Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jungles of Love (New Poem)

Jungles of  Love
by Tim Kavi

burning fire
on my lips
utterances of urgency
I know not what I am saying

my clothes
are torn
all is madness
in the gathering clouds

a storm is coming
death rides it
a horse
of war and pestilence

human made
or not

my stomach
has consumed
an unsweet arsenic roll

ecstatic trances
I have forgotten
the romances
with all this world
has to offer

I starve except
waiting for you
there is no word
except this

turn the ground
break it up
plow the seeds of love
and be not late

for it is planting time
in the fields of the world

break up your heart's
fallow ground
who am I?

no one
but everyone
who fears love has been
lost to the world

someone with a voice 

who longs for love 
to grow again
into a great garden

into a mighty forest
further along it's river
basins, to become
a jungle again

overgrowth of human
and agape love

back from the gardens
feeding the world

so how can I be silent?

oh but to only humbly speak
you dislike me?
I am become unpopular?

I look into your face
and say I care not

a just love
lights my face
if you care only for money
or even for bread

there is yet a richness
a food of plenty
that ignores you
and my skeletal body

only to be an instrument
of love
no more thundering voice
only for a just cause

the gardens of love
growing again in the world
please tell me

you will do your part
lest I die
of a broken heart.

Photo Credit: Parrots Jungle Love by Drinka Mercep

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