Tuesday, August 20, 2013

swirling cosmic dust (new poem)

swirling cosmic dust by tim kavi

swirling nebulas
carry memories they cannot tell
exhorting the ancients
amazing those who look
at every turn

there is a majestic
body every where
in space
balanced like any natural
hegemony, ecosystem precarious
tightrope of existence

stretching as far as
one can see
dropping off the distant
horizon like a ship
disappearing in a journey
faster than light

traveling to meet you;
yet never reaching the end
in galactic dust
we are too far apart so far
to find each other

seems almost impossible
where are the other
beasts in this vast expanse?
why are they not yet seen?
do they not yet exist?
too young to know

what we see, or how they play,
yet we know we will
someday meet them
and they will be as different
as we are; night and day
will bring it in history's making
if we do not extort or push out
and ignore our explorers' heart

please let us look up
there upon starry nights
and never lose sight
of the gloried living
organism reflected in
billions of star lights.


  1. Nice Tim....as always


    1. Hello Epsita: Thanks so much for stopping by. It's very nice to get praise. Thank you so much. Have a great day!