Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Word About Comments and Replies (blog entry)

A  Word about Comments and Replies

I would like to thank everyone that has been leaving comments.  They are very welcome.  I have been replying to all of them and I usually try to do so within 24 hours.  At the moment I am in Asia, so be aware of the time difference with where you are.  Just recently, I was able to make my comment fields embedded, which means I can actually reply to a comment without making another comment to do so. (It puts my reply just below your original comment that way).  I do not know if  Blogger then lets you know I am replying or not. I know Blogger lets me know when you leave your comments.

According to what I can tell from the Blogger help pages this reply aspect is a new feature as of January 2012, and I just didn't know about it yet (sigh).  Always before I had been replying to comments by making another comment.  Perhaps because of this, some of you might not have seen or knew about my reply to you. (Unless you go back for a second look at the post) .  I do want to apologize if that were the case.

I appreciate comments from my readers so much ! You can bet I will always reply somehow.  Carrier pigeons, mule train, messages in a bottle, or attempted telepathy just doesn't cut it! So, the only time I might not be able to reply would be due to an internet outtage or blockage (which sometimes happens where I am) or some sort of physical illness.

Thank you again, please keep your comments coming.  I have enough critics who dislike what I am doing or somehow think I am doing something bad, so I love to hear your nice comments!

Thank you so much-- to be read by YOU is an honor. I see where you are coming from, all over the world, and I am humbled, awed, and appreciative and I say Namaste to all!

May the Goddess and kind mother bless you all!


Tim Kavi



  1. Hi Tim:
    I'm happy to made this entry as I wanted to comment on a post, but it would not except it. I have enjoyed writing your poetry. Lovely!!!
    Best, Suzanne

    1. Hi Suzanne:

      Thanks for your comment. Glad to see this has all been made much better. I really like your blog and all the creative things you do there also.

      Best regards, Tim