Friday, June 29, 2012

delight of the dancing dervishes (new poem)

delight of the dancing dervishes
by Tim Kavi

your words
always amazed me
but look at your moves
dancing on the distant shore

the wind
only carries your wings in the air
your poetic flight as magnificient
as any gallant bird

the hushed wind
after is only your heart spoken

manifested fana

moves men
and women alike
as we are brought
down to Earth
with a love sense
not found in flight

for your words
are both for Heaven and Earth
and always after listening
there is a call to heeding

when we dance with you
as Earth approaches
cosmic night.
"When you've the air of dervishood inside
You'll float above the world and there abide..." Rumi


  1. Suzanne:

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my poetry. The studies about Sufism and the excellent works by Idries Shah were interesting reading during my University days--and are just as fascinating today.

  2. ur poems have a classical touch of traditionalism&also the eternity of love..ur writing is superb by ur magical touch of words & it takes our mind to a paradise of amazing dreamz..GOD<3u

    1. Adhi: Coming from you that's a great blessing! Thanks for stopping by and wish you all the best always! Keep writing, you have the gift as well! Thanks so much.