Saturday, October 8, 2011

soft eyes (new poem)

soft eyes
by Tim Kavi

soft eyes
your sweet lingering
are soothing
paths to
a great everlasting

that breathes

your confident speech
fills my universe
with warm sighs

and in the blanket covering both of us
there is no disguise

of your sweet
soft eyes

and in the cosmic replies
there is always
the music
of a thousand
seeking searching
ways to see
and to know love

if one just looks
if one just is
and dares to let
her light shine

there is beaming
truth so wise

always behind
those beautiful
soft eyes.

Poet's Suggestion: If you liked this poem, there is another poem on this blog, just about a woman's eyes. Click Here.   Afterword:  This poem is about a shy woman (stanza 7) hence the tentative photo, but still the endearing soft eyes.

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