Sunday, June 24, 2012

Transit of Venus (New Poem)

Transit of Venus
by Tim Kavi

And when the moulds
the gods did pour
upon your birthing shore
they all said:
Venus Aphrodite!
Your beauty
has never been seen before.

But through all legends and time
your loving light has lit
the hearts of every woman
and desires of every man
whom your love has bit

yet, all mortals want to adore You!

and when you rode that steed
escaping to your lover's arms
you outwitted the god of light
you were faster than the Sun
coming back, escaping Apollo
to love again and again

Cupid did get a mighty shove!
(but became the eventual messenger of love)

sweet silence
in the valleys below
when all mortal men
beheld you

they were
hushed in the act of war
dumbfounded helpless planners
forgot their warlike manners
when your gown
drifted down
from the halls
of Olympus!

the warring nations stopped
to have a look.

sweet Venus Aphrodite
in you, are all that love made complete
but only beneath your loving feet! 

For vanquished love
breeds a new poem
a visit after a long journey
a piper
a song
of your mighty love!

were all reminded
in your journey
recently witnessed
the rarest sight;

the transit of Venus.

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