Sunday, July 8, 2012

Someday, Goddess, Someday (new poem)

Someday, Goddess, Someday
by Tim Kavi

I will walk these steps
for the final time
traverse these stairs
look out the windows
of my soul

it will be the end of this
body; in that approaching night
when the lights of your temple
seems distant
and I cannot climb the hill
to your heart anymore

some said I have done good
some even said I have done bad
but it is in my words that remain
that is all that needs to be said

a testament of your love
that I am loved when I did not deserve it
that I am hugged when I am most profane
I remain a lowly man
in a lowly body

but in your love
my soul shines bright
there is hope for the time
I am given

until that day I depart
this body
and approach the white light

someday, Goddess, someday
I will not then ever be
snatched from your love.


  1. This is, as I find many of your poems to be very deeply moving.. I +1 it and hope you would come to check out my blog.. I have possibly abandoned the one here I haven;t decided but this one is where I write nearly daily. Thanks. And thank you for your beautiful poetry - reading your words brings Her back to my heart.

    1. Hi Lizzie! Thanks so much for your comments and +1. I will happily visit your blog on a regular basis where you mentioned. Thanks for sharing that. I am glad to hear that my words helped to bring Her back to your heart!~~TK