her wings are typically considered to be those of a swan, though some depictions also show her with eagle wings as Victory was known to tend to eagles. In some cases she is shown with a staff, wreath of victory or riding in her chariot. Nike has no spouse or children. She is always depicted as being quite fit, and tends to be noted for her skills as a charioteer, and swiftness when in flight or running. In some cases she is considered to help with courting, love or childbirth.

Nike was born of Styx and the titan Pallas, though some legends refer to her father as Ares, the God of War. She is the sister of Zelus, Bia and Kratos which represent, zeal, force and strength respectively. Legend has it that Styx brought Nike to Zeus when Zeus was calling for allies to fight in the Titan War, in spite of the fact that Nike was in fact half Titan. She is most commonly depicted as participating in the battle of Titanomachy.

During this battle Victory flew across the battlefields, rewarding any responsible for victory with fame and glory. This is also considered to be her weakness as Nike is rather inconsistent about awarding victory to those who worship her. She was appointed to be the charioteer with her siblings acting as sentinels by the throne of the gods. Aside from such legends, Victory does not have much mythology to call her own.
Sites of Worship and Statues
One of the most well-known statues of Nike was located on the island of Aegean in Greece. This statue is known as Nike of Samothrace, which is now held in the Louvre in Paris. She is also shown many times in the Acropolis in Athens. While the Parthenon in this area is dedicated to Athena who provides skill and wisdom during war, there are many references to Nike here as these goddesses are considered to be close friends. Nike is considered to preside over the temple of the acropolis in Megara.
Victory’s Role Today

Victory or Nike is often depicted on logos and awards including Nike, Inc., the Victory Metal from World War II and the Rolls-Royce logo. But perhaps she is most important to women. She represents a strong female character that ever faithful to her friends, who was both capable of standing alongside her counterparts and rewarding their actions which she finds favorable.

This essay (along with others) is included in my latest essay collection: More About Goddesses! (which you can purchase in the left margin of this blog!)`--TK

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jungles of Love (New Poem)

Jungles of  Love
by Tim Kavi

burning fire
on my lips
utterances of urgency
I know not what I am saying

my clothes
are torn
all is madness
in the gathering clouds

a storm is coming
death rides it
a horse
of war and pestilence

human made
or not

my stomach
has consumed
an unsweet arsenic roll

ecstatic trances
I have forgotten
the romances
with all this world
has to offer

I starve except
waiting for you
there is no word
except this

turn the ground
break it up
plow the seeds of love
and be not late

for it is planting time
in the fields of the world

break up your heart's
fallow ground
who am I?

no one
but everyone
who fears love has been
lost to the world

someone with a voice 

who longs for love 
to grow again
into a great garden

into a mighty forest
further along it's river
basins, to become
a jungle again

overgrowth of human
and agape love

back from the gardens
feeding the world

so how can I be silent?

oh but to only humbly speak
you dislike me?
I am become unpopular?

I look into your face
and say I care not

a just love
lights my face
if you care only for money
or even for bread

there is yet a richness
a food of plenty
that ignores you
and my skeletal body

only to be an instrument
of love
no more thundering voice
only for a just cause

the gardens of love
growing again in the world
please tell me

you will do your part
lest I die
of a broken heart.

Photo Credit: Parrots Jungle Love by Drinka Mercep