Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Birds of Love (new poem)

Spring Birds of Love
by Tim Kavi

pushing up through
the earth
petals leaves
beauties revealed
no longer concealed

singing creatures
of creation

responses to
food from the heavens

we see
the design
and manifestations
of Spring

sweet Notes
of Nature
transfixed there
as I beheld
her love
like Nature's
is a great care

the goddess

she is kissing me back
in the beauty
of our song

our feathers
are soft and sheen
never wrong

her Love
guides me
to a softer place

a nest
in her love
for we have
become the spring birds

her window

free and in flight!

and in that soft glow
I saw her
that day
a sweet gentle dove
a singing robin
a mother bird
a sweet eagle
a flying
sure path
of her love

leading us back
of two souls
each other
again and again

through all time
for she is my mate
and in our bird call
is the precious
sounds of our love

a sweet wooing
a cooing
of love birds
hearts broken
when apart

but always
coming together
in one heart!

we fly away
some day
at the next dawning

into the sun
when our lives
are done!

knowing a purpose
a plan
an understanding
that first
brought me to you
and you to me
the surety
the blessing

of that smiling!

Spring birds of love!
a love
so pure
that Nature itself
yearns for
and is made complete
in those birds

outside her window
we are there now
free and fit
in bodies destined
in spirits
unfettered and free !

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