Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mantra, Mudra, Candle, Vow (New Poem)

Mantra, Mudra, Candle, Vow
by Tim Kavi

barely able to speak
I saw the coming of the light
It came through my windows
in the unconscious night

Speaking your Holy Name
you arose like the sweet mist
and dropped like cleansing rain
in your power, I am not the same

Shakti saving grace
orders and destroys all the same
until all is forgotten
no more blame
collapsing in sweet refrain
unendable expanding space

In mantra I speak your holy name

as if under great cold
the heat of your love reached
from the furthest places
I thought you were removed
until in gentle assurances
I saw you teach me
the Ways of your graceful love

just a wave of your hand
laying on of hands
It was You healing the lost
the sick, dying embers
of once what was a living soul
made whole; lives again

my taught hands by you
move in the mudra
of your graceful appearing
in the school of love

they wave in your light
burning candles all through the night
tended by those that seek you
your flames never go out

shadows dancing on the walls
flickering across the street
across my mind
then the universe bends to the images
that travel throughout
instantaneously faster than the light
of your candles burning
in the great hall

they are slow
but You are not
You are everywhere at once
walking through walls

on bended knees
prostrated before your ordaining
there is only the calls
to answer to the vow
I just made.


  1. I just love your poems soooo very much. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, truly.

  2. Narita:

    Thanks so much for appreciating my work and the encouragement. It means a lot....there is so much negativity in the world...it is nice to get positive comments. Thanks! Feel free to share with your friends. ~~TK