Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tim Kavi Starts New Year with Latest Publication

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My Latest Publication
by Tim Kavi

Hello, All!  First of all, a very Happy New Year to each and every one of you!  I hope that your New Year brings you health, prosperity, and happiness!

My New Year began less conspicuously than I imagined with the publication of Athena: Queen of the Air by John Ruskin, on January 1,2013 from TiLu Press. This work, an updated and annotated version from an 1869 work, includes new material for modern readers who are interested in Greek mythology, mythology, or Goddess themes and motifs.  In particular, the book talks about the Goddess Athena in great detail.  My essay about Athena is one of the three forewords in the 2013 edition of this book. I am honored by the inclusion.

My essay: 'Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War' was one of my blog entries here last May. You can click here to read it.  I suppose this amounts to a disclosure, as my foreword (only one of three in the book) is reprinted with my permission for the book. I assure you that there is much more in this book that makes it worthwhile to read if you are a fan of goddesses, Greek Art and Mythology, mythology, and art criticism in general.  I really hope readers of both works (my blog and the book) don't mind this fact that my Foreword is published in both places.  To me, it is simply about getting the message out to as many readers as possible.

I enjoyed reading this eBook, and if you're interested in Goddesses too, I think you'll enjoy it just like I did! I certainly learned a lot about Athena that I never knew before!  The book also contains an introduction that covers much background about John Ruskin, Athena, Ruskin's Athena and information about the 2013 edition.  Other new annotated material (never before published anywhere) includes an original essay on Athena by Kelli M. Webert titled: 'Athena: Queen of the Air and Breath of Inspiration' and finally, a chapter titled:  'A Brief Literary Biography of John Ruskin'.

Overall, the book 'Athena: Queen of the Air' is an interesting work of Greek Mythology and art criticism that discusses the Goddess Athena in great detail. I hope you will enjoy it!

From the Book Blurb:

"Very thorough, and inspiring, Ruskin, ever the Victorian Age's greatest art critic, utters praise to Athena, and in doing so, speaks some of the most poetic words ever used in English to describe the goddess."--Tim Kavi, Poet

"And so the Spirit of the Air is put into, and upon, this created form; and it becomes, through twenty centuries, the symbol of divine help, descending, as the Fire, to speak, but as the Dove, to bless."---John Ruskin

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  1. Congrats, Tim. I had not seen the earlier version. I should look at it and read your forward when I return to my normal routine.

  2. Thanks Peaches! Here's to the New Year and the semblance of 'normal routines'. I hope that your New Year is happy, healthy, and successful. Thanks for the comment! ~~TK