Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Table in the Wilderness (new poem)

The Table in the Wilderness
by Tim Kavi

the table
in the wilderness
where the Goddess
and I broke bread

lies broken
in the aftermath
of history

many have returned here
they look for you
and cannot find you

but You do not
come to every place
only because You
are within

you are every place
where we are
where we go

Roman Goddess--Concordia
If only they knew it
would call upon you
O Goddess
in the disorder
is the present one

bring me peace
as the ravens feed
the wild eyed ones

eyes darting
only you can cure
the madness
in the return

dear departed
return again

found in the heart
always there
in a gentle touch
a loving stare

a hand that reaches
to the bowed down
that says to the lowest
come up hither
to higher ground

I see a table
spread with the finest
the greatest silk linen

the most beautiful of all
thank you for being
here again

in this wilderness
of existence
found again

there are the singing ones
loosed in tongue
there are the dancing ones
loosed in leaps
like gazelles
stepping between mountainous rocks

a flower springs
in the desert
where did it thirst?
how did it drink?

I see You
every time
a manifestation
in our love

hold us again
we are waiting

at the table
in the wilderness
of Your love.


  1. What an interesting poem! Thinking of being out in the wilderness is a wonderful way to be in touch with nature also. Love that photo!

    1. Thanks Susana! Yes, being in Nature, and Nature in one's being is a fantastic way to spend some time. One can sense another Goddess and Her arrival...Gaia, and in the coming of Spring, Persephone and Maia. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all the comments so much! ~~TK

  2. Yes, nature is one of god's greatest gifts. You're very welcome!

    1. SO true. Very true, Susana. Thanks so much for your comments and visiting my blog. Nature itself cries out for the touch of Goddesses everywhere...for without the nurturance of Gaia in all Her beauty we would not be able to stand Her moments of wrath while she becomes poisoned by greed and apathy.